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Genshin Impact: How to get FREE protogems and other rewards with the event Dreams intoxicators

Genshin Impact events always leave us great news for all players, especially because thanks to them it is possible to get free multitude of rewards in the form of protogems and as many articles.

On this occasion you can get with the Event Dreams intoxicators , about which we are going to offer you all the details in the following guide.

Date and event schedules Drying dreams

From March 10 to March 21 at 03:59 (server time), this event will take place in which it is necessary to meet a series of prerequisites to unlock it. The first one is that of having reached the range of adventure 28 or higher , so it will be necessary that you have played enough to the Mihoyo RPG.

The other is to have finished a couple of indispensable missions for this new task. Specifically, they are the Mission of Archon: Intermediate, Act I “The Crane returns with the wind” and also the legendary mission of EULA: “Aphros delos, Act I: The waves that do not return to the sea.”

How to Get FREE Event Rewards Dream Dreams

In this new event you should talk to Luka de Mondstadt, who is looking for people to participate in the training week for singers. From this moment Everything that happens will be divided into two phases : anecdotes of the tavern and spell challenge, although the latter will only be unlocked after having finished the first part.

The objective will be prepare drinks that will be asking for customers who go to the tavern, as well as elaborate drink recipes to carry out the different missions. For the preparation of beverages, the following steps will have to follow:

This new event is going to SAVE ever F2P Players!!! HUGE FREEMOGEMS Reward - Genshin Impact
* Mix the base ingredients (three different) with the complementary ingredients (six different).
* Add the necessary items according to what requests the recipe.
* Press the arrows that are marked in the correct order and without failures.
* Depending on the size of the drink, press the hand when it is at the correct point.

During the first three days of the event, customers who come to the tavern the angel gift will ask for their favorite drink. In return will have their anecdotes until it will complete a total of seven to receive Protogemas, Mora and the exclusive decoration Tavern shaker: Intense mixture.

From the fourth day it is when you will start the speaker challenge. It consists of four challenges in which it will also touch comply with customer orders with a time limit to get the highest score. Otherwise, if the order is not met at the time established, it will be considered failed and will not deliver any point.

It can also happen that several orders have ended at the same time, but luckily not all of them will require the same amount of time for their elaboration, so you can be done by the order that you want . Over time you will receive the following rewards for free: protogems, hero wit, talent improvement material, weapon ascension material, mystic refinement mineral and mulberry.

In case all this does not seem enough, there will be a great reason for weight to complete each and every one of the missions and objectives of the event, because In exchange you will take all these rewards :

  • Exclusive decoration
  • Hero wit
  • Weapon ascension material
  • Talent improvement material
  • Mystical refinement material
  • Blackberry
  • Protogemas.
  • Checking card drunkenness

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Genshin Impact Arataki Itto Everything you need to know skills constellations date of publication and more Franklin Bellone Borges

English complementary verbs are a tiny set of English verbs, that include the English modal verbs as well as a couple of others. Although meanings differ, as generally conceived an auxiliary lacks fundamental semantic meaning however rather modifies the significance of an additional verb it accompanies. In English, verb types are typically classified as accessory on the basis of certain grammatic properties, particularly as concerns their syntax. They additionally take part in subject– complementary inversion and also negation by the straightforward enhancement of not after them.

Genshin-impact s Current version 2.2 is not even finished halfway, but it will continue to arouse leaks regarding the next 5-star geo-claymore carrier Arataki ITTO of the game to be published in version 2.3 . After this was said, we will tell you now, what you need to know about the upcoming 5-star movie, such as its elementary capabilities and burst, its full constellations, talents and of course its publication date.

Genshin Impact: Who is Arataki ITTO?

Arataki Itto is the leader of Araraki Gang, he is also a man in which Oni blood flows through his veins . ITTO gained his vision of Kujou Sara during the Vision Hunting Decree and harassed them to a rematch today, as he has developed a one-sided rivalry with the general. He was never shown in the game, but mentions of him as well as some news left to him are currently found in the game. You can see ITTOS through splash type below:

ITTOS roll, elemental ability and burst

According to recent leaks in connection with Genshin Impacts s next 5-star game, ITTO will be a sub / burst DPS that can cause massive damage if its Elemental Burst is active, as the skill is not only increasing its overall attack based on its total defense, But also all his damage to elemental. You can check a brief description of its normal attack, its elemental ability and its elementary impact, based on the descriptions, which are both reddit and flogging honey influence:

Normal attack: Fight Club Legend: Executes up to 5 consecutive claymore blows. When you keep the button pressed after you have performed its attack attack, it starts to run Arataki Kesagiri cuts, whereby 1 stack of superlative super thickness per momentum is consumed.
Elementary skill: Masatsu Zetsugi: Akaushi Burst!: Itto will use the mascot of its gear, Ushi, use a young Acupuchi bull, which causes geo-damage on his arrival and mock enemies. In the field, USHI is considered the Geo-Construct. The skill has a cooldown of 10 seconds.
Elemental Burst: Royal Descent: Behold, ITTO THE DEVIL!: Itto brings out its inner ONI king, wrapped all its normal attacks in Geo and increases its attack speed and resistance to interruptions. In this state, ITTOS attacks are increased based on a selected amount of its total DEF (57.6% on stage 1 and 136.8% on stage 10). The burst mode takes a total of 11 seconds and the ability has a cooldown of 18 seconds.

Talents and constellations

According to Leaks, ITTOS talents and constellations are all focused primarily on increasing the strength and availability of his elemental burst while improving defense, ATK speed and Crit DMG. You can see a brief description of all of its talents based on their leaked descriptions that were currently published on Honey Impact:

Waldmurmel Animals clamped: has a 25% chance to get an additional wood while hitting trees.
Arataki-Ichiban: After using Arataki Kesagiri, each subsequent slash has a speed thrust of 10% ATK, up to a total of 30%. When executing the movement, its resistance to interruptions is also increased.
Bloodline of Crimson Oni: Arataki Kesagiris ATK is increased by 35% of ITTOS defense.

You can also read a brief description of all its constellations based on the description on Honey Impact, below:

C1 – Stay for a while and listen to : After ITTO has used its elementary impact, he gets 2 stacks superlative super thickness. After 1 second, he receives another stack for 1.5 seconds per half a second.
C2 – Collect Round, it s a brawl! : After the use of its elementary impact, each GEO group member reduces the cooldown of the skill by 1.5 (up to 6) seconds and sets 6 (up to 24) Energy for Arataki ITTO restored.
C3 – horns lowered, coming thought : Increases its elementary skill level to third
C4 – prison bread and butter : After his burst state ends, all party members have increased their attack and defense.
C5 – 10 years Hanamizaka flame : Increases its elementary explode step to third
C6 – Arataki Itto, gift : Ittos charge attack caused 50% more KRIT damage and he has to consume a 50% chance, no superlative super strength when it performs Arataki Kesagiri.

Date and banner composition

According to Mohoyo in her official contribution How to Obtain Savior from Another World Aloy (Cryo) on Hoyolab, Genshin Impacts Version 2.3 will be released on November 24th. This will be ITTO according to Leaks from the sources known in the community of the main banner of version 2.3. The version will also contain the playable debut of the new 4-star Geo Bow user Gorou, Sangonomiya Kokomis right hand. According to the Leaks, Albedo will also be the star of the first banner of the upcoming version. Taking into account the average term of the banners in Genshin Impact, ITTO could be published in mid-December. Genshin Impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices and PC.

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