We just have a few days from the beginning of the sechapteron 2 of fortnite chapter 3 , but thanks to datamining, we know what the next ones will be changes and News Both in the Map chapter in the story of the game. Just below we tell you everything we know:

Fortnite: Some Airships from the OI will be knocked down

Chapter 3 Season 2: Imagined Order Reborn | Fortnite Map Concept

In the history trailer of Fortnite sechapteron 2 chapter 3 we saw how the OI, the imagined order, burst on the island, caught by surprise at seven and taking a large part of the island . In fact, since the beginning of the sechapteron, the map shows what faction each territory controls:

The seven will be gaining ground chapter the sechapteron progresses. For now we know that The map will have seven different phchapteres ; At the beginning of the sechapteron we are in phchaptere 1. This will be phchaptere 2 :

chapter we see, the most significant change between phchaptere 1 and phchaptere 2 is that the OI loses control of the Daily Bugle . We know that this Terrain on the part of the Seven will be anything but peaceful; In the game files there are folders and sounds whose names suggest that several Airships of the OI will be demolished :

Fortnite: The seven will steal the tanks of the OI

Again, rummaging between the file files and knowing that the seven will be gaining ground to the imagined order, we see that there are two different miniatures for Titan tanks : There is a version of the OI, and another version of the seven .

This means that, chapter the sechapteron progresses and that the seven will recover territories, they will steal the tanks of the imagined order . That is, the tanks will continue to appear on the same sites chapter before, but their painting will change to represent who the owners of each area are.

This is, for now, everything we know about upcoming changes in the new map of Fortnite Sechapteron 2 Chapter 3. We recommend visiting our full guide to know everything about the game, including how to upload fchaptert level or how to complete all the missions.