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Immortal devil will allow players to change class while maintaining their progress

Ivil Immortal will offer an important change with respect to the previous games of the series, which will allow players to change class as they retain their previous progress at Paragon levels. Blizzard expects the movement to provide players an incentive to test all the different classes in the game and see what each one has to offer. The editor revealed the function in a new entry into the blog detailing how class changes will work in the game work. Unfortunately, the feature will not be available when Ivil immortal is thrown, but players can expect to see it at some time shortly after the game makes its debut.

Lost Ark Classes & Character Creation Guide (2022) - Full Breakdown

«When you change class, you will keep all your progress at Paragon levels. You will receive a new set of appropriate equipped items for your new class, and you can transfer all the progress of your elements and gems. None of the ancient objects equipped or the stalk, and your progress in the horrific vessels and the Helliquary will also be maintained, “Blizzard said.

Blizzard continued saying that he did not want fanatics to have to alternate between several alternative characters, and this option will eliminate that need. It is worth noting that Blizzard is “discussing the limits of this system,” since the developer wants a player’s first-class selection to have some weight. The company also wants players to obtain some advantages if they adhere to a class, including “a wider selection of character constructions available». The idea is to make there an incentive for players, in any way that they decide to play.

Ivil immortal will be launched at some point this year, but a launch date for the game has not been revealed. The fans seem quite excited about today’s announcement, but some kind of news about the launch has also been impatiently. Hopefully, today’s update is a sign that things are progressing very well in the free game, and the fans will not have to wait much more!

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Lost Ark, how to create his character and choose his class?

Find out how to create your character and choose his class in the game Lost Ark. The avatar creative system is specific to this MMO since some options are available only according to your class (including your genre). So, before you start in the adventure, you will have to think about what your personal will look like! As a reminder, Lost Ark arrives in France at the beginning of the year 2022. Already deployed in Korea, Japan and Russia, the MMORPG Free-To-Play in isometric view arrives on February 11, 2022 on PC via Steam.

In the meantime, do you want to know how to create your character? Follow the leader !

How to create your character and choose his class on Lost Ark

After selecting your server, you arrive at the selection screen / creations of your characters. You have six basic character locations. You can buy more via the shop at stake, it’s below left that you see the different extensions.

Once you decide to create your character, you then go to the selection of the class. You have the choice between warrior, marginalist, sniper, mage or assassin. If you click on one of the classes, you will have an overview of the different specializations.

At the exit of the game, you have the choice between 15 different archetypes of class:


  • Berserk
  • Pistolangeal


  • Essentialist
  • Elementals

  • Pugilist
  • Spirit ite

Sniper :

  • Rifle
  • Artillery
  • Franc-shooter
  • Relentless salvo


  • Bard
  • Witch


  • Warlock
  • Sanguerame

How to customize your avatar on Lost Ark

Once your class selected, you arrive at the customization page of your avatar. You can only choose from a predefined number of customizations.

You can either select a model already preconstructed if you do not want to bother with the aesthetics of your character, or change your face, hairstyle, eyes, makeup, scars, tattoos and voice.

Attention by cons, you can not change the sex of your character. The genre is currently blocked by the class of the character. It seems, however, that developers would like to go out a genre per class.

Finally, decide your nickname that must contain between 2 and 12 characters of Latin alphabet without space or special character and advent yourself in the world of Arches!

To select your archetype, it will be necessary to launch the game once your character is finished. You will arrive directly in a hub that will allow you to try the archetypes of your class before you start in the adventure.

You now know how to create your character and decide his class in Lost Ark. Do not hesitate to test new characters, create the avatar that you like the most and start again. Each genre has different customization choices, so you can try plenty of combinations! You can find all our guides to start in Lost Ark as well as all the game news on Apatosaurus.

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