Pokémon Season 2 of Unite, called Gravity 094, is pressing ahead with new missions so you can keep adding points to pass your combat. In the following guide we ll go over all that will be able to carry out during the week 3 .

All missions Week 3 of Season 2 Gravity 094

First of all, it is essential to have in mind that weekly missions can only be completed during the week in question . This also means that if there is you overlooked or not given you time to end it expire and therefore will lose their corresponding rewards.

Luckily none of them is complicated and simply able to perform gradually based play games. The most noteworthy is one in which you have to play a few battles with Slowbro so it will be a good way to check what is given to you just handle the type Pokémon Water / Psychic.

Alongside these missions There are many others that also able to perform daily along with others that will remain available throughout the season, as we will show below.

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