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“Alego Star Wars” is found in the new work “Anakin Boko Boko Flight” is found. Violence Jedai and Chewy-Gun Jin

In the “ LEGO Star Wars / Sky Walker Saga “, a technique that can move the air to the air substantially unlimited by continuous attacks. However, the means seems to be a little ethically questioned way. Overseas media Polygon is transmitted.

The Lego Star Wars / Sky Walker Saga is developed by the British Developer Traveler’s Tales, and Warner Bros. Games is a new action adventure game that Warner Bros. Games released on April 5. This work is a large volume that incorporates stories of the movie “Star Wars” series. The player can enjoy the adventure that traces the movie story, in the Lego’s friendly and humorous world view. In addition, battle actions using combo attacks and force force in the light saver are included.

In this work just released, it seems that techniques to continue to move in the air almost unlimited are discovered. It is to be found as a discoverer, Mr. Red orb of overseas users. He has posted a video that has been flying in the game on Twitter. As a specific method of infinite flight, it is only that “I love anakin”. Anakin is an anakin Sky Walker, an important character of this series. Anakin, which is used for infinity, is a movie in a movie, a boy’s age of boyhood at the time of “Star Wars Episode 1 / Phantom Menus”. He is in slave treatment with the same work, found in Jedai Master Kwai-Gang Jin, and it will be free. In addition, Kwai-Gun is a person who beats anakin in the flight video.

Kwai-Gun, of course, is not a character that makes anakin bokoboko in the film. Rather, it is a person who can even felt a kind of paternal guidance leading childhood anakin. Such characters seem to be shocking that the character took a light saver for astonishing ankin in the game. Red orb’s video tweets have exceeded 10,000 RT at the time of article writing, and many comments are also collected.

It seems that there is a reason for this work specification in the background that Anakin has been used in the game. Red orb has reported that there was an action game with a combo element such as “Devil May Cry”, such as “Devil May Cry”, to Polygon’s idea of the idea of this technique. With such works, it is often possible to attack an air enemies and it is often possible for a long time. When he was asked for the behavior “Lego he is Star Wars / Skywalker Saga”, ordinary enemies are too low and the air strength does not continue, and it does not continue, and it does not continue. It was one now. Under such circumstances, he made a mistake that I accidentally attacked the boy Anakin, and I realized that his physical strength did not decrease. And Red orb has brought an Aeroop combo showing ananakin on the practice table. Ankin is an important character, but the specifications that the “does not reduce physical strength” caused a terrible flight that is likely to be inhabited by the dark side of the force.

This flight is also considered to be a behavior that is not intended to be the production side. However, there will be no doubt that this technique brings new ways to the world of this work. However, it is a boy at “Episode 1” if it is an ANakin who shows another side later. It is a good aspect if you find a way other than putting him into a bocoid.

SF RPG “Citizen Sleeper” to release on May 5th. End a companys control and live a life at a difficult space station

Fellow Traveler announced on April 5th, RPG “ CITIZEN SLEEPER ” on May 5th in Local Time. The corresponding platform is PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. This work is also provided to Xbox Games Pass.

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“Citizen Sleeper” is a Story-oriented RPG, a space station located in the capitalist society, and ERLIN’S EYE. As of 2021, it was announced as “Project Sidereal”. The player is Sleeper, which is the presence of human consciousness digitizing human awareness into artificial body. The presence is an entity of a company called Essen-ARP. Therefore, the player must be able to make a life while escaping the Essen-ARP championship to recover themselves as well.

Erlin’s Eye is a place where the idealists launched in a star system that companies collapsed and crisis. The various powers of the alliance and collection of the affiliation of the affiliation of the affiliation and the collection are focused and aimed at freedom from the control of the company. As a dirty chaos, the player builds his own life in a disordered society.

The player will wake up every time the cycle starts and decides what to do on that day. The player’s action is determined by the dice. We shake dice for each cycle, and assign the result of the result to a number of actions. What do you do and the other party will affect the life of the player and the people around the people, and eventually decide the future of the station. In addition, a system called clock is adopted in this work. The clock is that the action of the resident of the player and the station is recorded. There seems to be not only actions, but also the impact of actions on the world are also recorded.

As a specific content of activities, players can work in the Space Port, insert shifting at the work of the bar, and encourage work. Alternatively, you can look for rare parts in the market, or eat a lives in a stall or a life of off. Various characters live at the station. There are only people living in Erlin’s Eye, such as a collectionman, engineer, hacker, bartender, merchant of stalls, and ERLIN’S EYE. It is up to the player to decide who to help me. Along with the residents, it ties, if you break the alliance, unbit the truth and run away from the chair. Repeat these cycles and learn how to survive and get successful someday.

Also, the player can access the space station’s cloud. From decades of decades, new areas can be found or secrets can be unlocked. Players are such unique ability and it is likely to change the future. Explore corporate secret, loose AI, lost data, etc., and explore the training of the station’s network.

In “Citizen Sleeper”, a system called DRIVE is adopted instead of a quest. By Drive, the player can choose the important story and action for me. In the process, five skills (ENGINEER, Interface, Intuit, Endure, Engage) are formed. In addition, park and bonus are unlocked. A series of systems reflect and change the way of life of the player in the game.

“CITIZEN SLEEEPER” is scheduled to be released on May 5 for PC / MAC (STeam) and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S / Nintendo Switch. Publisher’s Fellow Traveler is also sending a lot of Japanese development works in collaboration with domestic companies, so the domestic development of “Citizen Sleeper” console version is also expected.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Fan shares helpful trick for rare items

In The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild there are countless treasures to collect. In some cases you have to rely on your luck al1. However, a fan shares a helpful trick with which you can significantly increase your chance.

Zelda fan reveals trick for more star chips

One of the rarest items in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild literally falls from the sky. With star chips you can not only spice up your meals, but also improve some armor with the big fairies . Sometimes it is not so easy to reach the beautifully luminous treasures in time.

The star platters leave a clearly visible light column. However, if you are too much junk, disappear again. However, the Reddit User Justlookingfordragon knows a trick that you can knock out a little more time . For this you only have to ignite a campfire and wait there until next night. In our guide, we also introduce you to the best farming method for star charts.

Breath of the game: Luckily there is a teleport

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As soon as the moon is back in the sky, you have a complete night time to reach the Star Splitter in good time. In addition, you can also mark the light column with your Shiekah stone . If you have luck, you have already completed a shrine that is near the crash site, and can tell you directly there.

A Zelda fan shares a trick as she comes in Breath of the Wild to the rare star platters. With a campfire you can take the time until the sweetheart disappears again, extend a whole night . In addition, there are still a few more tricks with which you can ensure that the treasures often fall from the sky.

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