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How much are the PlayStation VR 2 launch games?

Sony h opened today the PlayStation VR 2 reserves and the first platform games (with their corresponding price) have begun to appear in the PS Store. Taking into account the cost of the launch peripheral (599.99 euros) and the rise in prices that the exclusive PS5 have experienced (79.99 euros for the 69.99 to which we were used), many were curious about Know what the first great promises of technology would be located, is the ce of Horizon Call of the Mountain. And seen what is seen, we don’t know if we have good or bad news.


The dollar / euro conversion makes its own again and, although Horizon costs $59.99 in the country of bars and stars, in Spain it leaves for 69.99 euros. Strange situation that is also repeated in games such Cosmonaut high ($29.99 in the United States and 35.99 euros in Europe). In any ce, it seems that the PS VR 2 departure games will cost that, 69.99 euros in the ce of triple A, oscillating the rest between 29.99 and 39.99 euros. With many, the hardness of the initial disbursement h been taken into account and that in their respective ces we speak only of ports or editions of games already seen previously on other virtual reality platforms.

The sample is still small, because Sony h promised more than 20 games for the launch of PlayStation VR 2 and for the moment we have a dozen, not to mention that the company announced just over 11 new games for PS VR 2 of a cup, so to know the surprises that are still saved under the sleeve. One way or another, this is the current sample:

  • Cities: VR-ENHANCED EDITION-29.99 euros
  • Cosmonaut high-35.99 euros
  • Demeo-39.99 euros
  • Hello Neighbor: Search and rescue-29.99 euros
  • Horizon Call of the Mountain-69.99 euros
  • Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge-Enhanced Edition-49.99 euros
  • Tentacular-24.99 euros
  • The Light Brigade-24.99 euros
  • The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners-Chapter 2: Remote-39.99 euros

PS Plus Extra/Premium: These three titles leave the registration

If you subscribe to PS Plus Additional or Costs, you have to take care not to fly out of the deal eventually. Much like in October: Sony tosses three titles from the brochure that you can currently play. If you have not done that yet, you must rush.

PS And Also Extra/Premium: Red Dead Redemption will quickly no longer be usable in the membership

That’s what it’s all about: with PS Plus Additional offers you accessibility to an extensive magazine of PS4 and PS5 video games, every one of which you can play without added costs. PS Plus Costs also includes PS1, PS2 as well as PS3 classics. However, something changes regularly in the choice of the video games, as in October 2022.

These 3 games fly out: This ought to be specifically intriguing for those who have actually completed their membership or everyone that is currently playing these titles. You don’t have as well long! It is regarding these games:

  • Red Dead Redemption
  • Red Dead Redemption: Undead Problem
  • PGA Scenic Tour 2K21

All info concerning PS Plus can be discovered below:


PS And also, costs and added for PS4/PS5 video games, costs, benefits and also all details about the designs.

What is brand-new? If you question which title is included in it, you are not the only 1. You don’t have to wait long until it will certainly be disclosed: Generally the video games are always triggered on the first Tuesday of the month and also revealed six days in advance. This means that the introduction of the PS plus vital video games is probably currently the day after tomorrow.

How do you find the loss of the three video games? Which of them did you wish to play? .

Then they fly out: .

14 5.

No day 1 releases: As opposed to Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus need to not get large titles straight for the release in the membership. Why this does not happen for the foreseeable future, Sony discusses in this Gamer short article.

  • Both Red Dead Redemption and Undead Problem will be removed from the membership offer on October 17, 2022 **.
  • At PGA Trip 2K21 this is currently the case on October 7, 2022 .

This is exactly how Red Dead Redemption looks: Undead Headache:.

PS Plus Bonus or Premium? Red Dead Redemption is one of the PS3 video games in the costs deal and also can be streamed through the PlayStation Plus registration.

Much more on the subject.

That’s what it’s all about: with PS And also Extra gives you access to a substantial directory of PS4 and PS5 video games, all of which you can play without extra prices. These 3 games fly out: This should be particularly intriguing for those who have actually completed their subscription or everyone that is presently playing these titles. PS And Also Additional or Premium? Red Dead Redemption is one of the PS3 video games in the premium offer and also can be streamed via the PlayStation And also subscription. ** How do you find the loss of the 3 video games?

Test de The House of the Dead Remake

a remake that does it well

In The House of the Dead, the character we embody (a certain rogan ) moves all alone and the goal of the game is usually to tap the enemies present on the screen before they tap us in the most Pure style “Shooter on rail” Even though some passages can be delayed as for example against enemies who launch objects that can be deviated by pulling on it.

The bestiary is quite varied, mostly zombie type and one of the great qualities of the game was and is always to have localized damage. So we can destroy your arms to avoid being struck or drop a weapon, explode legs or head, but be careful, because some enemies are very good.

When we throw the game for the first time, we can be a little circumspect regarding the remake side, because it is far from tearing out the retina by its beauty or fluidity.
First of all, we say that the Switch shows its limits again, especially that we can choose to activate a performance mode that applies a certain blur to gain a little fluidity in return.
But when we compare with the period version, it puts things in their context: the graphic designers have managed to rework all the monsters and decorations from the very simple models of the original version while keeping the atmosphere of the game.

History, it’s for others

We can play in normal mode to relive the story (null, but it does not matter) of the arcade or in Horde mode that is the same thing, but adding enormously of enemies.

The House of the Dead: Remake Review
There are some different small paths according to what is done, which gives small variations possible for each party, but knowing that we finish in about 30 minutes, the motivation to replay comes rather the scoring and the rescue of scientists which allows scientists which allows to unblock the possibility of using new weapons.

The game also offers an interesting bestiary to learn more about some enemies, which is very friendly.

We can play two, which promises remonstrances when a player kills a scientist by mistake.
The music are one side chiptune that we will appreciate or not, but personally I think it contributes well to the retro atmosphere of the title.

The remake is pretty well damn and the content is consequent for the style of play, so everything is fine, right?
And not unfortunately, a problem arises on one of the most important points: playability.

But where is my gun?

The House of the Dead: Remake only proposes two types of control:
\ – Viewfinder moved on the screen via the stick.
\ – viewfinder moved by the gyroscope.

The sensitivity of the two modes is configurable, but none of the two brings satisfaction and even less the accuracy of a pistol that is holding in hand.

If the gyroscope mode could have been correct, but beyond the few recalibration worries that nevertheless resolve easily, the main problem is that each press on the shot causes the viewfinder, because the gyroscope detects a movement and seen that We spend your time shooting, it is almost impossible to keep the viewfinder in position. The game often asking for accuracy, moving via stick then becomes more precise.

disappointed to be disappointed

The Wii had given the genre to the taste of the day and has various quality shooter rail, but if it worked, it was because we had a weapon and really targeted the screen.

The House of the Dead Remake plants so on what makes the main interest of this kind of game: the pleasure of shooting.

I will probably play from time to time because the title is fun and there are some challenges to realize, but I will not spend the dozens of hours I spent on the Ghost Squad or the Umbrella Chronicles of the Wii with the Wii Zapper.

_Testé by armagnis on switch with a version provided by the publisher.

Dead Space: LiveStream with new information on Friday

Dead Space | The Sound of Fear Reimagined | Audio-ontwikkelaar Livestream

Electronic Arts has released a small teaser that announces a LiveStream with new information about the Dead Space (from 7.27 €) remake. The event will take place on March 11 at 19 o’clock German time. Most recently, developers in August 2021 showed a short gameplay cutout from a very early development phase. Since then there has been no appreciable number of developers of EA Motive Studios, who previously stated for Star Wars Squadrons.

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