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[Issue] We will solve as a conversation as much as possible Webzeneno.

Webzen Labor Union ‘Webnetics (WITH “resolved the strike. As a result of the voting of the 32-day strike in the 10th, the Web Jinsde branch said, as a result of the vote of the strike,

Solve? Resolve? Dissolve?

If the striking proceeds, it becomes the first example of the game industry. This situation is why the first king scholarship after Webzen union formation is crowded. Webzen has been awarded the wages since December last year, but he was not finalized. Since then, the union applied for coordination of wages to the Gyeonggi Provincial Labor Committee this year. However, both sides did not narrow the difference. The union held the first rally on April 5th. The aim of rallies was the first anniversary of the establishment of the union and the representative director directly to the direct dialogue.

Wiching schools pre-unions have requested the average amount of the 5th most 4 years and the ratio of the number of patients with a team leader to the company. However, the company has provided only the average rising ratio of the last four years.

Since then, the union required the company to share incentive capacity of the company’s incentive amount, more than 10 million won for the company, The company did not accept union proposal, and ‘the average annual rate increase rate of 2022 is 10%.

Webgent was formed when the game was released in the game industry salary in the last 2021. When other game users announced an impression of 8 million won for salary, Webzen announced that the ‘salary + incentive’ has been raised by an average of 2 million won. “But the results were different from external announcements”. “From this time, Webzen employees have questioned,” he said. If I received a 5 million won, Who had a million won, “

The union argues that there is enough room for the company, even though the worker does not pay enough compensation.

According to Webzen Business Report, Webzen sales increased by 68.5% YoY, and operating profit increased by 78.7% YoY and W104.6bn. Last year, Webzen sales declined 0.5% YoY, 286.3 billion won, operating profit declined 2.3% to W107.1bn. Net profit has steadily increased since 2019. Company cash increased by 34.8% to W64.9bn in 2020 and 87.5 billion won in 2021.

“The 10% presented by the company,” said the 10% of the company, “said,” The company said that “the company has continuously contacted unions through a personnel team,” did. “The company has recently recorded its own sales since the recent second generation Candida,” said the ability to pay, “said,

“I am still going on a step,” I am going to take a system and schedule through simulation of optimal issues in accordance with the various staff of the union. “

“I can not know how to be a case,” which is the first case, “I do not know how to do it to the first case,” especially because it is a website, especially because there is a person in subsidiary work in addition to live service and publishing, etc., I expected it. “

Webzen game users will try to solve the issue of the issue, and try to release them through conversation so that they are available, as possible, and to avoid damage to game services, companies and employees. “

“The company,” said the company, “he wants to actively show off the upgraded query”.

“We will do our best to do this to the game service or new development,” Webzen.

Microsoft verifies to have been a sufferer of a cyber strike but reassures personnel

Yu-Gi-Oh! Structure Deck: Cyber Strike [Reveal Opening]
The Microsoft Threat Intelligence of the US Company describes that LAPSUS $ looks for to obtain access via taken credentials with the ability of permitting information burglary and destructive strikes against an unbiased company, which usually results in extortion. “Strategies and objectives show that it is a cybercinquent group motivated by burglary and also damage “.

Microsoft He confirmed today to have actually been a target of a cyber strike by the extortion group called Dev-0537, likewise understood in socials media such as lapses $, soon after having claimed these authorship in the burglary of Partial source code of Bing and Cortana. From Redmond acted rapidly and make sure in a declaration that consumer information was not associated with this action.

“Today, [gaps $] asserted to have had accessibility to Microsoft as well as drawn out components of the resource code. No information or code of a customer has actually been associated with the observed activities . Our research study has actually found that a single account is He saw endangered, providing minimal accessibility, “information the cybersecurity group of the technical giant, stating that they can gradually reduce susceptability.

For its component, LAPSUS $ protected at Telegram last weekend break to have accessibility to 90% of the Bing Maps code, as well as concerning 45% of the Bing and Cortana Code. He did it by sharing a torrent with a compressed size of 9 GB.

The name of lapses $ is currently understood in networks. As they describe in Xataka, the group of cybercriminals behind the hackes to Nvidia, Samsung and also MercadoLibre. Now they have met Microsoft, which has actually wished to be quite clear offering suggestions to other future sufferers of the group .

Nintendo Switch “Mon Yu” Sudden 100 yen sale was aimed at Dungeon RPG Mutohori to a specific layer. However, “accident” is an unexpected situation

The Experience Co., Ltd. broadcasts the program “EXP channel” that delivers the latest information of the company on March 25. Dungeon RPG for Nintendo Switch, who became topic the other day in this day, get a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. ** “(hereinafter referred to as Mon Yu) ‘s 100 yen sale. According to it, this case was the end of the end of the “accident”.

