CREST is a different world relief synical RPG “ party rush for PC (STEAM) on March 24th. ! “Released. The selling price is 1055 yen (tax included). It can be purchased for 10% off 949 yen until March 31st. Korean Personal Manufactureder Cechan’s work is a RPG that can be organized more than 160,000 per person. Approximately 100 characters to become friends. While renting a divisor’s power with a wide variety of capabilities, you will save the world’s full world.

This correspondence received an opportunity to play this work prior to the release of STeam. As a played impression, a sense of hacemchability that could be felt from 160,000 party organizations and sharp world views and text and texture that is easy to understand and easy-to-understand RPG system was successfully engaged. A slightly removed from the royal road as RPG, but the basis of the basis of the basis is easy to play “party rush! ! “. In this paper, we would like to deliver such attractiveness.

Senkical RPG to the Royal Road

First of all, let’s introduce the synopsis in this work. The stage of the story is a continent called Crimson Waffle. In Crimson Waffle, several red dimension holes will open 15 years ago, and the existence of different worlds falls like rain. Since then, items with the existence and mysterious power from the different world have fallen many times, and there are various problems in this area. The hero peppermint is a girl with the ability of “party maker” fighting with the power of different worlds. Peppermint who got a job in the party maker union where the party makers gather will run around the continent to solve the incident that occurs in Crimson Waffle.

Party Maker is a person who has the ability to summon the existence of different worlds and fights with their power. The main character, peppermint is ineffective, she can not fight on the front. Instead of she does not have her fighting ability, she screams “Please help me!” As a means of solving the power of the residents of different worlds that appeared.

How to carry the text and stories of this work, the setting is somewhat strong. It is a serif as a serif of the royal road RPG “certain” material, or the texture of the serif and UI is mixed, or many gags are sandwiched in serial expansion. The genre of this work is “different world relief cinical RPG”. “Cynical” is an English word that represents a sek-like attitude, but in this work, I felt that I was pointing to a “backing” atmosphere. A chaotic hacemchatical feeling that the RPG of the royal road will be a feature of this work.

How to proceed with the game

Basically, we will proceed with the game by selecting a destination from the home screen. On the home screen, it is possible to select “Story”, “Expedition” and “Encounter.” “Story” is a part where the scenario of this work is literally advanced. While reading the story, you will be combat according to the time and case, and let’s unlike the mystery of the world.

“Expedition” is a part that allows you to solve people’s anxiety and searching for locations around the Crimson Waffle. You may also find characters that will be friends when you are searching. This work is an RPG that emphasizes the combination of favorite combinations from around 100 characters and entering the party building. In line with the “place of encounter” to be described later, finding a lot of friends will be important to enjoy this work.

In addition, it may be said to be a part of the subquest position, as exploration may be asked for a little bit from NPC. As it is possible to get rewards or increase fellow by making an NPC event, try exploring the world actively. Some events occur every day of the week, and you can enjoy the search with different feelings every day. In addition, it is possible to obtain rewards by performing challenges separately from the search of continents.

At the encounter place, you can acquire new friends or change the organization of the party. You need an item called “World Fragments” to acquire new friends. Some of the world’s fragments can be purchased using a clear reward for stories and searches. Rush can be saved by advancing search and stories.

“Party rush! ! “Has a” Hachametta atmosphere in a story or party organization system, and I felt that I was a very easy-to-go game that I could understand if I touch a little. The clarity of the game system in the basis is supporting the degree of freedom of the story and the parties of parties. Among the easy-to-understand systems, a game balance that adds plenty of twisting will be able to say that the taste of this work.

Party organization is more than 160,000 or more

Let’s explain the flow of the battle of this work. It is an easy-to-understand system that can be understood immediately if the battle of this work has played RPG. The reCast time until each character can be performed is set, and the gauge can be acted from the accumulated character. It is a system like “active time battle” series of “Final Fantasy” series, but in this work, this battle system is expressed as “active” turn “battle.”

The behavior of the character consumes MP. Basically, since MP is needed for any action, MP is more likely to attack enemies as much as the MP character. If MP is insufficient, it is also possible to recover MP with one turn, with “MP recovery” that can be used.

In this work, an attribute that becomes a weak point and an easy-to-effect state abnormality is different for each enemy. Slime has little physical attack, but it is so weak to a magical attack. This is similar to the ally, and it is a variety of characters that are resistant to physical attacks and weak characteristics. It is a free party organization system of this work to take care of there. It is important to create an appropriate party according to the enemy you want to capture.

A party organization system that actually boasts more than 160,000 freedom is not an exaggeration to say that the largest Uri is the biggest Uri. The protagonist Peppermint is a non-powerful girl, making full use of her party maker’s ability to rent a lot of fellow powers. About 100 characters to become her companions. Although the number of party members is up to four people, the peppermint will always be organized, so a member can be organized freely. If you choose 1 to 3 people from 100 people, it will be a simple calculation to combine a party of 16,6750.

“Party rush! ! In “, approximately 100 characters will be friends. None of the characters are unique, and there are quite sharp performance characters such as characters that act without accepting all of this operation, physical attack invalid, but not HP characters. It is up to players, whether you are fighting a hacketto battle using a character with unique talent like them, or a stable clothing with a solid performance character.

Also, combining and organizing a particular character may allow a powerful coalescing technique to be used. The combination of hair color and characters with the same character and wings are various. Let’s combine this or the character and look for your favorite combined techniques.

Although this work has a pointed performance character or a powerful coalescence technique, the base battle system is easy to understand with royal roads. If you have a game of RPG genre, it is a very easy-to-use system that can be understood at a glance. It can be said that the feature of this work shows that “the balance that is well balanced” has been balanced by a simple-looking system.

In this work, characters with different individualities from performance biased performance to recovery characterization become friends. Party formation will be different depending on the player’s preferences and the possession status of the fellowship. In addition to peppermint, he knew and captured Pippappo as a role of bike man’s foil and red dragon as an attacking role. The foil is an unreachable physical attacker but even if you leave it, there is a sense of security that kicks the enemy, and strawberry was very useful because two types of physical attributes and fire attributes can be handled. The recovery role Pippappo was an unnecessary recovery, but it was a magical boy Louis and replacement, but if the enemy’s attack is a fierce scene, the sense of stability is quite different, and replacing the ally according to the situation. I could feel that I was important.

In addition, even if the first impression is “sharp performance…”, it was difficult to be comfortable and easy to use with other members if touched. “Party rush! ! “A lot of strong factors of accretions in the first glance, but they are combined to put them together, and they are finished in a balanced title. It looks very a very solid game.

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Approximately 100 characters become friends, and you can organize the party with a degree of freedom over 160,000 rules! ! “. Besides party organization, there is also an element called united technique that occurs in combination with the characters, and the width of the strategy is very wide. Neither I played for a while in the preceding play could not grasp all the characters and combined techniques that appeared. “Party rush! ! “From today, it will be released for 1055 yen for PC (STeam). It can be purchased for 10% off 949 yen until March 31st. Please find your favorite party by all means.