Leverkusen's Simon Rolfes - The Economist
For Rudi Völler it was a relaxed Saturday afternoon. Because great worries made Leverkusen’s managing director at the 3-0 success against Arminia Bielefeld. “After five minutes,” explained Völler on Sunday, “I had a good feeling, that was a sovereign victory.”

What was not because the Werkself would have gone in the lead early. Because despite some good chances in the starting phase, it took half an hour to 1: 0.

That Bayer came almost without chance to game possibilities, not only liked Völler, but also sports director Simon Rolfes, who, after his open criticism after the 2-3 defeat in Mainz (“we did not make good play. It’s hard, something positive This game to take part “) This time agreed with the appearance of the Bayer professionals, even if this was certainly clearly below the optimum.

So Rolfes explained on Sunday: “Was everything perfect? ​​Certainly not – but it was still good.” What the former six meant were the relatively many ball losses that Bayer did. “You have seen that we have come forward very quickly. These fast chances have led to the fact that we were not so compact backwards,” he analyzed.

Clear progress despite negligence

Despite these negligence in the exuberance, he stated a clear progress in the Maintenance game: “Our game for ball loss was good. Since we have often recovered the ball – even by Paulino – quickly.” Especially the counterpressing and conquering the second balls had not worked in Mainz as desired.

In these areas Bayer clearly increased. And that, although the starting element had been changed to five positions. What should pay out perspective for Bayer, as Völler hopes: “The coach has relatively much changed. It was good for the English weeks, that you can see that you can rotate.”

Tapsoba on the ascending branch

Some actors who are already in demand (like center-tower Lucas Alario after the failure of Torjäger Patrik Schick) or soon (as the six Charles Aranguiz and Exequiel Palacios in the next games in the three-day rhythm), collected operational time and self-confidence. “This increases the competition”, Rolfes, who also could observe how Edmond Tapsoba approaches his best form in his third use.

From Gerardo Seoane received the center defender, who had been praise in summer with a syndesmoseriss, praise. “He was safer in the passport game, combat strengthens, in the case of switching situations better in the vote in the four-chain,” the coach judged.

Crucial for Seoane: Tapsoba worked persistently for his upswing. “He has shown extreme readiness, criticism in the conversations and analyzes, he himself strives to improve and come back to his form,” highlights the Swiss. However, he does not look at the Burkin at the optimum. Seoane: “He is also aware that he still has potential, but we give him the time.”