Nexon (Representative Lee Jeong-hyon) is a member of the College of Culture, Industry, College of Education, Worked.

Nexon is aiming for the playground of the creators to train the spare creator of “Project Mod” in its development and conducts this industry linkage activities to promote mutual cooperation with the Creek River.

First, the Hangzhou Game Contents School 2022 is opened in the first semester game. In a lecture with a total of 15 parking, students will learn the concept of content programming through the production environment and usage of ‘Project Mod’ and usage, and perform various practice with production functions in the platform.

The semester intermediate assignment is an imagination of the imagination, planning the content of the only person to make ‘Project MOD’, and submit direct content to the final challenge.

The Qualcine Game Content School also operates the special provisions of the title “Configuring Metabus through the Project Mod Platform Practice” prior to the beginning of the first semester Curriculum.

In addition, Dongri, the center of ‘Project Mod’ on the Qualias, starts activities from the first semester this year. It is a policy that mentoring activities such as meeting with developed and encountering the development of the developer, and the mentoring activity is also active in Nexon.

Nexon Kim Dae-Hon New Development General Vice President, said, “We are glad to provide the learning process for industry practice based on Project MOD,” he said, “We expect excellent preliminary creators to be able to dream about content creation.” I said.

UNLIMITED EVERYTHING! | Project Architect Modpack #1

Cultural Industry University Department of Gonghyeon Games Content School Department said, “The expectation of students in collaboration with Nexon is very large and the reaction is hot,” I am grateful, It would be a great help to raise it. “

On the other hand, ‘Project MOD’ is a metaverse platform for creating and enjoying content freely under the moto called ‘Make & Play’. From the public, a professional developer has a professional manufacturing environment for anyone who can create my own world. ‘Project MOD’ plans to expand various forms of industry-academia cooperation, including the audience.

For more information on ‘Project MOD’, see the official site and the YouTube channel.