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FC Schalke 04: Dimitrios Grammozis traded at VfL Bochum

After the tragic start of the period with four defeats from four games, instructor Thomas Reis at VfL Bochum threatens. To name a few things, Dimitrios Grammozis, a previous head train of FC Schalke 04, is traded as the successor.

One face of the dilemma is coach Thomas Reis, one of the architects of the Bundesliga return as well as the solid return period in the upper home.

Four games, four beats, 3:15 goals: The euphoria at VfL Bochum after the sovereign organization in the pre-season has long been smoky.

Rise or final versus FC Schalke 04?

In front of the little area derby at Schalke on Saturday (6:30 p.m.), rice in Bochum might now face this. Bild reports on a conference of the top of the club, which can for that reason finish specifically with this result. In the very best situation, Reis receives a last for his task in Gelsenkirchen, it is said.

Specifically given that rice openly denied the talks with the undesirable VfL neighbor as well as hence exposed to lying claims.

But rice in Bochum has long been counted due to the showing off descent. The 48-year-old also depends on his teasing flirt reported by a number of media with FC Schalke 04 during the summertime break.

first FC Schalke 04, currently VfL Bochum?

According to the record, 2 follower candidates for the ex-professional are already traded around VfL. Particularly, it has a name: It is that of Dimitrios Grammozis, which was just released to Schalke last spring.

In front of the small district derby at Schalke on Saturday (6:30 p.m.), rice in Bochum may currently encounter this. Bild records on a meeting of the top of the club, which can for that reason finish precisely with this outcome. In the ideal situation, Reis receives a final for his job in Gelsenkirchen, it is said.

The rumors are obvious. The 44-year-old German-Greek has a Bochum past, not only as a player of the second group, but additionally as a younger instructor as well as assistant coach of the professional group.

In enhancement to Grammozis, Bild with Heiko Butscher also brings another prospect for the sequence. The 42-year-old is currently train of the U19 of VfL.

FC Schalkes Drexler blooms after the coach change

FC Schalke 04 Goalkeepers Training
Players like Simon Terodde, who also met at the 3-0 against Heidenheim, or Ko Itkura, who had previously achieved one of the most beautiful Schalke at the same time, belonged even under coach Dimitrios Grammozis to the pillars of the S04 squad completely grades in the summer. Striking, however, is that the coach change for a power boost in which one or the other player has taken care of who had previously had difficulty with his development.

Drexler advanced to the “player of the day”

A prime example is Dominick Drexler. The coach exchange was barely done, the ex-Kölner lit the Turbo. Against Ingolstadt he scored the gateway to the 3-0 final score, at 2: 1 against Dynamo Dresden he was significantly involved in both hits, and the 1st FC Heidenheim crowned the Schalke especially because Drexler first headed the 1-0 and After the side change played the passport that led to Iturza 2: 0. The 31-year-old advanced with the Simon Terodde note 1.5 to the “player of the day” in the 2nd league.

That the positive earnings trend as well as the power boost of individuals are significantly related to the coach change, Drexler does not see. The offensive player aims to the system adaptation (four-instead of triple chain and changed arrangement in the midfield), if he says, “We have made a few important changes. We are variable and have a different mixture in the square. It is sometimes in the course Soccer.”

Everything about the Schalke jump to the table tip Read in the Monday edition of the Simon Terodde (also as emagazines).

Trainer surprise at Schalke 04? Ex

After the release of Dimitrios Grammozis, FC Schalke 04 is looking for a new coach for the coming season. A candidate should be Kosta Runjaic. But is the 50-year-old available at all?

Until the end of the season, you have found a coach at FC Schalke 04 in Eurofighter Mike Büskens. The 54-year-old club icon should lead the royal blue as much as possible back to the Bundesliga. But Büsk’s time as a chef coach is limited. Finally, a fresh coach should finally stand at the sideline. According to the latest rumors, Kosta Runjaic could be a candidate in Gelsenkirchen.

Runjaic has been training the Polish first division of Pogon Szczecin since the end of 2017 and is currently on the first place in the table of Ekstraklasa. But after the season, the 50-year-old, who was already looking for the VFR Aalen, Darmstadt 98, the MSV Duisburg, the 1st FC Kaiserlautern and 1860 Munich, is looking for a new challenge, as he announced at the end of last week.

