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A steam-free shooter is the perfect code and battlefield

While a few years ago I was traveling almost every day in the multiplayer of Call of Duty and Battlefield, the two shooter classics have now been shrewring with me. Fortunately, there is an alternative on Steam that has still been enthusiastic about me for years – and is now even free of charge.

Counter-Strike instead of COD & BF: Less frustration, more fun

Missing weapon balance, massive bugs, hackers – in the past few years, Call of Duty and Battlefield have been bought with me. Again and again I gave both rows a chance, and again and again I was disappointed. Since Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, the fun of the game has continued to flute for me .

  • Battlefield 2042 showed me how much I still love Battlefield 3

Although I jump again once again with a few friends about Rebirth Island in CoD: Warzone (to the colume on Spiel – but since switching to Caldera, Warzone has not been for me what it was.

On the other hand, I currently have really fun in shooters in one of Steam’s absolute burners: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Since the end of 2013 I have been making a detour to Dust 2 at irregular intervals, get lost in office or forget how the setup for the smoke grenade in Mirage looks again with hell, with which I cut the opponents the view of the CT spawn.

I like to admit it, I’m not a professional in CS – I now have more than 550 hours of play on the clock. And although I bump around in the ranking in the lower third, I still make CS: Go damn a lot of fun! Why? Quite simply: I always have the feeling that I am responsible for my failure myself. My opponent didn’t killed me because he exploited an exploit, was not recognized by the game or hid between two textures and was almost invisible. He was just better than me – or at least better prepared **.

CS: look at Steam

_ The history of Counter-Strike is full of fascinating stories: _

competitive, fair – and also free

Counter-Strike: Global offensive will probably not be the right replacement for every code and battlefield-tired shooter fan-not least because it is only available for the PC **. Getting started is quite hard because many mechanics work differently than with the competition, who plays alone, will most likely meet toxic team members and the graphic is not exactly one of the greatest strengths of the shooter classic.

But Counter-Strike can score: Global offensive in completely different areas:

Price: * CS: GO has been playable for free since the end of 2018. However, if you want, you can buy the “Prime Status Upgrade” for 12.75 euros, which offers some advantages in matchmaking and additional rewards.
Game numbers: Hundreds of thousands of players frolic on the servers at any time of the day (source: Steam Charts). It is therefore never difficult to find a suitable match.
reasonable update policy: If the community discovers a mistake in the game, the developers usually deliver a hotfix update within a few days.

Own server + modding: If you don’t feel like the classic game modes from Counter-Strike, you can also have fun on dedicated community servers. These support all sorts of mods and also offer the option of increasing the update rate to 128 ticks per second, which has a positive effect on the hit recognition.

_Counter-Strike is one of the most influential games of the shooter genre: _

Teamwork is the key to success: * While in other shooters everyone somehow plays for themselves, something rarely works without communication in CS. That is why it feels all the more rewarded when a plan is successfully implemented.
CS runs on every potato: CS: GO has never been a graphics board, but that is exactly what has its advantages. Because even on computers that are getting a bit old or do not offer much performance by house, the game often runs in passable frame rates.
No leveling up, no activation: * Each player gets access to all weapons and equipment of the entire game directly at the start. So you never have the feeling that you are at a disadvantage because you have not yet unlocked any essays for the corresponding weapon.

Hence my tip for you: If you are on the PC on the way, COD and Battlefield are no longer suitable and a little frustration tolerance calls your own, you should give a Counter-Strike: Global offensive in any case .

Grab a few friends (preferably one or two who can do the game and get a little under your arms at the beginning) and look for a ranked match on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno or Nuke-** Then we stand

TOP 30 Free PC FPS Steam Games 2021
Maybe even opposite us! ** And until then always busy b with the P90.

Call of Duty Warzone: Health values should increase vigorously with update

Raven software prepares the large Mid Season Update for Call of Duty Warzone . The new patch is expected for the coming week. In the run-up to the update, the developers indicate a very important change that could be accompanied by the patch. In a current Twitter article, ask the community whether you should raise the health values ​​in classic Battle-Royale modes . Players can thus currently tune as to whether the HP values ​​are to rise from 100 to 150 . That would be a change of 50 percent, whereby your character could cause more damage than before.

