This year was the year of business acquisitions. This trend continued, with the last initiative of Tencent.

Why Tencent is the most Powerful Company in the World
Tencent, who created games such as Synced: Off Planet, Ring of Elysium, as well as many mobile games, bought the inflection studio. The inflection studio is composed of many former Employees of Bioware, including the former Director General of Bioware, Aaryn Flynn. And they had worked on the next game, Nightingale, Steampunk’s survival game taking place in the Kingdoms Fae. The game itself should go out in 2022.

Apparently, the sale was carried out by the parent company of inflection, unlikely. Unlikely sold Nightingale developers because they wanted to focus on “metavenic activities”.

But this has also been done to help inflection, according to the Improbable CEO, Herman Narula. “When we focus our efforts on acceleration in the metavera, we want to make sure that the games developed by our internal studios benefit from the support of publishers who have been proven to put on the market of Games, “, said Narula. “We could not hope to find a better partner than Tencent for Inflexion Games and for Nightingale._”

What does it mean for inflection and Nightingale? For the moment, not much. Flynn was quick to insure at an announcement that things were still going well with regard to Nightingale. Although Spatialos: it was not used, it was a technology that had been abandoned in the summer of 2021, making Nightingale a smaller cooperative and solo experience, do not rely on servers or improbable technology To create a larger server experience. According to Flynn, Tencent has been “very respectful” of the game design, and they are “_Travailing [With Tencent] on the launch of Nightingale’s early access later this year.

So, fortunately, it seems that there is no delay for Nightingale, and whatever the changes we will see with inflection, they could concern future projects. We will have to keep an eye on that, and see!