This work is a dungeon RPG that fights her brave corps. Brave has 8 types of occupations such as warriors, knights, martial arts and ninjas, and job change is also possible. And to defeat the seven devil who robbed the treasure, I challenge the tower of the dragon king. Going up the labyrinth, fighting monsters, collecting better equipment and strengthening the party.

Such a “monkeys” started suddenly at Nintendo e-shop on March 15. Regular price 5480 yen, it was a discount sale that can be purchased for 100 yen off 98% off. “Hiken of the Sword of the Street of the Sword”, “Hong Spring Kawasuke”, “Demon Gaze”, such as the development work with a reputation for Dungeon RPG development, and it is a topic on the gamer. I also introduced in the magazine (related articles).

However, according to Mr. Chiboto, a representative director of the Experience, there was an accident on the background of this sale. The company plans to be a dungeon RPG for young people. First of all, as a measure for elementary school, it seems to have decided to make a “secret sale” of 100 yen that can be bought feel free to buy. “Complete stealth”, of course, from the company, as well as the cooperation of Nintendo and announced only in the Corocorocomic magazine where elementary school students could read well. However, as a result, it has been widely known.

In addition, as the company, he was planning to be a sale for a limited 3-day after an advertisement with Corocorocomic, but it is clear that it can not be d1. However, it is said that it was not possible to stop the sale on business. Mr. Chibi looks back when you gave discomfort to the user purchased at regular prices and worried about the fan about the company.

Senba says that “monkeys” is not selling, so it does not mean that a cheap sale was performed. Rather, this work is still sold, and this year’s black is a big contribution to the company. In addition, it has also been revealed that all the titles on the company are black.

However, it seems that the response of this sale was quite a bit, and 10 days from the start of sale, keeping the first largest in the seller. It is said that the number of sales sells of the company’s successive year is as much as “Demon Gaze”. Also, as a synergy effect, DLC for sale for 990 yen is “Boiled”. As a result, sales of “United States of the assumption” are joined, and the business plan has been crazy.

  • Refer to “Mono Aoi” sale from around 30 seconds per 11 minutes.

Although I was aware of it to be a secret sale, it was a time problem that everyone could confirm because everyone could confirm at Nintendo e-shop. Even if it is Corokorocomic, it is not always not read except for elementary school students, but someone posts someone to SNS will spread at a stretch. Sales that have limited subjects are likely to be quite difficult in existing systems.

However, the company seems to continue the measures to get a dungeon RPG, a niche genre, also to young people. However, for the next junior high school student, this is that the sale and promotion such as this time do not do it.

“Keep a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. “” Is for sale for Nintendo Switch. In addition, the Experience will be released on September 15 for Nintendo Switch / PS4, “Death (Sinigami)” is for Nintendo Switch / PS4.

Company of Heroes 3 shows its detailed system of destruction of buildings in a new video

Eddie Fisher (Edwin Jack Fisher: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 10, 1928-Berkeley, California, September 22, 2010) was a vocalist and also artist worldwide of American race show, among one of the most fame interpreters as well as success World of the 1950s, with sales of millions of discs, and also with a television show of its own. The separation of Debbie Reynolds, to marry Elizabeth Taylor, widow of his ideal good friend, received opprobrious advertising and marketing at the time.

The Company of Heroes Series is one of the Large References Industry for Lovers Strategy Games , and its third installment promises to take us a step further by being able to become the first time in general of the WWII. The new RTS of Relic Entertainment has published a brief video gameplay of the pre-alpha version of the game where we can observe your destruction system.

The video, shared by DOG, shows us an infantry squad by destroying a large building with a high level of detail. We can see how the structure gradually suffers the damage, while jumping rash and is losing their integrity until it was reduced to a pile of ruins. The game Use Essence Engine 5 , the latest version of the engine developed by Relic.

The video shows the pre-alpha status game Company of Heroes 3 will take us to front of the Mediterranean in a campaign that promises to introduce great news in the saga , exploring new possibilities through Your dynamic map. Relic has not stopped sharing his progress on this expected delivery through his daily development, putting the focus on the community and his demands to advance from the hand of the players.

In 3DGames we have already played the Company of Heroes 3 multiplayer, and the sensations are unbeatable even in the case of a pre-alpha. Meanwhile, the study draws your roadmap to add new content in which you have meant the return of another of the most dear strategy franchises with Age of Empires 4.

Pok mon Diamant Pearl Your criticism causes deaf ears

After years of criticism, The Pokémon Company comments on one of the most important points of the community. In an interview, they clearly ask them: they hear what the game ship has to say, but make their games anywhere else for different reasons.

