It was a long time since it was launched halo: The Master Chief Collection . Since then, the fans of Xbox already want to see another franchise receiving their own remastered collection, and it seems that their wishes could come true, or at least this is how’d it is known insider.

As part of the most recent boxer podcast, Special Nick , a reliable insider that has previously been very clever with the leaks of it, said that Microsoft was already working in a remastered collection for another franchise Xbox , although he did not say exactly what.

The hosts of this podcast speculated about the possibility of seeing some franchises of Xbox as Gears of War, Fable , and maybe something from the catalog of Bethesda . However, Gears seems to be the favorite series between the fans, and possibly the people of Xbox already have something prepared for the future.

Editor’s Note: Certainly I would make sense that Gears’s saga receives his own remastered collection, particularly because the first game has already received his Ultimate Edition. It would be a good way to make more pleasant waiting for the sixth delivery of the saga, which apparently, will be seeing the light until 2026.