Before the duel between Brooklyn and Memphis, Kevin Durant has ramped Morant in the highest tones of Grizzlies-Youngster. He compared the Point Guard with NBA legends like all Iverson or with Derrick Rose.

“If you have a future Hall of Famer as a head of the snake, it makes every better,” Durant made his assessment to the surprise team from the Western Conference before the Game against the Grizzlies. At the same time he told Morant a great career in the NBA.

“He is a combination of different players,” KD addressed the 22-year-old. “In my opinion, the best players can turn this game into every type of game in every situation. Yes is on the way.”

Stephen A. on Kevin Durant calling Ja Morant a future Hall of Famer: He was right on the money!
“If I see him, I see three, four different Hall of Famer in him,” says Durant. “For example, all Iverson, but then he also makes a Jordan-like Layup or he runs the court up and down as Russell Westbrook or Derrick Rose.”

Thus, Durant was not finished with his praise anthem: “There are no limits for him. He has a shiny future in front of him. He makes every better.”

However, it will not come to the direct duel between Morant and Durant during the night on Thursday. Due to knee problems, the Grizzlies Guard will suspend for the second time in a row.

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With his performances in the previous season, however, Morant has played in the All-NBA discussion. In his first third year in the Association, in average, it sets average 27.6 points, 5.7 rebounds and 6.7 assists at 49.3 percent field thread quota and 34.0 percent from the distance. With a balance sheet of 49 victories to 23 defeats, Memphis is currently in second place in the West.