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Newkal History in the new APEX Legends video

The developers of the game APEX Legends released a fresh video, which was told in more detail about Newcasl – this character will soon replenish the Russian player’s Roster.

So, we became aware that the character is called Jackson Williams, and that he is a missing brother Bangalor. The hero went to the frontier after a certain gang of thugs threatened to deal with the inhabitants of his hometown. Jackson needs to win in the match of the royal battle in order to pay for debts, while he himself is an honest and open person who is ready to protect his neighbor, even at the cost of his own life.


Recall that the next season in the Apex Legends starts on May 10, on this day you can play for Newcasl.

“APEX LEGENDS” April Fools Day Held. This years Mozambique is not strengthened but Ton Demo weapon

Respawn Entertainment is currently undergoing an April Fool’s Day event at “ Apex Legends “. In past events, the surprise has been prepared that the “that weapon” is super stronger has been prepared. This year is not a simple reinforcement, but it seems that a different change has been made.

“Apex Legends” last year (related articles), one last year (related articles) and a little surprise for April Fools. It is a shotgun weapon Mozambique that was the leading role in both. Mozambique is positioned as the weakest weapon in this work, along with the handgun P2020. Even though the reload is not so fast, the initial loading number of the implementation is only 3 (from the season 6). Even immediately after the start of matching a weapon, there were many players who did not pick up this weapon for reasons such as being stronger for replacement. Since no one picks this weapon, the serif “Mozambique here” when stabbing the pin is netmemmed. The formula also recognizes it and was prepared to a dedicated animation that throws away when trying to leave Mozambique.

However, with the Season 9 “Hero’s Trajectory” update last May, Mozambique will reinforce the handling of the news weapon. The number of loading increases from 4 to 6 shots. Curve Elasticity also improves and makes it easier to damage more than before. Although it does not reach other shotgun, it has been a good performance.

In addition, in the season, Hommer point bullet hop-up that significantly increases damage to non-shielded opponents. Although the damage factor was lower than before, it is a powerful hop-up in the current Mozambique, where the number of loading is 6. This year’s Mozambique can say that this year’s Mozambique has become a powerful weapon because it is possible to down to instantly if it is a few opponents of the shield. Based on that, this April Fool’s fault is not merely reinforcement, and a unusual surprise has been prepared in collaboration with Nessy, which is the mascot of this work.

The April Fool’s Surprise event prepared this time starts with destroying strange eggs scattered in various places. Eggs are sparkling like care packages, so let’s find it for a mark.

If you destroy eggs, it will come out, Mozambique, a special gun called Old Nessy. If you shoot Old Nessie, one Nessie jumps out of power instead of a bullet. Nessy jumped out is flying to the other party, and the physical strength disappears or explorer over a certain period of time. In casual matches that can pick up this special Mozambique, shehara’s speech was spreading that the players summoned and battle (of course, can also fight with ordinary weapons).

April Fool’s Day is held only today. A limited badge that can be acquired by logging in is also provided. People who are concerned enjoy a daily limited Nessy battle.

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