“Should we raise the underlying?”

“Would you prefer to maintain or increase the current HP value in Battle Royale, matching Vanguard Royale?”, Ask developers on Twitter. In the integrated tweet, you can currently vote whether the health values ​​should rise or should stay as they are. “We want your feedback as we work on the ultimate battle-royal experience for the Season 2 Reloaded in Warzone,” complete the developers.

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New Call of Duty announced! But not, like her thinks…

Activision Blizzard has now indirectly announced a new game of Shooter Call of Duty’s Shooter Series. PC PS4 XBO 0

Call of Duty Warzone: New Update is there – patch fixes unfair Perk-Glitch

Raven Software releases a new update for Call of Duty Warzone as a download. Here you can learn what changes with the patch.

Players demand higher health value

WARZONE: Raven Reveals The NEW UPDATE! (New Changes, Vanguard Tuning Preview, & More)

It is believed that the result from the survey could be implemented directly with the upcoming update: Season 2 Reloaded should go live in the coming week. A look at the level of the survey shows: Currently more than 72 percent of the now almost 65,000 participants that the health is raised in Warzone-BR. Even until this evening is time to participate in voting. At the beginning of March, the makers already screwed on the basic health value at Vanguard Royale \ – also from 100 to 150.

From David Martin
17.03.2022 at 12:13

Call of Duty: Warzone announced for mobile devices

Activision has announced that it will bring a new version of Make duty: war zone to mobile platforms. After the launch of zona of war in 2020, the game became one of the most important Battle Royale titles for console and PC. Now, like other Battle Royale competitors at PUBG and FORTNITE ACTIVITY will take this experience to mobile devices in a game that is being built from scratch for these platforms.

Announced today on the Call of Duty website, Activision announced some of the first details related to this zona of war for mobile. “We are creating a completely new AAA mobile experience that will bring exciting, fluid and large-scale action of _Call of Duty: Warzone ™ _ **** to players on the fly,” said Activision on this new game. No more details were given about when the title would be launched, but the editor encouraged developers to work with the company to help present this new version of _zona of war. “This large-scale Battle Royale experience is being created natively for mobile devices with cutting-edge technology designed to entertain players around the world for many years.”


As a whole, this advertisement of the duty: war zone, being developed for mobile platforms is not so shocking. In recent months, we have heard of a series of reports that Activision was in the process of creating this project with the intention of launching it later in 2022. Whether it is _zona of warfare, it will actually reach mobile devices this year, activision yet He has declared it, but we should start learning more as it advances 2022. Until then, be sure to be attentive to all our next coverage here at if you want more information.

How do you feel about _ Duty area: war zone_ is now officially being developed for mobile devices? And how do you think it will end up being this version of the game? Let me know in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.

VARGO 52 Warzone PC Player 24 – Best attachments, perks and equipment

If you are looking for a new long-distance option to laser your enemies on Caldera, Vargo 52 is a fantastic new option for Call of Duty Warzone player in Warzone Pacific Season 2. With a high fire rate and with its fantastic mouth speed If this assault gun is worth a try – so here is the best Vargo 52 Warzone PC player 24, which you can view.

The VARGO 52 was added to Black Ops Cold on 4 March and was added to the warzone and is not long on the market – but he has already great influence on the Warzone Meta. According to a study, it currently has one of the highest Kill-Death quotients Wzranked, and it is easy to understand why. The VARGO 52 is best suited for shootings on medium distance, but with the right attachments, it can also be a beast at a distance.

But the question remains: What is the Best Vargo 52 Warzone PC Player 24 ? Which essays do you need, if you want to take it with the best Warzone weapons on the market? Do not be afraid – everything is revealed. Continue reading for everything you need to know for this PC player 24, from sights to Semtex.

Vargo 52 Warzone utilization

, JGOD, a trusted name when it comes to the analysis of Warzone weapons and the compilation of the best Warzone loadouts, his thoughts about the shared Best Vargo 52 Warzone PC player 24 – and we tend to to agree to his proposals. He has put together a beast and here is everything you need to know to replicate it below.

