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Com2us Holdings RoM RoM, to the world market

Com2us Holdings (CEO Lee Yong -guk) announced on the 3rd that it will launch its global RPG ‘LoM Raogi: Warrior (Glime Hunter: IDLE WARRIOR)’ through Google Play and Apple App Store.

‘RoM Kooking: Warrior’ is the second work that Com2us Holdings is in partnership with Abyss Wiz (CEO Dong -sik Kang). The game is based on dot graphics and reflects the neglected game trend that can be easily enjoyed anytime, anywhere.

‘RoM Keeping: Warrior’ is characterized by the fact that you can enjoy the game on the vertical screen, unlike the side -scrolling RPG ‘Loem’. Monster hunting is automatically in progress, which can increase the stats with ‘Gold’ acquired in the battle and ‘stats point’ that can be obtained during character level up. You can level up the manufactured equipment and grow your character quickly through the opening of the skill. In the ‘Infinite Tower’, which can be entered when it reaches a certain level, various production materials and reinforcement orders can be obtained. The Tower of Test and World Raid, which targets monsters on each floor, are also major content for character growth.

There's more resiliency in this economy than people think, says Carlyle CEO

Meanwhile, Com2us Holdings has been launching the ‘Global Light Game Business’, which will discover promising indie games and introduce promising indie games in the global market since last year.

Diablo Immortal: Pre-registration for iPhone

The revelation of “Diablo Immortal” in the context of the BlizzCon 2018 was a credential. Zocker had hoped for “Diablo 4” and tore the smartphone offshoot in the air. Since then, the waves have smoothed and after a very promising closed beta phase, the interest in the game is now quite large. The problem: Developer Blizzard does not come in the footers. Around three and a half years after announcement, the title is still not available. The manufacturer so far refers only to a launch in the year 2022. Now a release seems to be in vicatch.

Since the end of the test phases limited to Android smartphones, Gamers can register in the Google Play Store for the title in advance. On the other hand, iPhone users have been sitting on the dry. That changes now! From now on, Blizzard starts an official “pre-ordering action” in the Apple App Store. In fact, you can not order there, however. Just as in the case of Google Play Stores just register for the download of the free-to-play titles in its basic version free-to-play titles. Once the game is available, get a message and the app automatically ends on your phone.

Release appointment still unknown

When it is so far, it is still in the stars. According to media reports, the App Store temporarily found June 30, 2022 as a start date. Blizzard but now confirmed that it has only traded about a placeholder. And yet: a pre-registration could be worthwhile. According to Blizzard, all previously registered users receive the “Horadrim” accessory set – but only if a total of at least 30 million gamers for the adventure will sign up in advance. If this succeeds, you must complete the tutorial of “Diablo Immortal” within 30 days of release of the game to actually get the set.

Diablo Immortal Update News & Pre Register Open

To celebrate the registration start in the App Store, Blizzard has published a fresh trailer for the game. This shows the Horadrim set in different character classes in use. The video can be found above this message.

Diablo Immortal: Release Rumor Deferred

It’s something, at Diablo Immortal! On the official website of the Mobile MMOS, the Blizzard Responsible have started the pre-order phase for iOS devices. For Android smartphones you can register “only”. And why should you do that? Well, because there is something for free, if enough players follow the call.

Pre-order ## Diablo Immortal

Let’s first clarify what Blizzard wants from you: iOS users can pre-order Diablo Immortal from now on the App Store. Do not worry, you have nothing to pay. Diablo Immortal relies on a Free2Play model. The pre-order is more of a pre-registration. You signals with this quasi your interest in the game. Accordingly, few differences expect users from Android devices, even if that reads at Blizzard. Here, the process does not stop pre-order, but by appointment, and that runs through this website or the Google Play Store.

Horadrim set for Lau

Now back to the question from the introduction: Why should you do that? Well, Blizzard wants to give all players from Diablo Immortal the Horadrim Accessoireset (see trailer above) when a total of 30 million pre-orders or previous registrations come together. Accessoiresets are cosmetic skins, similar to WOW transmog templates. You can wear them over your actual equipment, in the best case visually even more heartfelt.

Diablo Immortal Release Date Information

Release on June 30 2022?

Caution : To be able to carry this set in the fight, you must complete the tutorial of Diablo Immortal within 30 days of the publication of the game. Now only the question remains when Diablo should appear immortal. Partly, you can find information that the 30th of June 2022 is the expected launch day. However, according to Rod Fergusson, it is a placeholder.

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