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Summer upgrade: the great west meadow and also gigantic guards are guaranteeing to archeage

The designer supplies some information on the location itself: it is partitioned into numerous areas, including thewildflower forestwhose trees expand many thanks to a magic mist, theFormotten spike _, the deserted city of Terena where we discover remnants of the design of the firrans, compromised by the magic of Anthalon prior to their flight byPlains Eye _…


Last March, the developer XL Games and the author Kakao Games sketched several of the updates ahead from archeage and pointed out specifically the addition of a new region Worldwide of play, the great west meadow .
This new area, situated on the southeast slope of the Hiram mountains, is component of the next significant MMORPG upgrade, which will certainly be released this June 23 on theonlineservers.

The content of the summertime update is detailed on the official MMORPG internet site, pending an implementation scheduled for June 23.

Most of all, we bear in mind that the huge field is the framework of a brand-new task at stake: Lecombat of the goalkeeper . In the great west meadow, players ‘factions (the Nuians, the Haranyans and also the Pirates) will certainly discover 6 guards’ symbols that can be provided with Traces of A Dream , until you allow the ‘Conjuration of a goalkeeper. The goalkeeper of a faction becomes major support for the players that invoked him, however likewise the target of the players of the other two intrigues. The goal is both to maintain his guardian active and lead him to a church to obtain faction factors as well as numerous awards.
Using traces of a desire to its guardian also makes it feasible to improve it (it becomes extra powerful as well as more resistant) and also to give it with new capabilities, depending upon the goalkeeper that will have been invoked by the intrigue (randomly): Randalus is a spirit of deer wood wolf launching area attacks and having the ability to arouse concern in the opponent, Buhowk is an owl head with a destructive as well as gigantic force, and also lastly Snokrumm is a winged snake that Master an ice as well as treatment magic. The guards disclose themselves in a brief trailer illustrating the Great West meadow. We comprehend that we will certainly need to discover to make use of the capabilities of his goalkeeper and also shield ourselves from those of the opposing guards, if required by developing partnerships (3 factions allow different combinations).


Overview of the Grande Prairie de l’Ouest d’Archeage

We will have a new state of play next week!

Just over two months have passed since the last State of Play . With June, where we usually see great presentations by video game companies, just a few days away, today it was confirmed that a new State of Play will take place next week.

HUGE PlayStation State of Play NEXT WEEK! 30 Mins of NEW GAMES!
This State of Play will take place on June 2 at 5:00 pm (Mexico City), and will last approximately 30 minutes. What will we see in this presentation? Well, it has been commented that we will have a series of ads by Third-Park developers, as well as a small look at the titles that are in development for PlayStation VR2.

At the moment there are no details, but we are likely to have a look at _final fantasy XVI. Recall that for a few weeks it was mentioned that a new advance of this title was already ready, and the State of Play is the perfect place to make known more information about this title.

Remember, The new State of Play will take place on June 2 at 5:00 pm (Mexico City). On related issues, the PlayStation VR2 will arrive on the market with more than 20 games. Similarly, here we tell you everything you need to know about the new PS Plus.

Editor’s note:

It was obvious that a new State of Play would take place in June. The interesting thing will be to see what kind of news will be present. For the aforementioned in the statement, it seems that god of War Ragnarok may not be present in this event, leaving the heavy load to the Third Party.

Kakao Games Digital Supporters, Small Business Support Event

Kakao Games announced on the 23rd that Kumho Happiness Day was successful in the 2022 Youth and Youth Digital Supporters with the Seongnam Youth Foundation.

Kumho Happiness Day, which was held at Kumho Happiness Market in Seongnam City on the 21st, was an event where 14 digital supporters participated in their own ideas and executed.

‘Kumho Happiness Day’, which uses digital supporters’ ideas planning and digital capabilities, provided abundant gifts through various events such as SNS purchase certification, ‘life -life cut’ photos, and prizes.

In addition, supporters plan to provide a pleasant experience to citizens who visited the site as well as the digital gap of small business owners through various activities in Seongnam City based on digital capabilities and ideas in the field.

Since March, Kakao Games and Seongnam Youth Foundation have been carrying out various social contribution activities to bridge the digital gap between small business owners in Seongnam through ‘2022 Youth and Youth Digital Supporters’ activities since March. An official of Kakao Games said, “Thank you to the many people who participated in the digital supporters who held a good purpose for small business owners with young and fresh ideas.” “We will continue to carry out various social contribution activities in the community that needs help in the future.” He said.

Broadcasting for Live Events with Wayne Denner

On the other hand, Kakao Games is a vision of ‘Daggachi Game’, which means to make people’s daily lives together through ‘fun of the game’, and various social contribution activities such as ‘Digital Supporters’ and ‘PC Donation Campaign’ It is unfolding.

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