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The name of the first episode of Stranger Things 5 is revealed

During the weekend the Stranger Things Day was carried out, where new information about the future of property was given. It is so that the name of the first chapter of the fifth season of the series was shared here.

According to Netflix, the first chapter of the fifth and final season of stranger Things will be named The Crawl , which was written by the Duffer brothers, the creators of the acclaimed show.

Unfortunately, for the moment there is no more information about the fifth season. There is no release date, or something like that. Next to this, The name of The Crawl does not reveal much about which we will see once Mike, Eleven and company return to the small screen.

We can only wait for Netflix to share more information about the fifth and final season of _stranger Things. In related issues, actor of the series adds to the Gran Tourism film. Similarly, Maya Hawking wants her character to die in the series.

Editor’s note:

More than anything, I am excited that it is finally possible to say goodbye to the stranger Things characters. While the universe will continue to expand, the story of Mike and company will come to an end, and I hope it is in a way that manages to be satisfactory.

Who is Morgoth in the rings of power?

While skepticism was high for the series of prequels of the lord of the rings of Amazon Studios, it is fair to say that both critics and the public have a lot of fun when they return to the Middle-earth and rediscover the stories of origin behind a world of epic fantasy that is so deeply loved. A mystery that left fans perplexed before the series was debuting was simple: who would be the main antagonist in the Amazon program? If you are here, you are probably wondering who Morgoth is in the rings of power . Without further ado, we will immerse ourselves.

The power rings-Who is Morgoth?

Morgoth is a famous dark lord of the Middle Earth who is essentially the predecessor and mentor of the antagonist of the Lord of the Rings, Sauron. . In fact, Morgoth was the main dark lord of the first age and second age. Interestingly, Sauron was one of Morgoth’s best lieutenants, and would continue to supplant Morgoth’s position as a dark lord once defeated.


Morgoth, who also uses alias Melkor and Arun, symbolizes chaos and hates practically a lifetime, including elves, humans and dwarves. It is also known that Sauron’s predecessor created many evil beings in the world of Middle-earth, including balrogs (which we see in the lord of the rings) and dragons (as seen in the hobbit). In summary, he is the fierce villain who is full to the stops of hate and destruction, and is determined to end the era of men, elves and dwarves.

There you have it. We hope this has helped give it a clue on who is Morgoth in the rings of power . To get more content related to Rings of Power, see our guides on the age of Galadiel, did Galadriel swam back to the Middle-earth? What whispers Finrod to Galadriel?, Sam and Frodo are in The Rings of Power? Alternatively, feel free to use the relevant links below.

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All currencies in Tower of Fantasy and how to get them

Tower of Fantasy is a game in which you will have to get a lot of resources and currency if you want to prosper. You will easily receive many of them during your adventures, but some require special attention. This is especially true for the resources necessary for the fuckers, which are called special orders in TOF. You will use many of these currencies to get the most powerful weapon and SSR characters.

All currencies in Tower of Fantasy, explanation

Here is a list of all currencies used in Tower of Fantasy. Thus, you will know what they are doing and how to get them. Use them wisely, as it is always reasonable to have a currency reserve just in case. You never know when you need them. If you are ready to spend a little real money, it will be much easier for you to get rich in the game.

Gold in Tower of Fantasy

  • Gold is one of the main currencies in Tower of Fantasy.
  • You can get gold for every success in the game (opening of chests, quests, daily awards, etc.).

Dark Crystals in Tower of Fantasy

  • Dark crystals are an important currency, as you can use them to buy almost everything in TOF.
  • You can get Dark Crystals, defeating the bosses, exploring the Earth, performing quests and generally achieving success in the game.

Core in Tower of Fantasy

Red Nucleus

This currency is mainly used to obtain strong weapons. You can get the Red Nucleus, exploring the world of Tower of Fantasy, as well as in the in-game store, performing quests, earning achievements, etc.

Black Nucleus

  • Of all the nuclei, it is easiest to find black. You can get Black Nucleus in supply capsules, dandelions, resin pit, etc.

Golden Nucleus

  • One of the most important currencies, since it is directly related to special orders. You can get them by studying, buying for dark crystals, golden supplies, solving the puzzle of Chau-Chau, etc.

