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Diablo Immortal, New Region Storm Bell Update. Diablo® Immortal ™, a large multi -user online action role -playing

Diablo® Immortal ™, a MMORPG (large multi-user online action role-playing game) that anyone can enjoy for free, is going to be applied today (14th, Wednesday) through a large update that will be applied at 11 am (Korea time)
It will showcase various new contents including new regions.

Diablo Immortal is an AAA-class Blizzard game that can be enjoyed for a long time through continuous updates such as new areas, dungeons, season, and stories to enjoy the core gameplay experience for a long time.

Standpoint, the first new region added since its launch in June, is an exile island that has been used as a secret prison for the West, and is the largest sculpture among players’ world seats.
The player sails into a prison island covered with salt and investigates the evil plot that wants to use the power of the largest world stone manipulation that occupies the island.
Detailed descriptions of new areas can be found in the developer update video.

In addition, five new tells are added.
The deputy of the hell is the skin of the skin, the crawling disaster dimension, the jade sin is the sun catalog, the jade of the fallen, and the warmth predators Dangers are more than five adventurers in the sanctuary.
You have to come before.
In addition, hell difficulty VI, VII, and VIII are added for players who want to raise the conqueror level to a new state.

Through this large-scale update, new decorating items will be added, including five new legendary gems, and new decorating items such as winter set grain leather sold in in-game stores and sets of sacred wilderness decorating items sold in the ghost market.
Season 8 Battle Pass: The hidden sun will start at 3 am on Thursday, 22nd.

Diablo Immortal information can be found on the official Immortal website.

Diablo Immortal: Robots overrun the video game

Snowstorm has not yet officially discussed the bot circumstance, but at the very least in Diablo 2: Resurrected are always brought out to obtain spells to obtain the problem controlled. Ultimately, we found out that the release of Diablo Immortal (acquire now) in China was delayed forever, as well as Blizzard recently promised that Diablo 4 would be extremely different from Immortal.

Diablo Immortal has a large problem with crawlers.

As an example, Smilegates MMORPG shed Ark experiences very from a severe crawler issue, which is why Amazon Games always carries out substantial spells, which indicates that the number of players of the MMOs drops by approximately 600,000 gamers. Snowstorm’s brand-new game Diablo Immortal likewise has quite an issue with crawlers, as you can continue reading the Reddit Social Media platform.

The action RPG has been available for a couple of weeks currently as well as clips from robots that forage prominent loot areas are now an indispensable component of Reddit. In enhancement to the really bot-typical names, these personalities frequently just attack right into absolutely nothing when there is no opponent before them. The in-game conversation with marketing using increasing services and so forth is also claimed to be flooded, which sadly came to be practically regular in lots of video games.

If a title has an online component, the existence of crawlers in the virtual world is practically unavoidable. Improving services and the like are typically taken over by crawlers

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How to farm legendary items in Diablo Immortal

Fighting hordes in Diablo Immortal, you will find the legendary equipment. Do not confuse with the legendary precious stones. Legendary equipment is rare objects that can significantly improve your assembly and damage with unique effects. You should know how to farm the legendary equipment to become stronger.


The legendary equipment can be equipped in all the slots of the main equipment. This is your main weapon, additional weapons, shoulder, legs, helmet and chest. Legendary objects will have several attributes bonuses and a unique effect that will change the effect of one of your skills, for example, adding damage from the cold.

After you reach the 60th level and unlock the perfection system, you can also get a set of objects that are legendary equivalents for your secondary equipment slots. These are gloves, boots, belts, amulet and two rings. However, the objects of the set must be compared to get their bonuses.

legendary farm in Diablo Immortal

Legendary objects are rare objects that can fall out of any enemy. You can increase the chance of falling by fulfilling a certain content or increasing the complexity. The best ways to farm legends:

Farm dungeons and faults of the ancients in groups.
Increase your hellish complexity to increase the speed of loss.
Perform orders and zonal events *.
Hilts Trader * will provide one legendary item per week at a price of 1600 handles.

Awards for combat pass and murder of the day can also periodically give legendary items. Follow the Code for the dungeons in which the chance of falling is increased.

How to farm certain legendary items in Diablo Immortal?

