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FC CHELSEA: EX-BVB-Coach tocell Vor blitz

Although the Treaty of Thomas Tuchel at FC Chelsea is still running until 2024, given the fierce sanctions against club owners Roman Abramovich seems to be a whereabouts with the blues over the season but unlikely. The signs of change to Manchester United compensate.

Chelsea Takeover - NEW Bidders BACK THOMAS TUCHEL & Pledge Immediate Funds For Support
As the usually well-informed “Guardian” reported, Manchester United Thomas Tuchel has taken four. Accordingly, the former BVB coach appears on a shortlist of Red Devils.

Other trainer candidates in Manchester are Erik Ten Hag of Ajax Amsterdam and Mauricio Pochettino of Paris Saint-Germain.

Currently, Ralf Rangnick conducts the skill at Manunited as Interim Team Manager. The fact that the 63-year-old can continue as a coach after the season is almost excluded given the lack of Chelseaing success.

On Wednesday, the “Daily Star” fueled the rumors for Tuchel and Manchester United. According to the leaf, the Red Devils have challenged the Chelsea coach as a desired candidate.

The responsible persons are convinced that you can curl bags with a good offer from the Stamford Bridge. The record winner of the Premier League even wants to try to lure the ex-Bundesliga trainer after this season after Manchester.

Tuchel wants to stay at Chelsea until the end of the season

The Red Devils want to benefit from the chaos, which currently prevails with FC Chelsea. Tuchel, however, finally clearly realized that he will finish the season with the blues. “There is no doubt that I stay until the end of the season,” said the 48-year-old.

The sanctions against Abramovich hit the FC Chelsea hard. For the time being, the Champions League winner and Club World Master may not make any more player transfers, no tickets for games for sale and had to close all fan shops. The budget for outward travel was also heavily limited.

Chelsea Held Hanctz explains penalty

National player Kai Hanctz sees himself on the way after his renewed golden gate for FC Chelsea to be able to rise to the club icon for the blues in the long term.

“With 22 you are certainly not a legend, but part of the successful history of this club. And that stays forever,” said ex-Leverkusen Sport1.

On Saturday, Hvertz Chelsea had led his trading feet gate in the extension (116th) to the 2-1 win against SE Palmeiras in the final of the Club World Cup. Already in the Champions League Final against Manchester City last year, the offensive player of the 1: 0 victorist shooter had been.

“I’m very glad to have gained three big titles in the short time with Chelsea,” said the native Aachener, “to meet in the great games, of course, is something very special.”

The coolness at the point also had a Finte of Chelsea Captain Cesar Azpilicueta. He grabbed the ball directly and let Palmeiras first believe he was the penalty shooter.

FC Chelsea: HAVERTZ explains Elfer Finte

According to the Spaniard everything pure tactics. He made the comments of the opponents on himself. Then Hvertz arrived and kept the nerves: “At the moment I’ve been so well focused and told me: I’m in pure and we celebrate the trophy together!” Mostly he tries to “read the goalkeeper and do not let me know before,” in which corner he shoot, so the national player.

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HAVERTZ for the Falte of Azpilicueta: “Many keepers are now preparing intensively on penalty and the shooters. At the same time, the opponents try to influence and unsettle the protectors. So I can handle well, but our tactics helped me to rest Focusing and preparing. The opponents were intended confused. “

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