In Budapest, on Sunday afternoon, the duel of the disappointed before 10,021 spectators on: Topfavorit Denmark had drawn against defending champion Spain somewhat surprisingly the shorter, record world champion France failed at Vice World Champion Sweden. And the bad news did not fall off for the Danes: Mikkel Hansen (hook infringement) and Mathias Gidsel (very early in the game around # 3 rushed out), both chosen to the all-star team of the tournament, separated for the hunt for bronze.

Just in the last European Championship game, France’s Keeper Vincent Gerard also found in his form, defused four of the first five throws on his goal. The Danes were able to thank the Gamesmacher Jacob Holm from the Füchense Berlin that they are not lost the same. Five of the first six goals of Denmark went to his account (8:10, 18.).

Turn the keepers

Denmark vs France | Bronze Medal Match | Highlights | EHF EURO 2016
While Kentin Mahé – later “Man of the Match” – drew the threads in the French attack,, however, Gerards Pendant Niklas Landin was gradually well into the game. At the break, Both Gerard and the final person of the THW Kiel had to show twelve parades – both with a fishing rate of excellent 45 percent. France only led a bit thin with 14:13.

Even after the site change, the game kept its extremely high pace, both counterparties acted with open visor. Grandly, however, France lost the line in the position attack, fueled too many mistakes and quickly exposed to a three-goal residue (18:21, 40.). Coach Guillaume Gille pulled his timeout card and obviously found the right words: the record world champion pulled the game back to his side and led ten minutes before the end of 26:24.

Mensing only in the block

Doppelmark in duplicates for almost two full minutes Denmark had the chance to turn the game back, but were too applied and undecided. Almost 60 seconds before the end, it was Flensburg’s right outside Lasse Svan, who made in his possibly last game for Denmark (later celebrated later from the team) to 29:28. DIKA MEM countered with a felt hits of ten meters. Because Aaron Mensing slammed the last litter into the French block, it went to the extension.

In this Denmark was then no longer stopping: With his ninth goal, Holm set to 31:29, THW-Keeper Landin grew beyond himself. At the end there was a deserved 35:32 for the Danes, who held at least the bronze medal in the hands after the preliminary round at the EM 2020.

Denmark – France 35:32 N.V. (13:14, 29:29)

Denmark: N. Landin, Möller – Holm 10, Kirkelökke 5, Lye Schmidt 4, Mensing 3, Suckstrup 3, Svan 3, Hald 2, M. Landin 2, Larsen 2, E. M. Jakobsen 1
France: Desbonnet, Gerard – Mahé 8, Descat 7/3, Y. Lenne 5, Tournat 4, Kunkoud 3, MEM 3, Fabregas 1, Richardson 1
Referee: Vaclav Horacek (Czech Republic) / Jiri Novotny (Czech Republic)
Viewers: 10.021
Criminal minutes: 4/8
Disqualification: \ – / –