Automaton recruits news articles writers.

Automaton is supported by readers and has continued to grow annually. There are also various types of genres that handle, but anyway. We are waiting for the recruitment of those who can work daily from the morning on weekdays and can read English.

Automaton is a simple game introduction, but it is a media that handles the movement of the community associated there and the situation of the game. In particular, we are looking for human resources who are longer knowledge such as operational games, and to those games to their game culture and background. It would be desirable to follow the fact that the game is in the current situation, and you like to find out the circumstances of balance adjustment.

If you like to read English and check, the compatibility with Automaton may be good. The know-how and rules for writing can also learn through operations. Do you want to drop your knowledge and your intellectual curiosity and send it as an article?

Business contents
Please write the news article posted on Automaton.

Work location
I am working at home.

type of contract
It will be a business consignment contract. It is a perfect way.
Basic compensation is uniform, but in response to past writing experience and career.

· I like the game.
· Basically, you can write a manuscript on weekdays.
· Write Japanese sentences. Nationality does not matter.
· English ability to read English articles and English patch notes of overseas game media and learn the content. It is desirable that there is something that can prove the English skills.
· 18 years old or older (student allowed).

Welcome Conditions
· I also like information on game tools, hardware, middleware.
· I usually read Automaton.
· Play Apex Legends and Valorant well.
· Look at overseas SNS such as reddit.

The selection process is as follows.

1 Please apply by email according to the following items.

Send email address)
[Email Protected]

AUTOMATON writer application

·Full name
· Contact email address
· Deactivation day sun & time zone (Japan time)
· Speaking machine
· Self PR
· A game that plays well
· Specific examples of articles that you want to write in Automaton

2) The first examination will be conducted with the information you have sent, and the passeraries will receive a contact on the second examination (test article writing) by email within 10 days (excluding weekends and holidays).

※ We will notify only the passer of the result report of the primary examination.
※ Personal information you have sent is strictly stored in-house and will be destroyed after this recruitment is complete. It does not use except for selection of employees.

3 Test of the article writing will be conducted for the primary examination passer.

We will contact you from the person in charge, so please cooperate with the article writing. Please note that the original fee does not occur.

4 Conduct a web interview with the results of the test (1).

5 Commands will give you a contact on the contract conclusion.