Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors additions presented several new tasks that players should deal with the Dreamveil Overlook and Mirrors of Mystery. The fulfillment of these tasks will bring the players unique awards and bonuses, inaccessible in another way, such as additional experience and money.

There are several tests in Coiled Captors that players can only perform during their attempts to pass Mirrors of Mystery. What tests play the players during the passage, is randomized and displayed in the mirror before players will begin to pass the dungeon. Every week from the moment of release, DLC Gearbox added additional modifiers, so we will update this list over time, if new ones appear.

Problems and Requirements Coiled Captors

You will find tests available now in Coiled Captors below.

Secrets of the soul * (available from April 21, 2022)
* Find hidden chests with souls in every room.
Barreling through (available from April 28, 2022)
* Destroy all the barrels with the elements in each room.
shock pass (available from May 5, 2022)
* Use hand -to -hand combat to inflict a deadly blow to ten enemies in each room.

What will happen if you fail to test in Coiled Captors?

Coiled Captors DLC Speedrun In 7:45 | World Record (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)

You will not be fined if you fail to test during the race in Coiled Captors, but you will miss additional awards. You can always repeat the tests at the next launch of Coiled Captors, although what test you will receive the next attempt may change, especially if you restart the game.

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