“That’s not a simple decision, my heart hurts. But I’m still here. If you feel in life that you have to change something, then you have to do it,” Runjaic said at a press conference, but did not reveal how and where it goes on for him.

In Polish media, Runjaic has already been associated with two clubs since its familiaries: with Legia Warsaw and FC Schalke 04.

FC Schalke 04: Rouven Schröder is considered Runjaic fan

With both clubs, the coach should be in negotiations. According to “WAZ”, especially S04 Kosta Runjaics chief Rouven Schröder is considered a big fan of Runjaic’s work. The native of Viennese with German pass enjoy an excellent reputation and is appreciated by Schröder.

According to information from “Sky” is the speculation about a Schalke-engagement of Runjaic, however, nothing. According to the TV station, rumors have not been able to harden the rumors in more intensive research.

Although Runjaic is to have already found a new employer, the FC Schalke 04 is this according to “Sky” but not.

This coach recommends Effenberg the FC Schalke 04

After that from Dimitrios Grammozis the FC Schalke 04 is changing after a new coach. TV expert Stefan Effenberg now puts the royal blue now an internal solution to the heart.

“You can see through this release that you absolutely have to rise. After this defeat you had to react and set a sign,” Effenberg showed in his “Schalke1” column understanding for the Grammozis dismissal.

Whether the separation effect shows, the 53-year-old does not know, “because the competition is also stable above,” says Effenberg.

The ex-professional of Bayern advises the Schalke responsible for an internal solution: “Now you have to get one out of your own ranks, which does not need a start-up time, but immediately works. You have no time for someone who first to the have to get used to new environment. “

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As a real man, Effenberg considers Mike Büskens. “He knows the characters and also knows how he needs to appeal the boys,” the former midfielder raised.

Büskens is currently co-coach on Schalke. The club icon was already in 2008 and 2008 as an interim coach for the scarce jumped.

Effenberg Ledert against Gladbach professionals

In his column, Effenberg also commented on the continuing crisis of Borussia Mönchengladbach. After the 2: 3 bankruptcy against the VFB Stuttgart he went to court hard with the players of his ex-club.

“They are not there anyway, you can see that with the interviews. I have the feeling that the players with the thoughts somewhere are already in the summer in negotiations with other clubs”, according to the Vice European Champion of 1992, the lack of leadership Defendant with the foals.

FC Bayern current “not stable”

Also for the performance of Bayern, who did not come out about a 1: 1 against Bayer Leverkusen, Effenberg found critical words. “For other teams, you can make weaknesses, but with Bavaria is pressure on it,” wrote the 53-year-old.

The German record champion games in the current phase “not stable” and just in the Champions League second leg against RB Salzburg “to lose a lot”.

In the first leg Bayern and Salzburg had separated 1: 1.

The Schalke longing for the series

Schalke’s coach Dimitrios Grammozis does not unduly refers to the development of recent weeks these days: From the most recent eight games, his team lost only one – in Dusseldorf (1: 2), but won four. “A win more,” he says with a view of the “too many” draw (3) during this period, “and the starting position now would be another.” Schalke would not be fifth, but as a fourth right on the FC St. Pauli on the relegation place – and in direct stroke distance to leaders Bremen.

After threesome in Rostock follow three victories in a piece

However, the past can not be changed for Grammozis and his team. And so the look goes forward: The home game against Hansa Rostock should form the prelude of a winning streak – that’s the wish of the royal blue, which the first leg is still in memory. At that time, the S04 won 2-0 in Rostock and then won the following Games against Ingolstadt (3: 0), Hannover (1: 0) and Dresden (3: 0), marriage in the league a 0: 1 defeat in Heidenheim finished the run. It was at that time the longest winning streak of the Schalke this season – and is still today.

“It would be important if you come in a rhythm, three, four games in succession wins and making soil well,” says Grammozis, who basically sees his team on the right track, but limits: “We were mostly well d1. But if we had the chance to get a tick further up, we did not get the victory. ” Like last at Karlsruher SC (1: 1).

Terodde: “We now have games in front of the chest that are extremely important to me”

Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04 | Week 1 Day 2 S8 EU LCS Summer 2018 | FNC vs S04 W1D2

Also Simon Terodde, the Schalke Topstürmer, was not hidden. “Before the Karlsruhe game we felt the winner of the game day, then we left two points,” he says and complements with a view of the coming weeks: “We now have games in front of the chest, which are extremely important to me.” The attacker puts value in particular on the home matches. You are elementary in ascent race, especially with a view to the probably further rising audience numbers. We have to be in a situation in May, where we play 60,000 fans and have the chance to pack. “

An early launching winning streak would certainly increase this chance significantly.