Unfortunately, there is no way to specifically farm a certain part of the legendary equipment, since all losses are accidental. However, you can farm certain objects of the set, since they fall out only from certain dungeons at certain levels of complexity. If you get legendary items that are stronger than your current item, but do not have an additional legendary effect you need, you can use the transfer of essence to inherit the legendary effect. In fact, turning the legend into the one you need.

To learn more about Diablo Immortal, read the sections How to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal and All classes and abilities in Diablo Immortal in the game guides for professionals.

Specialist with 1,200 hrs reveals affirmed loot

Furthermore, Echoack slams the tiny restriction for the Apotheosis degree. If you get to the existing server paragon level, you lose a great deal from your collected experience factors as well as climb far more gradually.

  • 6x famous equipment-chance decreases enormously later on.
  • 5x occasion: purple world boss-no extra victim chest after that.
  • 5x event: cursed chest-after that no victim chest.
  • 5x occasion: eliminating challengers in the area-then no more victim chest.
  • 5x side quest-no much more victim chest after that.
  • 6x normal gemstones-chance decreases enormously afterwards.
  • 10,000 brand names for shadow progress.

The Youtuber Echoack is component of the Maxroll.GG diaablo solution web page as well as, according to its very own declaration, has already spent 1,200 hours Indiablo Immortal.

What are caps? This represents limitations in a video game that can not be identified on established auto mechanics. A distinction is then made in between soft cap and hard cap.

In comparison to the tasks above, this is connected with the Apotheosis degree in the game. But right here, too, as a frequent gamer you promptly encounter this soft cap and also are penalized for its passion for work, the YouTuber criticizes.

What are these for caps? The YouTuber provides a great deal of caps that he desires to have actually found with his group. This begins with fabulous tools and also runs over practically every activity in the open video game globe.

echoack claims: Nearly every globe task has a soft cap .

That indicates: If you do a little frequently, your rewards will be substantially reduced. But Diablo Imortal gives no indication in the game.

You only obtain 20 % of the normal XP if you are 11 levels above the server apotheosis. There disappear tips for leveling, that takes for life. By the means, the web server level increases by 2 degrees on a daily basis.

You ought to commemorate constant players, yet they are punished.

We will tie your English video clip below if you want to have the criticisms of Echoack described on your own. He also discusses how to resolve these issues from his perspective:.

In lots of RPGs there are such caps for sure personality worths. You will certainly not bring you as a lot as possible if you reach the soft cap. With a hard cap, the worth no longer goes up.

How can you take care of the caps? For Otto typical players, numerous caps should seldom contribute.
However, according to level 60, you must depend much less on tasks outdoors video game world.
Dungeons, raids, portals and also typically instantiated tasks appear much better, although the soft caps for famous equipment and regular gems likewise use right here, according to echoack.
He assumes it’s an embarassment that the gamers with the most passion for Diablo Immortal are obviously penalized from the Action-RPG.
Have you currently had experience with the loot caps and surprised you why no box followed an event?
Or do you also believe that it is rather good when the most terrible mills are reduced down?
Like a remark.
If you choose to plunge right into the work on your own currently, after that you will discover enough to do here: Good to go things in Diablo Immortal with decrease list-how you farm you can do, what you can do.

The Youtuber Echoack is component of the Maxroll.GG diaablo solution web page as well as, according to its own statement, has actually already invested 1,200 hours Indiablo Immortal. What are these for caps? The YouTuber lists a lot of caps that he desires to have actually found with his group. What are caps? ** This stands for limits in a game that can not be identified on identified mechanics.

He states he assumes it’s fantastic that Diablo Immortal is aimed straight at casual players in several components of the video game, that are not in the ready 10 hours a day. However sadly it goes so much that the constant players, as well as thus the greatest fans, are penalized.

Here in the example we normally have a soft cap since you can proceed playing the tasks, although the benefits are restricted, yet not completely disappeared. With a difficult cap you could no more play the task or there was no loot in all.


The complying with points are restricted in one day: .

He belongs to the Maxroll team, a preferred English service web page for Diablo, on which your builds, guides and also various details regarding the games of the series locates (via Maxroll.GG). Our own pet list for the very best courses in Diablo Immortal is partially based on the information on the web page.

And also on his boundless quest for experience factors, he as well as his team observed that lots of tasks in the game are very restricted.

The essentials in short: .

