Creighton ‘PUBG: Battleground (PUBG: Battlegrounds, Battlegrounds)’ released ‘user gameplay’ trends based on the data aggregated after the free play service started.

Creighton switches 12 days ‘battleground’ to free play service, and all the users around the world are providing a ball ground for free on all platforms, including PCs and consoles.

With free angry, the battleground is reinforced by lowering the accessibility and strengthening the accessibility, and the battleground is recording again in 2017, which brought the Battle Royal box office.

It is the most noticeable increase in new users. Over the past week, the most new users are introduced to the game. Even if the number of new users was compared to the time that the number of new users was renewed every day after the launch of the battleground, 486% increased.

By region, all users are increasing in the global country, but especially in the Global CIS (Independent National Union), Southeast Asia, and South America, a large growth rate of 537%. In the region, the number of game matching was increased by three times when the number of users increased. As a separate country, a new user of a prominent scale in Romania, Ukraine, India, and Chile has been introduced.

The play tap that can be seen how much the user stays in the game is a free conversion of Jean, the PC and the console integration average of more than twice the console integration. In particular, for play timetable users, it also has a value of up to 5 times the play age.

There was a positive change in user game matching. As the number of generic number of users significantly increases, the number of matchmaking slots was increased to better match the user’s skills. While increasing the number of slots properly, Oceania, Europe, and South America have significantly reduced user matching latency.

In addition, new and return users increased significantly, the newly added tutorial utilization has increased, and the preference of the Eranelmap emerged as a tutorial map is born and then increasing again.