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Scandal at VfL Bochum: Gtigman after mug throw stunned

After the mug-scandal in Bochum, referee assistant Christian Ggantmann has demanded hard punishments.

“A nationwide zero tolerance policy with a clearly defined and for all known and tough sentence should be worked out,” said Ggantmann in an interview on the homepage of the German Football Federation (DFB), only so “violence” against The impartial – especially “on the amateur courts” – to avoid.

Gittelmann was hit in the game of VfL Bochum against Borussia Mönchengladbach after almost 70 minutes of a filled beer cup at the back of the head. Referee Benjamin Cortus initially interrupted the game and then broke her finally.

“Skull impeller and whiplash diagnosed”

“The hit has taken me, especially since it hit me with full force and unexpectedly on the head,” said Gittenmann, who had examined himself after the incident in the hospital. “A skull impeller and a whiplash was diagnosed.”

The act make him “stunned”. He will take a few days, “to come to rest and process the matter”. Then he wanted “return to the square as soon as possible”. Next weekend he was scheduled for a international game use.

Borussia Mönchengladbach: Sports Director Virkus strengthens the back of the back

Sports director Roland Virkus From the releged football Bundesliga club Borussia Mönchengladbach, Coach Adi Hütter has strengthened his back and taken the professionals of the foals. There is no emergency plan on the coaching position, said Virkus in the “current sports studio” of the zdf: “First and foremost, the boys have to go to their own nose. It is always easy to question the coach.”

Gladbach has after the sobering appearance at Rival VfB Stuttgart (2: 3) only five points ahead of the table top last. In the past eight compulsory matches only a victory succeeded.

Hütter also criticized the battle behavior sharp in Stuttgart and here above all “the experienced players”, without calling names. “Every game is now a final for us,” said the Austrian about the league final spurt.

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“We have made ourselves,” Torwart Yann Summer, who had reached normal form as one of the few professionals, “so you can not win a Bundesliga games.” Christoph Kramer sees “1000 construction sites” and gave to: “It is totally hard to stay positive.”

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