As in the previous examination stages, he grinded strongly after the launch and also had actually reached the server paragon simply a couple of days after the begin of Diablo Immortal.

_ If essential, famous gems are gone over. Details regarding this is available in the video clip: _.

  • Diablo Imortal is a full-fledged diaablo video game for the cellular phone, which additionally makes use of some regular mobile technicians.
  • As a result, the action RPG gets on the Pay2win pillory and also because the release there have been wild discussions concerning whether the uncommon famous gemstones are truly that negative.
  • At one point, Diablo Immortal also got appreciation at the beginning-unlike in many other mobile titles, you are not limited in your season, do not have to collect any power to play a dungeon.
  • However the Youtuber echoack wishes to have learnt with his group and hundreds of hours that progress is restricted and Diablo Immortal does not give you any indications.

The Youtuber echoack has actually been pursuing the development of Diablo Immortal for over a year and was there in all examination stages in which he can take part. According to his own declaration, he involves over 1,200 hours in the game, a lot of them before the launch. With his team, as he says, he was the very first to reach level 60 on the planet.

What is Hellikaria in Diablo Immortal? How to unlock how many players and much more

In addition to Elder Rift and Challenge Rift, another exciting way to fight powerful demons in Diablo Immortal is Hellique. This mechanism identifies powerful demons of anger and tracks them to the dungeon, similar to a break, where you can try your hand in victory over them in a raid team of eight people. The victory over the demons in Helliquary and its improvement will increase your ORDR, which can significantly increase your general strength in the game. In this leadership, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Helnikvari in Diablo Immortal.

All we know about Hellique in Diablo Immortal

As mentioned earlier, Hellique is a special device that tracks powerful angry demons so you may encounter them in Battle of PVE for eight players . As soon as the boss is defeated, all members of the raid group will receive an increase in their combat rating, which is a key element in the development of Hellique. For each defeated demon, players will receive demonic rest . Subsequently, they can place it in their Helliquary to activate the bonus to combat rating and other passive bonuses.

What is a geling?

Hellique is a wired device that tracks down the powerful Wrathborne demons so that players can fight in PVE mass raids for eight players. The Helliquary function opens for players only after completing the main chain of quests in Bilefen and a conversation with Deckard Cain in Westmarch. Players will receive a significant strengthening of the rating of the attack and the defense rating for the victory over Hellique bosses. They will also receive demonic remains to place them in their gelikovaries. As you pass Helliquary, you will encounter stronger bosses and get additional advantages in Challenge Rift.

how to use helix

Players can take part in Hellique from demonic portal in Westmarche. You can take part in Hellique raids by finding a group by creating a group or joining a raid with your detachment. The completion of these raids with your Warband will bring additional Scoria, which are the main material necessary to improve your Hellique.

You can also insert the demonic remains dropped by Hellique bosses into your Hellique. You will receive bonuses to the combat rating of all your remains stored in Hellikaria. Although you can store several remains of demons, only one of them can be active at the same time to provide bonus for a special attribute .

how to unlock Helnikvari

To unlock HellQuary, players need to execute the main quest line in Bilefen and reunite with Descard Cain in Westmark. After a meeting with Descard Cain, he will introduce you to Ryek, a friend of Charcy, who can be found near the Einfrinn tree. He will prompt you to pick up Hellique. After that, the KAT scene will begin, and your character is teleported to the dungeon. After a small cinematic video in which Lassal brought down hell to the city of Westmark, you teleport back to the workshop of Descard Cain, where Rice explains the situation.

Then you need to go through the city and kill all the mobs you will face. In the end, you will get to Rakkis Plaza, where you will meet the first boss Hellique, Bulletin of Chaos Pile . As soon as the Pail is defeated, go to the Einfrin tree to meet him face to face. Lassal flame in battle. Finally, having defeated Lassal in the battle, our main character wakes up from a daze and gets constant access to Hellikaria.

How to improve Helnikwari

Hellique modernization is the key to getting stronger bosses and large buffs for your Ordr. The main material necessary to improve Hellique: Skoria . However, then you need to attribute Scoria to the blacksmith, which will turn your scoria into of hell of hellish flame for 100 gold . You can earn Scoria from enhanced combat pass having won Hellkar bosses and, having completed Daily tasks of the Code . Keep in mind that the higher your Hellique level, the more Hellfire Scoria will need to increase the level.