  • Snout: Gru oppressor
  • Optics: Microflex LED
  • underflow: spetsnaz handle
  • Magazine: 45 RND
  • Rear handle: snake wrap

This VARGO 52 Warzone PC Player 24 was designed to use the natural strengths of the assault rifle and make the most of its predictable recoil pattern. The GRU Suppressor muzzle attachment increases the already impressive projectile speed of the VARGO 52 and increases the effective damage range of the weapon.

‘Jgod’ has coupled this to the Spetsnaz Grip, which offers improved recoil control both horizontally and vertically, and the Serpent Wrap, which extends the ADS times to create a monstrous long-distance option for Warzone player. You do not have to worry that the ammunition goes out – the 45 RND magazine should give you enough balls to do an enemy before you reload.

Vargo 52 Warzone PC Player 24 Secondary

Since this Vargo 52-PC player 24 is designed for the ranged fight, you will need a SMG as a secondary weapon to help close proxies.

This Welgun Warzone PC Player 24 is a fantastic choice – and a weapon that is currently making a name for itself in the meta. This MP40 Warzone PC Player 24 and this PPSH Warzone PC Player 24 are both an excellent choice if you are looking for something more reliable.

VARGO 52 Warzone PC Player 24 Benefits and Equipment

As far as the perks are concerned, there are really few options that match the current meta – we recommend using Double Time, Overkill and Combat Scout. The VARGO 52 is not the powerful assault rifle in Warzone, so Combat Scout is a useful tool to keep an eye on fleeing enemies. If you want to close the gap, it should be helpful to have equipped Double Time.

With regard to the equipment we recommend throwing knife and the heartbeat sensor – although the change to stunning grenades is useful if you plan to be very close and personal. If you want to play Vanguard Royale, it is also a practicable option to take Stims in the fight.

Well, there is – the best vargo 52 Warzone PC player 24 for Warzone Pacific Season 2. Will that be consolidated in the meta and become one of the best available weapons? Only the time will show it, but we are hopeful.

The season of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard is now available

Call of Duty: Warzone And Vanguard - Everything We Know So Far
Since this morning, the players of Call of Duty Vanguard have fun with the two season of the title.They will be able to have fun eliminating their opponents in the two new Gondola cards as well as Casablanca. If you are one of the players who are more Warzone, know that you will be able to access two new places. Be Chemical Factory and Research Labs.

Thus, in Chemical Factory, you will need to explore a plant that manufactures chemicals, including Nebula V. In Chemical Factory are hiding objects related to Nebula V gas. This building is also the place of another novelty of Call. of Duty Warzone, axis soldiers. Yes, the factory is protected by NPCs, so you are wary of your opponents you will have to pay attention to this new enemy.

With regard to research laboratories, these are marked with a yellow circle on your card. In total, you will find seven dispersed in all Caldera. These laboratories are underground, so you will have to access it carefully since there is only one entrance. In short, here are changes that will surely appeal to the players of Call of Duty Warzone and Vanguard.

COD Vanguard brings disappointing Mid Season

The Mid-Season Update of Call of Duty: Vanguard was published without excellent announcements.

That’s the circumstance:

The Mid-Season Update of Call of Duty: Lead was published without great news. What does the update? Material there are quasi just for zombie mode. As discussed, there is no brand-new web content away from the new device pistol. @ Patrickwantsout on Twitter: I can not play.

Exactly how huge is the update? It sticks to limitations — you only need regarding the 5 GB of memory.

These were one of the most essential modifications in Lead to the Mid-Season. You will certainly discover them below (by means of if you want to take an appearance at the English patch notes.

Next, we show you the most crucial modifications of the patch notes in German:.

  • New Stalingrad Area.
  • By Listing’s Office — a new location.
  • New void mode.
  • The Map Shi No NUMA can be played as a survival mission.
  • Through a site in Checklist’s Office comes to your brand-new goal.
  • You need to survive 3 rounds with countless zombie hordes.
  • After the 3 laps all players obtain 5,000 perk essence.
  • Develops her 12 lap, your perks go on a fatality only on animal 2.
  • Load A-Punch maker in space readily available.
  • After 3 laps, gamers can get back to Stalingrad.
  • Tome of rituals.

