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BVB change in danger? Adeyemi

The fact that Karim Adeyemi should have agreed with Borussia Dortmund on a change in the summer of 2022 has been considered an open secret for weeks. The BVB and Adeyemi’s current employer RB Salzburg, on the other hand, are apparently a good deal from an agreement with regard to the amount of the transfer fee. Supposedly, the deal should even be completely wavering.

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RB Salzburg is intended for the 20-marginal attacker, which is under contract in the Mozart city until the end of June 2024, currently spent 45 million euros. This reports the “picture”. Accordingly, the Salzburger deviates from this sum so far also “no millimeter”.

In the BVB in turn, this requirement should come to little counter-love. According to the report, the leadership of black-yellow “maximum” is ready to throw 38 million euros in the ring, an approximation should not be done for longer, “the talks are currently on ice,” says.

That the Austrians are not ready to meet the BVB only a bit, is allegedly at another, meanwhile world-famous personnel: Erling Haaland. The Norwegian moved in January 2020 for 20 million euros to Dortmund. An exit clause, which turned out as mega bargains.

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In the coming summer, Haaland will leave the Dortmund with the most likelihood chance thanks to an agreement for 75 million euros. Adeyemi is said to be among the new commitments that one has chosen to fill the gap, which the scorer is undesirable.

However, in the face of some construction sites in the squad and the basis of the Corona Pandemic, but not rosy financial situation is hardly assuming that the BVB invests over half of this intake in the transfer fee for Adeyemi. Also “picture” judges: “At every price” the BVB the deal “certainly not want to realize”.

BVB shareholder apparently makes millions

Not only sharey Borussia Dortmund has so far been difficult to meet expectations. The share of BVB has also taken place for long faces in recent months. The crash has now taken advantage of a longtime Borussia sponsor.

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Lastly, a BVB share cost only a few euros. Compared to the past summer, the paper has lost more than 30 percent of its value.

For Judith DommmerMuth, her sign of the Supervisory Board member of Black-Yellow, has arisen so much favorable opportunity to further enlarge its shares.

As the “Ruhr news” reports, the woman of “1 & 1” boss Ralph Dommermuth was vigorously invested and more than 400,000 shares in the current course on Friday have drawn on the current course – in the sum is a volume of around 1.6 Million Euros.

BVB share currently undervalued?

Thus, the stock ownership of the Dommermuths increases to almost five percent of the total shares. They benefited that the unclear economic future in times of the Corona pandemic also affected BVB directly.

Spectator revenue from home games fall to large parts away, added to the changed situation on the transfer market. A dilution effect by a capital increase in the previous autumn should also have played a role.

The prospects for the Westphalia should not be completely dark. Thus, analysts should interpret recent developments as indication that the BVB share is currently undervalued and should rise again after the pandemic. Experts from GSC Research from Dusseldorf advise already to buy the security.

Since 1999, the licensing player department of Borussia, the second team and the A-youth are outsourced to the listed Borussia Dortmund GmbH & Co. Limanditgesellschaft on shares.

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