The BIG Problem with Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Pokemon Shining Pearl

Pokémon: Diamante & Pearl in criticism

Every year, the Pokémon Company brings another game, or a remake, for monster collectors on the market. And every year, it hails criticism. If it does not go around the graphics or the technical aspects, long-term fans focus mainly on one: Pokémon games should finally become adults — both in the plot, and in difficulty.

The latter was recently discussed again. In Pokémon Bright Diamond & Luminous Pearl, which appeared on 19 November, the EP divider will be imposed. So you get your Pokémon faster, and you have to train less. That did not like that.

EIN trailer for the controversial Pokémon remake you can see here:

The Pokémon Company wants to find a balance

Now no one answers less than J.C. Smith, The Director for Consumer Marketing at The Pokémon Company, to speak. He is responsible for the fact that the games and individual Pokémon are marketed purposefully. Now he confirms in a conversation with Axis Gaming that the complaints and wishes of adult contents are known. However, the company must find a compromise:

We hear [the criticism]. And I think the developers definitely understand that there is a desire for something. But we are trying to focus that the core of the game is made accessible to everyone.

He also says that the demands of the fans are very clear, but the developers have their own vision. It must always be found a balance between the two sides.

The hard feedback of the community is the developers of Game Freak meanwhile used :

We have a group of Creator and professionals at the Pokémon Company who have already seen much — many have seen and heard. They have a thicker coat than most people because they had to listen too much.

(Source: Axis)

Opinion of Nathan Navrotzki

Unpopular opinion, but: maybe the developing or the Pokémon Company no longer likes to listen to the community because they are now simply hardened. Constant criticism, especially the harsh sound, the fans often strike, hits deaf ears at some point. And as long as the games are still selling as cut bread, The Pokémon Company will probably not change their course.

My request to the fans: Criticism comment is okay, but please be without falling — behind the games stuck real people. Just does not buy and sets a sign.

My request to The Pokémon Company: Different levels of difficulty and optional EP divisors would face many. That does not change the child-friendly nature of the games, is just a bit more effort you could do.

A FIFA 2K Take

American BroadcTopting Company (ABC) (in Spanish: American BroadcTopting Company ) is just one of the four television largest commercial broadcTopting in the United States. Developed in 1943 from the previous NBC Blue Network, ABC is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company and is component of Walt Disney Tv. The first issue of this chain on television remained in 1948. Top one of the Big 3 Tv Networks (Three significant tv networks), the network hTop contributed to the preferred culture of the United States with its shows.
The corporate head office of ABC is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City City, and details procedures company likewise focus on Manhattan, while their offices to enjoyment programs are located in Burbank, California, beside the Walt Disney Studios Top well Top the home office of the Walt Disney Company.
The official name of the company is American BroadcTopting Companies, Inc., and that name appears on copyright notices for its in-house productions Top well Top all its official papers, including incomes and contracts. A separate entity called ABC Inc., now called Walt Disney Television and previously Top Funding Cities/ ABC Inc., is the direct parent of this company and also that company subsequently owned by Disney. The chain is in some cTopes referred to Top the Alphabet Network since of the fact that its existing logo design hTop the letters ABC, the initial three letters of the Latin alphabet in its own order.
The company includes several units, consisting of, to name a few, its television department (the main chain ABC), a department for radio broadcTopts (ABC Radio), a department of Information (ABC News), a division of sports (ESPN on ABC), and an amusement division (ABC home entertainment).

EA Sports hTop just releToped FIFA 22, but this may be the lTopt installment to hit the market with this name, because the American company hTop dropped it is considering a change of identity. The truth is that the title EA Sports FC hTop been registered in the United States and Europe, suggesting this possibility. Background, huge amount of money Topking FIFA to renew the license. In this context, 2K Games hTop reflected on the possibility of acquiring brand in the future.

Are you also interested in topics related to American Company Games?

It happened at the meeting of shareholders in which the company hTop presented its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021. A Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, you have Topked about the dispute between EA and FIFA, and about the options that the company will expand with a new football game, especially now that they have acquired Nordeus, the studio behind Top Eleven. Will they buy the license?

I *TAKEOVER* As USA Manager for 10 YEARS... (WINNING WORLD CUP? ????????)
Words of 2K Games

Zelnick hTop tried to dodge the question, but at the insistence of it had to refer directly to the cTope. We are delighted to have Nordeus Take-Two in the family, he said. They are triumphing and Top Eleven is great, beloved video game. I can not be happier with Glad we entered into the business of football managers through Top Eleven and Nordeus team. On the question of FIFA he added that: This is a big step for us, we have not been in this sport before. And, well, I think we ll leave it here for today.

Take-Two Interactive own label 2K Games, creators of series Top well known Top NBA 2K, 2K PGA Tour, WWE 2K and more. FIFA, meanwhile, launched a poison dart against Electronic Arts: The future of gaming and eSports football stakeholders should involve more than one company to control and exploit all rights.

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