FC Schalke 04: Malick Thiaw before finish? That says Dimitrios Grammozi

Malick Thiaw should include the future at FC Schalke 04th The 20-year-old center-back, however, long courted by top international clubs. Looks coach Dimitrios Grammozis the risk that the S04 jewel actually changes?

Beginning of the week “Sky Italia” provided with a message for plenty of turbulence when the FC Schalke 04. The AC Milan show interest in signing of Malick Thiaw, and have gotten already an offer made, it said.

A little later reported “picture” Schalke have rejected the offer, 6.5 million euros have commanded Milan, the club station call at least ten million euros. Basically, the club management wanted to keep the home-grown, with an improved offer but the financially troubled club could possibly still be weak.

FC Schalke 04: Dimitrios Grammozis hopes whereabouts of Malick Thiaw

Dimitrios Grammozis is still confident that he can also put in the second half of the Services of ThiaW (Treaty by 2024).

“If there is something there, we will announce it. He is our player and we go with him to. Everything else will happen in the future. But I’m actually believe that Malick stays with us,” said Schalke head coach on Thursday on the edge of the test game 1. FC Köln (2: 2).

MALICK THIAW persönlich | 100 Sekunden | Challenge

Grammozis also joked: “I have discovered no Italian Dictionary for Malick, so therefore I am quite relaxed.”

That the prospect of a move to Milan could twist the German Under-21 international head Grammozis not believe it. “Schalke is also not a small club. I do not think this is such a big difference. Sure, of course you can say that it is the successes of the past again a different number, but we are not a small club. We are indeed in the second division, but still have a great appeal, “the S04-trainer said.

Malick Thiaw missing FC Schalke 04 injured

had against Cologne Grammozis injury without Thiaw. “In the match against Aue he’s come up a bit stupid and still has one shot to get on the kneecap. It was a bit sore,” he explained the measure.

The upcoming second league game against Jahn Regensburg on February 5 (13:30) should Thiaw but can deny – if it is not yet even come to a last minute departure from FC Schalke 04th

FC Schalke 04 Dimitrios Grammozis before That says Rouven Schr der

After a few weeks of apparent tranquility, there are discussions again at FC Schalke 04 for coach Dimitrios Grammozis. DFB Cups director Rouven Schröder relates to the explosive topic.

Two mandatory defeats in a row in the DFB Cup at third division 1860 Munich as well as in the 2nd Bundesliga at the 1st FC Heidenheim, the doubts about Dimitrios Grammozis have allegedly growing again at FC Schalke 04. From internal criticism to the chief coach of the Bundesliga relegated as well as even a plan b in the coach question is the speech.

At least publicly, DFB Cup director Rouven Schröder wants to know nothing of thought games. We do not talk about the coach, we re talking together. We are not satisfied and critical, without putting the big whole question, said the 46-year-old in a media round. He wool keep the rest and not lit from negative vibrations.

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Was die Schröder-Sätze für Grammozis' Zukunft bedeuten! | S04 NEWS
FC Schalke 04 Not the overuse

Allegations, Grammozis has coated in Munich with his rotation and thus causes the bitter cup-out, Schröder contradicted: I do not apply that at all. It was not on two or three rotations, we were faulty as a group.

Schalke is not the over-team that plays everything in the ground and floor, the S04 manager made it clear. The second row must demand the first to go to the performance limit.

For the upcoming second division with Grammozis ex-club Darmstadt 98 Schröder took both coaches and the team in the duty: We now have to draw the right conclusions to be successful against Darmstadt. We want to continue to be greedy and so many points like Collect possible.

Fans of FC Schalke 04 Partly dissatisfied

Even during Schalke s winning streak with four gained games in a row, he saw not only positive but partly negative things, said Schröder. Currently we are with 22 points of third parties. Three months ago we would have been very satisfied with this yield.

Schalke s fans who demanded a good sense for the situation in the social networks after the Heidenheim game in large numbers of Grammozis dismissal, praised Schröder. They are partly dissatisfied, after the game in Heidenheim, the Fankurve was still very positive. Of course we put our criticism after playing in which it did not go round.

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