How many players can join Hellique?

Unlike Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts, Hellique raids can be made only in the eight players . Since the bosses have several health and phases, it is recommended to either create a group, join the group, or enter the raid with the members of your detachment to get a chance to win the boss.

Can Warband enter Hellique together?

As mentioned earlier, the detachment can enter into Helnikvariy and unite forces to defeat the demons born by anger. It is extremely desirable to join the Hellique raids with your WarBand, as this will give additional slag awards to the participants.

All bosses in Hellique at the moment

Players should improve their Hellique to certain levels and increase their combat rating to fight various bosses in Hellique raids.
The following are all the bosses that you may encounter in Hellique:
* Bulletin of Chaos Pyle
* Lassal is fiery
* Vitaat trembling death
* Gorgotra Applicant
* Beledve and Gishtur
* Isileh is shapeless
Do you want to know how to spend all the earned gold in Diablo Immortal?
Check out the best ways to spend gold in Diablo Immortal right here in the game manuals for professionals.

XP-Wall in Diablo Immortal: 5 tips for fixing Tale

However, the tale goals make you the fastest at the level and then you have to grind a little to get to the brand-new level. Meinmmo has a couple of tips for you exactly how to reduce the XP wall surface a little and what activities are beneficial.

What is indicated by XP-Wall? The story objectives of Diablo Immortal are connected to the various areas as well as the private locations are split into different levels. You require a particular minimal level for the campaign in the following area when you have done the tale in one location.

Diablo Imortal offers you lots of tasks for leveling soon after the beginning of the campaign, however the story is finest fit for this. You promptly stand in front of an XP wall surface and, for example, only have to get to level 40 in order to continue playing the story. We will show you how to conquer the XP walls.

You are in front of the XP wall if you don’t have the appropriate level yet. You will also be presented as a pursuit- gets to level 40. Just then does the story continue.

_ Uns complete level overview with tips and level courses for level 1 to 60 can be located here: _

4. Play dungeons/ eldest portals with a group

_ Barbar, satanic force seekers and crusaders are the most effective classes for progressing. You can see a summary of all courses with gameplay in our video: _

Incidentally, established players take everyday goals as well as wish that they can currently be performed in the training course of the tale. You should not go any type of significant detours to do the jobs.

You can additionally start the eldest sites without utilizing a symbol.

3. Comes the head cash/ daily tasks.

In addition to the story objectives, you will certainly get other tasks as well as quest collection using your code that have activities repeated in a location or demand specific landmarks. Such as produce a 2nd legendary gem.

These teams go down additional experience as well as are particularly rewarding. You can likewise damage the challengers who followed you approximately heaven group.

1. Make Use Of the Battle Pass appropriately

There is also a technique with the eldest websites for incomes. Begin a site without symbol and also discover the portal without taking note of opponents. You now only eliminate heaven beast groups that are displayed on the tiny map.

Complete the objectives regarding feasible and also obtain a great bunch of experience factors.

You should not always accept the Battle Pass degrees straight. With each level, the XP yield raises from the Battle Pass and also you should just trigger the steps if you require XP.

The Battle Pass is a solid ally when combating the XP-Wall, because you obtain a nice quantity of experience factors every action. This relates to the cost-free and the premium version.

Shortly after the release, it is not yet clear which of the two techniques is the fastest. Some advocate the sites, others prefer the dungeons.

These side tasks will just be really amazing if you are in front of the XP wall. The head cash and day-to-day goals are specifically beneficial. If you later on sign up with a faction, the other day-to-day goals will bring you.

Right here, as well, you have the advantage that you already know the areas. Click on the bounty in your mission home window as well as your character quickly triggers on the way to the area in which you will certainly find the beasts for your mission.

So wait up until you are in front of an XP wall.

5. Solo specifically grinds the oldest sites

2. Plays the code guides continues

With a team, the moment generally goes much faster when grinding. Locate a dungeon for this that you function on for some time or play the oldest sites in Westmark.

If you have checked out the portal area and no much longer see blue monster teams, leave the portal by means of your map to Westmark as well as start again. You can likewise get a level on greater levels in less than a hr.

The ideal point concerning it: if you are in front of the XP wall, you currently understand the areas of the code tasks You can utilize the automobile navigation and also rest back unwinded, while your personality runs to the matching pursuit locations.

