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Guide for the location of evidence in a career

Evidence is one of many collection items that are waiting for their discovery during the plot story of The Quarry. However, unlike other games, these evidence is more than just collecting items. They add more context to the storyline and determine the type of ending that you unlock.

In total, there are 10 evidence, one in each chapter that you need to find in the career of Hakkett to prove your innocence to the Hakhtt family.

The next guide will help you find them all, noting the location of each evidence in every chapter The Quarry.

Location of evidence in a career

Before moving to places with evidence, note that you need to make a certain choice in chapter 1 to create evidence in chapter 3.

You must make sure that Jacob stole a rotary handle from the van in chapter 1, otherwise you will have to make another re-launch of the game to create evidence of Chapter 3 and finish all your collecting items.

  • Chapter 1 Clothing location
  • Chapter 2 of the location of the evidence
  • Chapter 3 Vocabulary
  • Chapter 4 Clothing location
  • Chapter 5 Clothing location
  • Chapter 6 Clothing location
  • Chapter 7 Clothing location
  • Chapter 8 Closure location
  • Chapter 9 Clothing location
  • Chapter 10 Clothing location

Career Chapter 1 Proof

Proof No. 1: empty bottle

The evidence is in the cabins of the camp. After you examine the hut, go to a large tree in the middle of all huts. Here, Abigail will find an empty bottle near the tree trunk.

If you missed this, you can return to the tree and get an empty bottle, playing for Dylan in chapter 5.

Career Chapter 2 Proof

Proof No. 2: Torn bags

Evidence is in the pantry of a universal store. When you explore the universal store, use Jacob to open the locked door to the pantry. Here you can find two bags with dried blood. The bags are on the shelf in the far corner of the pantry.

Career Chapter 3 Proof

Proof No. 3: Brown corpse

The evidence is in the Hallow by the lake. If you asked Jacob to remove the manipulator in chapter 1, he will again swim to the lake in chapter 3 to pick it up. At the same time, he will find a swollen corpse in the lake. If he did not remove the motor hand in Chapter 1, he will not emerge in Chapter 3 and will not find a bloated corpse.

Career Chapter 4 Proof

Proof No. 4: Photo of attack

Evidence is in a tree house. When you get to the tree on a tree in chapter 4, you need to ask Emma to search the bag on the floor, and this will lead it to the search and research of the hatch. Going down, Emma finds a strange creature and photographs it before hitting the monster.

Career Chapter 5 Proof

Proof No. 5: traces of claws

The evidence is in the cabins of the camp. Immediately before entering the radio room, be sure to inspect the door, and you will find a huge trace of the claw on the wall next to the door.

Career Chapter 6 Proof

Proof No. 6: Memory Map

Evidence was found in Hickett Woods. When you walk through the forest, playing Jacob, on a wooden path, you will find a big mark on the ground. Turn right from this trace and follow the way, and you will find an old and broken camera on the floor. Explore the camera to find a memory card in the camera.

Career Chapter 7 Proof

Proof No. 7: A letter of termination and abstinence

The evidence is in the office of the sheriff. In the Sheriff’s office, you need to go to the Travis office in the right corner of the building. Look opposite the doors of the Travis office, and you will find a printer there. Explore the printer, and you will find evidence of your order on termination and abstinence.

Career Chapter 8 Proof

Proof No. 8: scratched flesh

Evidence is in career mines. After you overcome the crumbling part of the stairs, you will find yourself on a square podium with a red boulder in the middle. In the upper left corner of this podium is the evidence of Scarred Flesh.

Career Chapter 9 Proof

Proof No. 9: Cayli letter
The evidence is in the Hickett house. When Ryan is locked in the bedroom, get to the casket with jewelry on the dresser to find a letter to Kayie her grandmother.

Career Chapter 10 Proof

Proof of No. 10: Recording of a trial camera

The evidence is in the attic of the box. Search the attic next to the class, which is located in the far part of the house. Here you can find a cardboard box filled with ribbons. On one of these tapes there is a record from the chamber of the trace, which is your proof.

This will change the map of fortnite sechapteron 2

We just have a few days from the beginning of the sechapteron 2 of fortnite chapter 3 , but thanks to datamining, we know what the next ones will be changes and News Both in the Map chapter in the story of the game. Just below we tell you everything we know:

Fortnite: Some Airships from the OI will be knocked down

Chapter 3 Season 2: Imagined Order Reborn | Fortnite Map Concept

In the history trailer of Fortnite sechapteron 2 chapter 3 we saw how the OI, the imagined order, burst on the island, caught by surprise at seven and taking a large part of the island . In fact, since the beginning of the sechapteron, the map shows what faction each territory controls:

The seven will be gaining ground chapter the sechapteron progresses. For now we know that The map will have seven different phchapteres ; At the beginning of the sechapteron we are in phchaptere 1. This will be phchaptere 2 :

chapter we see, the most significant change between phchaptere 1 and phchaptere 2 is that the OI loses control of the Daily Bugle . We know that this Terrain on the part of the Seven will be anything but peaceful; In the game files there are folders and sounds whose names suggest that several Airships of the OI will be demolished :

Fortnite: The seven will steal the tanks of the OI

Again, rummaging between the file files and knowing that the seven will be gaining ground to the imagined order, we see that there are two different miniatures for Titan tanks : There is a version of the OI, and another version of the seven .

This means that, chapter the sechapteron progresses and that the seven will recover territories, they will steal the tanks of the imagined order . That is, the tanks will continue to appear on the same sites chapter before, but their painting will change to represent who the owners of each area are.

This is, for now, everything we know about upcoming changes in the new map of Fortnite Sechapteron 2 Chapter 3. We recommend visiting our full guide to know everything about the game, including how to upload fchaptert level or how to complete all the missions.

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