“The risk of Corona 19 was very reduced. But there is a possibility that other pan demic is this. “

Bill Gates Micro Soft (MS) found that CNBC reported that CNBC was able to come in the annual security conference in Munich, Germany.

But he added that he would be able to respond much better for new pan demms with medical technology development. Gates emphasized on this day, “said another fan demam derived from other pathogens,” he said.

Bill Gates is currently leading the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the world’s largest charitable organization.

He said, while the Corona 19 paneta demmic death passed through a two-year, and a lot of people on the earth had a certain level of immune system, and the worst situation passed. He emphasized that he was particularly proliferous, and the serious threat of Corona 19 has declined a little.

However, the Bill Gates added that it is too late to achieve the goal of the World Health Organization (WHO), which will end up to 70% of the population around the world by mid-year.

Currently, 61.9% of the world’s population had at least one or more vaccination.

Bill Gates also insisted that the governments should take a bit more spanking in the development and distribution of vaccines.