If you desire to enjoy the method in the video clip, we link something ideal below. From minute 1:50 you can see the technique:


If you don’t have the right level yet, you are in front of the XP wall.

Leave us a remark if you have a couple of more pointers in supply to climb over the XP wall surface.
Good info mores than happy to deal with our guide.
If you are still searching for the very best course for you, then have a look below: Diablo Immortal: Tier List-which is the most effective class?

Diablo Imortal offers you lots of tasks for leveling soon after the start of the campaign, yet the tale is ideal fit for this. You rapidly stand in front of an XP wall as well as, for example, just have to reach level 40 in order to continue playing the tale. The tale goals of Diablo Immortal are linked to the different locations and also the individual locations are divided into various levels. Once you have actually done the story in one location, you require a certain minimum level for the campaign in the following location.

Diablo Immortal brings whatever that makes a full-fledged Diablo. The mobile personality can still be felt in numerous corners, as with the XP-Wall at the end of the location campaigns.

The chat in Diablo Immortal is annoying? You shut down the chat

At the current time (since June 3, 2022), the food selections still look attire on the cell phone and on the computer.

Numerous users get disturbed regarding the in-game chat. If that gets on your nerves, you can easily switch off the chat.

What do I need to take into consideration? Currently you need to log in to each of your personalities and take the actions of the guidelines. Due to the fact that there is no thorough system where you can merely turn off the chat for all characters.

In chat, numerous disgusting individuals are up to mischief. Meinmmo shows you just how you can quickly switch over off the chat preview and can play so much a lot more conveniently.

Diablo Immortal: Switch off chat-that’s how it enters a few actions

This is the initial action : First you log into your character. You can just press getaway on the PC.

The chat is still there, just the preview is changed off. If you touch on the chat window, the whole chat opens up with all subgroups.

This is the 3rd action: In the Chat section you can currently turn off the whole chat sneak peek. For this you shut off all the hooks on the networks. After that the section on the base of the display has vanished.

This is the 2nd step: In the setups you then pick the Chat tab and afterwards with very important settings that deal with the chat.

Extra pointers and techniques about Diablo Immortal: You use your cell phone or PC as well as wish to have fun with your controller? In our guide we explain to you just how to set up your controller on your mobile phone or PC as well as what you need to take into consideration:

Play Diablo Immortal with a controller-this is just how it functions on iphone, Android as well as computer

Send us to [email protected] if you have feedback or recommendations for enhancement to the guide. Thanks significantly!

This is the third action: In the Chat section you can currently switch over off the whole chat preview. The chat is still there, just the preview is changed off. If you touch on the chat home window, the entire chat opens with all subgroups.

Meinmmo reveals you how you can easily switch over off the chat preview and can play so much a lot more conveniently. If that obtains on your nerves, you can easily switch over off the chat.

How to complete the Clearing Cobwebs Bounty in Diablo Immortal

If you have sufficient of the quest Remove spider weaving and simply want to dice your head money, you can do this a few times a day. The reel only functions before taking a bounty, so you have to allow clearing cobwebs leak when it is currently energetic.


This is currently the only readily available spawn place for these spiders, so you either need to try it and wish that you will locate adequate spiders or merely quit the bounty totally. Bear in mind that head money must be very easy missions in which a small number of straightforward enemies need to be beat, however this spider head money feels way too much because they don’t appear anywhere else.


Exactly how to complete the Clearing Cobwebs Bounty in Diablo Immortal.

Head money is not a crucial part of the Diablo Immortal experience, so that you can disregard especially aggravating head money while concentrating on fining sand and refining your character’s construct. Diablo Immortal is also best appreciated with pals, so make certain to have a look at our multiplayer guide when you have actually played alone.

Diablo immortal is now offered on computer as well as smart phones.

As mentioned over, you need to kill 50 spiders for the Clearing Cobwebs Bounty. These lie northwest of the burial ground, yet just a few crawlers spun at the very same time. You will just discover a handful of crawlers in the location with every browse through, so it is really challenging to gather 50 spiders eliminated for this bounty.

