Although our test matches the majority of the trade press and finds that Elden Ring is a true masterpiece, many players should also learn their frustration moments in the Open World Roleplay. In order to oppose the hearing difficulty of Elden Ring something, you should therefore use all the means available to you.

That’s why we have put together some tips to From Softwares’s latest title: where you can best run farms, for example, or where your forgings finds and how you improve your weapons. But there is another important item that you should not overlook: the bottle of miraculous drugs .

What is the bottle of miraculous medicine?

The bottle of miraculous arznei is a commodity that works similar to your bottle with purple trees , ie the salvation item of the game works: It fills itself every time you snaps, die or travel to a place of grace. In contrast to the purple trees, however, only one sip is in the bottle of miraculous drugs and it can not be upgraded by golden sowing or holy tears.

But the effect of miraculous drugs has been pretty much in themselves: he can provide the most diverse bonuses for you. Whether healing, a shield or temporary improvements of your status values ​​ \ – the effect of miraculous drugs takes place completely by the crystal tears used by you.

Once you have found the bottle, you will get a new menu item on the place of the grace a new menu item called “Arzneimischung”. There you can always customize the effect of miraculous arznei using the crystal tears : just look for two of your crystal tears and give it in the menu in the bottle. They are not consumed and can be reversed as desired to change the effect.

Where can I find the bottle of miraculous medicine?

Elden Ring - How to Be INVINCIBLE With the Best Flask of Wondrous Physick - Crystal Tear Location!

Before we tell you where exactly you find the bottle of miraculous drug, here first a tip for enthusiastic researchers and explorers: the dealer Kalé , who is at the beginning of the game in the church of Elleh in Limgrave stays and looks like the Santa Claus sold a note that betrays you the whereabouts of the bottle. After all, you have already a starting point for your search.

Who takes too long, here the solution: The bottle is located in the third church of Marika , which stands north of the fog forest completely in the east of Limgrave . If you ride the road from the storm gate to the opposite direction of Castle Storm veil, the bridge crosses, then the turnoff to the left and continues straight ahead, you can not miss the third church of Marika.

Once there, you can not only find a place of grace , but also the bottle of miraculous drug and your presumably first crystal tear. The latter is an object that is indispensable for optimal use of miraculous drugs and offers you a lot of scope for experiments.

Where can I get crystal tears in Elden Ring?

As mentioned earlier, you will find the first crystal tears only a few meters from the bottle of miraculous drugs in the third church of Marika. It is the Purple crystal tears , which regenerates half of your total life points. You can already use the wondrous medicine with a crystal tear, but to get the maximum out of the bottle, you should get a second crystal tear.

If you are not so far in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €), you will find the first other crystal tears also in Limgrave, more specifically on the peninsula of tears in the south. Go to the lower Earth tree, which you can already make up from a distance due to his eye-catching size. There, the Earth tree Avatar awaits you, a boss over which the triumph is worth twice.

If you defeat the headless tree with his giant loungish, you will get two crystal tears gifted. Once the opalene blowing out , which grants you uniquely a protective shield that “considerably reduces your next suffered damage, and thus reduces them almost to zero. As well as the purple fracture crystal craning , which donates you for a short time the continued regeneration of your life points.

What effects do the different crystal tears have?

We recommend that you fill the purple crystal tears as well as the opalene blown outrage in your bottle. So you not only get a sip of extra healing, but also a practical shield that makes you plug in a hit “for free” in battles. However, there are many more crystal tears to find in Elden Ring.

Thus, the jumped flame heels briefly increases the fire damage caused by you, while starch node crystal tears improves your strength value for a short time. Most of the crystal tears get her after a victory over one of the bosses stationed at lower ground trees, which are variants of the earth tree avatars. Others, however, are hidden in secret locations in the intermediate country. Despite our recommendation for your initial mixture, it is worth it to experiment. As soon as you first have found other crystal tears, you can mix them with each other and customize them at your game style. To home page