For victim hearts, your artifacts can now be enhanced.
All artifacts have 4 steps with strong benefits.
Pack A-Punch.
From Level 3, the tools now have unique skins.
Insert check in zombie mode available.
Held secures the shield from damages from the front, on the back he secures from behind.
War machine and the fatality brewers are now available in Zombies.

There are occasionally voices for web content, however especially missing Nerfs in Shotguns and issues with the Camouflage challenges are frequently called.

  • M1 Grand — Aficionado .
  • Decrease minimized.
  • Kind 99 — Buff .
  • Cups (flinch) reduced when targeting.
  • Lower Angel Time.
  • One-shot eliminates with upper body stands also with smaller sized quality.
  • 3 line rifle — Enthusiast .
  • Lower Angel Time.
  • KAR98K — Aficionado .
  • One-shot eliminates with chest stands also with smaller sized quality.

There are additionally some players that grumble concerning missing strategies for their tools and lots of blog posts with screenshots that show that Vanguard does not begin after the update.

What players state to the update? Check out the very first responses to Twitter or Reddit, after that the reduced material thickness in multiplayer is not in the foreground for many gamers.

COD VANGUARD: UPDATE 1.10 — Spot Notes.

  • Stuns Grenada — Nerf .
  • Damage in hardcore mode lowered.

  • Time of the stunning impact minimized.
  • Fire greats — Nerf .
  • Damages was decreased.
  • Mörserfeuer — Nerf .
  • Period shortened.
  • Fewer grenades per insert.
  • Resolving issues with the placement.
  • Surprised — Nerf .
  • Little hold-up placed until you obtain the optical signal.
  • Resistance to fire of grenades.
  • Schultz even prior to brand ammunition and Flammnaut assaults.
  • strengthened — aficionado .
  • Inbound fire damage lowered by 30%.
  • More security against surge damage.

There were adjustments for equipment, advantages as well as kill streaks:.

Multiplayer: Mid-Season brings tool — or else Bug fixes & Equilibrium updates.

  • Begun activation .
  • Multiplayer: reach 15 times 10 wipes in a suit with maker weapons while using the target device.
  • Zombies: Land 5 rapid essential kills with Gatling gun in sequence in 50 different portal objectives.

Zombie mode: New survival goal brings popular technicians.

The initial impression is as necessary rather negative. We are additionally satisfied to learn more regarding your ideas on the update in the comments. Extra information concerning Lead is here: COD Vanguard perplexed fans with anime-crossover — just a second world war kind of cosplay plays.

  • Season components of Call of Duty usually can be found in 2 phases: a large momentum web content to the Season Start and also a second fee with web content to the mid-season.
  • Prior to the respective updates, we obtain info about brand-new content in the form of a blog including roadmap.
  • This time around there were not this pre-information and also now it appears clear why: Multiplayer setting goes to the MID Season 1 quasi totally empty.

  • @CodwarfareForum on Twitter: We have been awaiting the 1.5 update for 2 months, and also it’s the paralyzed mid-season update considering that the beginning of the Seasons..

  • AssumtionsQuare7400 on Reddit: No Nerf for Double barrel or Campus? Should be a joke..
  • @ Patrickwantsout on Twitter: I can not play. Game accidents after the update regularly. Might not remember that I was really looking ahead to the update..

What concerning War zone? The Mid-Season in complimentary Fight Royale makes a little wait a while, yet ought to come with the most up to date tomorrow, on January 13 (Via Twitter).

What alters in zombie mode? The coop mode of COD Vanguard comes a bit much better away, leads his story as well as gets new gameplay auto mechanics:.

When is the update? The Mid-Season Update is already online, and also you can download and install the spot at any moment.

Multiplayer fans are nearly empty. There is just one brand-new tool on brand-new material — the MP Begun. Or else, the modifications are limited to bug fixes and equilibrium changes.

Missing Nerfs in the multiplayer further an issue.