Head money is an easy method to make XP and also gold in Diablo Immortal, yet the bounty get rid of crawler web has actually verified to be rather discouraging for some gamers in the days after the beginning. Head money is simple pursuits in which gamers have to beat a certain variety of random adversaries or accomplish easy destinations, as well as clearing cobwebs is no exception since the gamers have to beat 50 spiders. Some individuals can not finish this bounty, no issue what they do, what avoids them from earning their well-deserved incentives. Below you can learn how to finish the Clearing Cobwebs Bounty in Diablo Immortal

The ideal treatment Right now it is to re-dice your head money and to wait or avoid to clear or wait until Blizzard makes an adjustment to the Spawns of the Diablo Immortal spiders. Numerous gamers have actually already whined, so it is only a matter of time before they are changed.

Head money is a very easy method to make XP as well as gold in Diablo Immortal, however the bounty eliminate crawler internet has actually shown to be instead irritating for some gamers in the days after the begin. As stated over, you have to eliminate 50 crawlers for the Clearing Cobwebs Bounty. You will just find a handful of spiders in the area with every see, so it is really difficult to collect 50 spiders eliminated for this bounty.

Exactly how to deactivate the chatbox in Diablo Immortal

_ Diablo immortal has arrived in the online shops as well as followers have actually managed whatever the game needs to provide. Obviously, with the selection of courses that you can select from when you begin the video game; You will rate with lots of exceptional decisions that you can make for the game. Some other alternatives can be concealed in the setup menu, as well as one of them is the opportunity of shutting off the chat window when you jump on your nerves. This direction article guides you with everything you need to recognize to shut down the chat windowdiablo immortal _.

Shut off the chatbox for Diablo Immortal

_ Diablo immortal is currently offered for iphone, Android and is in an open beta version for computer.


To deactivate the chatbox, you need to navigate to the setups. To do this, push the 3 lines on the leading exactly on the screen and also after that on the equipment icon on the screen, which leads you into the setup menu. From right here you can now most likely to the Chat area. It is currently not possible to completely shut off the chat window, but you can have it so that it does not appear as commonly on the screen.

Disable all the boxes currently triggered in the Networks in the chat preview area. When you return to the game, you will certainly discover that the chat field will be minimized and your screen is currently much clearer to see. Additionally, the chatbox now only shows up on its own if a person sends them a message straight, yet at the moment this is the most effective means of deactivating the chatbox for Diablo Immortal.

If you play with others, you may desire to let some of the chat boxes triggered, such as the celebration chat, although this is totally up to you!

How to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game in a series from Blizzard. It contains many of the same functions and a mechanic as the main games. This includes increasing the level and preparation for the final. This can make you ask how to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal pumping manual

You will receive experience points in most aspects of Diablo Immortal. But you will want to aim on specific to quickly increase the level. Here are a few ways The level is quickly in Diablo immortal.

Main plot quests

The main quests of the campaign are a great way to speed up your experience. Usually they give the largest number of experience points after performing the main quests or victory over the bosses. As you pass the campaign, you can quickly increase your level by accelerating the main plot.

combat glasses

We recommend that you keep your combat glasses until you reach a higher level. The reason for this is that you can spend combat glasses in order to unlock the levels in your combat pass, giving a large amount of experience. But these scalate with your level , that is, you get more experience than your level is higher. So, although it is immediately tempting to spend them, save them for later.

Complete events, dungeons, etc.

dungeons , bounty and also ancient faults all these are great ways to get many experience points. You must beat them as often as possible to get experience and equipment that they give. Awards have a daily limit, so perform them every day.

tips and recommendations for a quick increase in level

Pass the side quests

While the main quests will give the most experience, you can first of all miss most side quests and actually improve the speed of pumping. This is due to the fact that side quests basically do not give as much experience as the quests of the main plot. But there are some that should be done because they are associated with research or other quests.

Equip the best equipment


The equipment of your best equipment will allow you progress through the game more quickly . The presence of better equipment increases your damage and survival, which means that you can quickly kill mobs and not worry about the restart, because you died.


While mobs will be given experience, you can usually get more from the performance of quests. Avoid single mobs or groups with several, since you should not stop to kill them. Nevertheless, large crowds that can be destroyed using AOE capabilities should usually be killed.

To obtain additional information about Diablo Immortal, read the sections “The Best Classes for Launch Diablo Immortal” and “How to download and install Diablo Immortal” in the game manuals for professionals.

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