In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild there are countless treasures to collect. In some cases you have to rely on your luck al1. However, a fan shares a helpful trick with which you can significantly increase your chance.

Zelda fan reveals trick for more star chips

One of the rarest items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild literally falls from the sky. With star chips you can not only spice up your meals, but also improve some armor with the big fairies . Sometimes it is not so easy to reach the beautifully luminous treasures in time.

The star platters leave a clearly visible light column. However, if you are too much junk, disappear again. However, the Reddit User Justlookingfordragon knows a trick that you can knock out a little more time . For this you only have to ignite a campfire and wait there until next night. In our guide, we also introduce you to the best farming method for star charts.

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As soon as the moon is back in the sky, you have a complete night time to reach the Star Splitter in good time. In addition, you can also mark the light column with your Shiekah stone . If you have luck, you have already completed a shrine that is near the crash site, and can tell you directly there.

A Zelda fan shares a trick as she comes in Breath of the Wild to the rare star platters. With a campfire you can take the time until the sweetheart disappears again, extend a whole night . In addition, there are still a few more tricks with which you can ensure that the treasures often fall from the sky.