What does the update? Web content there are quasi only for zombie mode. The story is proceeded, and a new survival setting can be started by means of the head office in Stalingrad.

What is transforming in multiplayer? As stated, there is no new material away from the new machine pistol. You get the Begun:.

  • Stability .
  • Resources for Package Burst gotten rid of during the suits.
  • Several reasons for a video game collision removed in multiplayer.
  • Controller mistake for gamers with computer mouse & key-board taken care of.
  • spawns .
  • Revision of generate reasoning for small cards with several players.
  • Generate revised in control mode.
  • Domination spawns enhanced to dome.
  • Defense .
  • Different Camouflage difficulties fixed.
  • Katina activation repaired.
  • Three line gun is now refilled with ZF4 3.5 x visor.
  • Other difficulties as well as weapons construction strategies.
  • Maps .
  • Dealt with collision problems on various maps.
  • Destructible items on all maps extensively changed.

For this there were smaller changes as well as renovations in the food selection. Allow’s obtain to the balance modifications in the tools:.

It is revealed the road map of season 1 of Call of Duty Warzone Pacific

It has been a long wait, but Call of Duty: Guerra area fans will finally have the chance to jump to the Season One of the Pacific later this week. Anticipating the big launch, Activision has presented a roadmap for the new season. Fans can expect to see many new things, starting, of course, with the addition of the map of Caldera. That alone is reason enough for celebration, but fans have to wait many other things, including adding more than 40 new weapons, new modes, new vehicles, new contracts, new public events and more.

Call of Duty Vanguard: Everything Coming In Season 1! (Warzone Pacific S1)
Readers are referred to the new roadmap for themselves embedded in the Tweet below.

One of the most frequent complaints about Call of Duty: Guerra area is the fact that Verdant has run longer than welcome. Caldera change should be welcomed for most fans, and will be interesting to see how big the change. While the new map is scheduled to be available on December 9, Activision is rewarding those who have Call of Duty: Vanguard with an anticipated launch on December 8. That does not mean that another Zone of Guerra players will have nothing to do during that time. According to the editor, Rebirth Island remain active during this time to all other players.

With Verdant out, Call of Duty: Guerra area will host an event limited time The last hours of Verdant. The event apparently offer an explosive finale and will be exclusive rewards for those who participate. Most players will probably agree that Verdant has exceeded its welcome, but it is likely that some will lose the current map. As such, This might be a good way to say goodbye before the start of the first season of the Pacific!

Call of Duty: War Zone is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and PC. You can check all our previous game coverage here.

These waiting Call of Duty: Guerra area First Pacific season? Are you ready for Caldera arrives? Let us know in the comments or share directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

Call of Duty Lead removes as well as asks forgiveness for rude representation of the Qu ran

Call of Duty s Middle East Twitter account has actually said sorry after Lead presented the EU ran in a rude way.

As first reported earlier today on November 11 by NGC, the Middle East Twitter make up the Call of Duty franchise issued an apology. You can see stated apology in the tweet just listed below which, according to NGC, reviews there was material insensitive to Muslims consisted of in the video game, as well as it has actually been gotten rid of. It was not intended to exist as it appeared in the game. We deeply apologize.

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Call of Duty - Mission #14 - Stalingrad (Soviet Campaign)

Earlier today, Call of Duty: Vanguard gamers found that a map for the horde-based Zombies setting included a EU ran scattered about on the floor of a messed up structure. Both players and game sector employees alike stepped forward to slam the attribute, keeping in mind exactly how the EU ran was positioned in a manner that enabled gamers to walk in addition to the divine book.

Also if you believe religious beliefs is rubbish, there s simply no reason to be disrespectful in the direction of two billion individual s culture & ideas in a video game for a disposable asset, Clamber co-founder RAM Ismail composed on Twitter. Others on the social media sites were quick to explain exactly how insensitive the attribute was, questioning how the positioning of the EU ran on the floor also happened to begin with.

Now though, the EU ran has been removed completely from Vanguard s Zombies mode. We are likewise taking all required measures presently within the firm to establish and comprehend the scenario and also to stay clear of such errors in the future, the statement from the Call of Duty Middle East Twitter account ends.

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