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Kakao Games Digital Supporters, Small Business Support Event

Kakao Games announced on the 23rd that Kumho Happiness Day was successful in the 2022 Youth and Youth Digital Supporters with the Seongnam Youth Foundation.

Kumho Happiness Day, which was held at Kumho Happiness Market in Seongnam City on the 21st, was an event where 14 digital supporters participated in their own ideas and executed.

‘Kumho Happiness Day’, which uses digital supporters’ ideas planning and digital capabilities, provided abundant gifts through various events such as SNS purchase certification, ‘life -life cut’ photos, and prizes.

In addition, supporters plan to provide a pleasant experience to citizens who visited the site as well as the digital gap of small business owners through various activities in Seongnam City based on digital capabilities and ideas in the field.

Since March, Kakao Games and Seongnam Youth Foundation have been carrying out various social contribution activities to bridge the digital gap between small business owners in Seongnam through ‘2022 Youth and Youth Digital Supporters’ activities since March. An official of Kakao Games said, “Thank you to the many people who participated in the digital supporters who held a good purpose for small business owners with young and fresh ideas.” “We will continue to carry out various social contribution activities in the community that needs help in the future.” He said.

Broadcasting for Live Events with Wayne Denner

On the other hand, Kakao Games is a vision of ‘Daggachi Game’, which means to make people’s daily lives together through ‘fun of the game’, and various social contribution activities such as ‘Digital Supporters’ and ‘PC Donation Campaign’ It is unfolding.

Return Digital Announces McPixel 3

McPixel - Part 1 - THIS GAME MAKES TOO MUCH SENSE! - Let's Play Walkthrough Playthrough
Return digital has announced McPixel 3. The Veteran Developer Indie SOS Sosowski (Doom Piano, Moshpit Simulator) recovers this “aspirant to hero” that it must solve dustering situations at full speed so as not to die in the attempt, tasting for it to stick in crotch to anyone who crosses on their way. The first installment of this frantic compendium of microjuegos with large dose of humor saw light in 2012; Here you can read our analysis. The second part, if you are asking it, it does not exist. The Steam page of the game promises “100 hallucinating levels”, “258 924 600 pixels” and that “works on your mother’s computer”. McPixel 3 will come out on PC and “Other platforms” in 2022.

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