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Xbox Game Studios: New Publishing Division with Focus on Cloud

Xbox Game Studios Publishing has officially announced its new “cloud gaming organization”. This will work with studios in the future to develop cloud-native titles and to bring them exclusively to the Xbox ecosystem.

The new department of Kim SWIFT, which has been reinforcing the Xbox team as Cloud Gaming Director for last year.

Swift was involved in its current career at Valve in leading and creative positions at the developments of Portal and the two Left 4 Dead titles. Before joining Xbox, she worked as a Game Design Director for Stadia.

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The mission of the department is to develop cloud-native games together with first-class development teams to provide players unprecedented experiences that can only be achieved with cloud technology.

Unlike the cloud streamed games use cloud-native games the cloud to process certain parts of the game, such as physics, lighting, environments or ki.

Due to the outsourcing of these aspects, games are not limited by the technical performance of home consoles, which opens up numerous new opportunities for developers.

An early example of the use of cloud technology in this way is the multiplayer mode Wrecking zone from Crackdown 3. Since the destruction physonies of the mode is processed over the cloud, players can disassemble huge buildings in countless small parts, without pension loss to take.

Microsoft Flight Simulator: Thanks to Cloud on Xbox One playable

The Cloud of Microsoft allows for the first time all Xbox One owners to play the Microsoft Flight Simulator. While the actual hardware would be far too weak for playing the Microsoft Flight Simulator, the cloud takes over the rest.

Microsoft Flight Simulator arrives on Xbox Cloud Gaming

Microsoft also proclaimed the great advantages of access to Microsoft Flight Simulator via Xbox Cloud Gaming:

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator can now also be played on Xbox One. Many players have wished exactly that. You can start the simulator via the Xbox Dashboard and quickly dip into a high-fidelity experience (up to 1080p and 30fps).

  • You can now explore the planet from any of the supporting devices and quickly withdraw because you do not have to install the simulator on your hard disk.
  • The Microsoft Flight Simulator can also be played outside the console on supported mobile phones, tablets and lower equipment PCs.
  • Standard controller entries from Bluetooth controllers such as the Xbox Wireless Controller for Cloud Gaming are supported.
  • The multiplayer experience for all simmer is identical to that on the PC and the Xbox Series X | S, so that all the same airspace can share, regardless of which device you use.
  • The World Updates I-VI are automatically streamed to all players, and all previous purchases on the Xbox Series X | S as well as the entire Xbox marketplace are available.

The Microsoft Flight Simulator is thus playable thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming (Xcloud) with the Xbox One. But that’s not enough who wants, can take off the web browser or via Android and iOS.

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