Split gate does not intend to get out of beta in the near future. This shooter with portals is apparently doing well in this state, because at least no one will accuse her forgiveness – in the end it’s an open beta! Nobody, however, will not accuse the lack of project development, because now, for example, announce the start of the first season.

1 Season Bets Split gate starts on January 27. It contains many new functions, modes and improvements, including the custom map wizard. In the first season, the Beta also appears a completely refurbished map of Foregone Destruction, serving as an example of the Arena standard to which the entire game is to evolve.

The premiere of 1 season also brings new designs of items and weapons in the company of a new 100 Level Battle Pass, new characters, banners, spray and two completely new game modes: Evolution and One Flag Capture-The-Flag. The new season will start simultaneously on PC, Xbox and PlayStation consoles, and will be completely free.

The arrival of the Custom Map Wizard in the 1st Split gate season allows players to create and use their own maps for the game, including the possibility of co-creating and sharing maps to friends. The MAP wizard gives players the opportunity to create and place objects, weapons, spawns, blocking, portal walls and others and allows you to rotate and attracting magnetic between the scenery to facilitate the objective of objects.

In the first season, the Beta also comes completely renovated map of Foregone Destruction, which cakes the eye and shows what fans can expect in future updates of other maps and how new online maps will look like. Accompanies this change a completely new evolution mode, which is a round mode, in which every round in which players who lost the previous round get improved weapon equipment.

The One Flag Capture-The-Flag mode will also come to this, which is a round version of Capture-The-Flag, where one team weapon flags and the other is trying to get it. Teams change in the offensive and defense, and the team with the greatest number of rounds wins the match. Evolution and One Flag Capture-The-Flag raise the number of game modes offered by Split gate to 21.

So when? 27 January!