Tanium in Tower of Fantasy

  • Tanium is a premium currency for obtaining dark crystals, daily supply boxes and limited gift sets.
  • To get Tanium at Tower of Fantasy, you will have to reach for a wallet, since it cannot be obtained for free, except in the form of gifts from developers.


Training point in Tower of Fantasy

  • Learning glasses are used to buy things in a point of glasses.
  • Searching and using training stations in Tower of Fantasy is the best way to get training glasses.

To obtain additional information about Tower of Fantasy, read the sections of whether there are cross-processing and cross-country parameters in Tower of Fantasy, as well as how to get Matrix data in Tower of Fantasy in Pro game guides.

The following South Park at Thq Nordic

After honor, Microsoft and also Ubisoft, the return of the South Park license in computer game will be done at Thq Nordic, we discovered as a final teaser throughout the Digital Showcase on Friday night.


Recall that the last two major South Park video games are RPG released at Ubisoft in 2014 (the stick of reality) as well as 2017 (the Annale of Destiny). Ubisoft additionally had a real-time method video game established on mobile called South Park also established by Redlynx.

Challenge-Runner defeats the Final Boss of Elden Ring without armor and Level 1

Despite the many options such as incantations and ghost ash, which we have turned out in our test to Elden Ring, from Softwares’s latest work is no easy game. So you should bite the teeth, we recommend you first our entry-level tips and our instructions for multiplayer.

Can You Beat Elden Ring at Level 1 (without being good)?
Caution Spoiler: In the following article we talk about the Final Boss of Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €) . If you have not reached this yet, you should not read from here.

The South Korean Souls expert ONGBAL , on the other hand, does not need any of these assistance. He’s long a legend in the community, because after a short time, after a short time, it ends every game of From Software at Level 1 , bosses in half-slab makes it and avoid any attack perfectly. Even Elden Ring is not sure before the genius.

No armor and on Level 1: The Final Boss in Elden Ring has no chance

Already a few days ago we reported on the successes of the Challenge Runner, because he destroyed the boss in Elden Ring with a level 1 character. Meanwhile, he all has the bottom gods behind him and has arrived at the final boss of the game , which for many fatal combination of two fights directly in a row – without healing or storage point.

First of all you have to do against Radagon , the husband of Queen Marika claiming with his hammer and his light shot fast reflexes and a lot of skill. Subsequently, the fight against the Schwabbelmonster named ELDEN BIEST , which keeps you with a tremendous fire of magical attacks at a distance.

Much of the players can certainly get one or the other gray hair in the two fights, but ongbal does not even sweat: on level 1 and without armor he dips through the attacks of the bosses like a young god, jumping over ground explosions and It manages not to wear a scratch of it. A truly considerable performance.

Our tips and tricks to Elden Ring

If you want to be as good as Ongbal, you have to bring a lot of time, patience and endurance. However, if you can end the game, we recommend our tips, tricks and guides to Elden Ring. For collective friends, we betray you wherever you find all legendary weapons, all legendary spells and revenues, all legendary talismans and all legendary ghosts.

Other Our practical guides include the locations of all the ancient dragon making stones as well as all the ancient dragon futings, where you will find the even after the recent patch and still incredibly strong imitator tears ash and how to unlock a really well hidden secret area.

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The Symphonic Concert of Knights of the Zodiac returns to Mexico

In 2020, Love Japan MX announced a symphonic concert of _ the knights of the zodiac _. However, due to the Covid-19, this event was postponed indefinitely. After almost two years without information, today has been confirmed that this event is finally on the way.

The Pegasus Fantasy Orchestra Concert to Symphonic Experience will be responsible for offering reimaginations of the most iconic songs, accompanied by anime scenes that captivated a whole generation in the 80s and 90. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information related With the exact date of this presentation.

Saint Seiya Symphonic Adventure (2022) Official Trailer
Next to this, is unknown if the people who bought their ticket for the original September 2020 concert, they will be able to continue using their entry for this new edition. We hope to soon have more information about it, as many cemes to return to the concerts.

On related topics, the knights of the zodiac will have a new movie Live Action.

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