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[Weekly Trehan] Kiryu -chans kick is too terrible This is the treasure from September 11 to September 17, 2022!

September 11, 2022, Weekly Treasure Hunt , which introduces the game information and entertainment information that you are worried about because you missed it or the timing did not match. September 17th. It is a rough introduction, but I hope you find a treasure for everyone.

Text Adventure Road warden distribution started

It seems to combine mechanisms such as RPG, visual novel, adventure game, and interactive fiction.

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Vegetable Rogue Light ADV Turnip Boy Robs A Bank announced

The picture is really cute. Scheduled to be distributed for Windows (Steam)/Xbox.

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ww1 Survival horror Conscript the latest game play trailer

New demonstration is also released.

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Zombie Survival Day Experimental Update 1.19 will be delivered soon

Scheduled for local time on September 22. What elements will be added?

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90s style fantasy FPS Wizard demonstration is released

The graphic style is attractive.

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The new FPS Wrath: Eon of Ruin with the first Quake engine officially released in the spring of 2023

PC/PS5/PS4/Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch will be distributed.

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90s FPS Remaster Rise of the Triad: Utility Edition

4K resolution, unlimited frame rate, reprint content, new episode, additional songs, etc.

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Retro Style Horror FPS CELTIC Delivery date

Scheduled to be distributed on October 13 local time.

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Dinosaur Survival Horror COMPOUND Fracture The Latest Trailer

Dino Crisis-style survival horror.

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RTS WARP AWS announced by dogs and cats

A light atmosphere drawn in a cartoon style.

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An open world survival game in the Terminator universe is making its income

Nacon revealed that he was working on a survival game set in the world of the terminator series.

RIMS Racing developed Nacon Studio Milan has started making a post-apocalyptic open world terminator game. The Nacon Connect broadcast saw a short teasing trailer where the T-800 skeleton looks directly into the camera.

The game is said to have its own story based on the events of the terminator movies. A group of players who survived core pokocolyps will fight to survive the time between the Conference Day and the creation of John Connor’s resistance movement.

Nacon emphasizes that the game is only at an early stage of development, so you may have to wait for a good product.

In addition to the terminator, another classic character in the 80s action films received his own gaming trailer. Therobocop: Rogue City_ Game Picture Railer, released in June 2023, saw Peter Weller For the first time since 1990 _Robocop 2:.

More on:

  • The developer of the Terminator game is working on an iconic Robocop license

Heavy steam is handing out huge survival

Vapor is presently handing out ARK: Survival Evolved-a real long-running fave in the survival category. The considerable RPG offers a big video game world, large crafting dishes and a selection of different primitive pets that you can battle or tame you. The free campaign only runs for a short time-so it is better to hurry!

Steam: Survival-Knaller Ark momentarily absolutely free

The most important information first: Steam gamers can now dust off totally free from June 19, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. ARK: Survival Evolved (consider Steam). As soon as you have added the game of your library, you can download and install and also play it totally free any time.

However not just the major video game is supplied absolutely free. You can also download and install some added DLCs for free. Below is the full list of the additional web content offered at no cost:

  • Fjordur-Ark growth map
  • Crystal Isles-Ark Development Map
  • The Center-Ark Development MAP
  • Primitive+ Ark Total Conversion
  • Ragnarok-Ark expansion map

  • Valguero-Ark expansion map
  • Lost Island-Ark development map


ARK: Survival Evolved dirt up for totally free

_ The Tame Dinos and other animals is a crucial part of ARK.

In the video clip:ARK Survival Evolved dinos and various other creatures tame us on Youtube ## for whom is Ark: Survival Evolved?

However that is likewise the greatest strength of the video game: The huge extent . If you have not a problem with constantly having the wiki or our guides open on the 2nd display or your cellular phone, you will certainly be awarded with a survival RPG experience that is definitely unique. You can spend thousands of hrs in ARK: Survival Evolved as well as still uncover new video game systems, construction choices or creatures that you have not yet tamed.

ARK: Survival Evolved will certainly be provided totally free of cost at Steam by June 19, 2022.

If you have no issue with constantly having the wiki or our guides open up on the 2nd screen or your cell phone, you will certainly be awarded with a survival RPG experience that is definitely special. You can invest hundreds of hrs in ARK: Survival Evolved and still uncover brand-new video game systems, building and construction alternatives or creatures that you have actually not yet tamed.

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Steam is currently giving away ARK: Survival Evolved-a real long-running favorite in the survival genre. ## for whom is Ark: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved dust up for cost-free ARK: Survival Evolved will be provided cost free at Steam by June 19, 2022. Then the complimentary project ends.

In addition, you can play the game together with your friends in the multiplayer either on an official server-or you develop your private server, on which you set your own regulations that either make the video game a little simpler or additionally difficult.

ARK is not for newbies of the survival category. The game bombies you directly at the begin with an amazing selection of building alternatives, activation as well as different auto mechanics, however discusses the really few of them completely.

Dinosaur Survival ARK: Survival Evolved Steam version is being distributed for free for a limited time

ARK: Survival Evolved is being distributed for free on Steam. The distribution period is until 2:00 on June 20th. If you access the STEAM store page of the same work and add the game to the library, you can play the game after the distribution period. If you get the game in this free distribution, the trading card will not drop, so be careful. The game is compatible with Japanese. The price of the game is 3090 yen.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world survival action game. Players begin a survival life on an island where dinosaurs and other ancient creatures stroll around. You can go on an adventure, set up a castle, or to give a ferocious beast. In a world where death, such as hunger, predation, and accidents, is always imminent, you can draw your own freedom. In the first place, why is there an ancient creature on the island? I will solve the mystery of the world’s core, such as what the island itself exists.

ARK: Survival Evolved has been developed after officially released. Today, a large free DLC FJORDUR is released. The sequel ARK II is currently under development and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The main story of the growing dinosaur survival is distributed for free. Previously, the EPIC GAMES store version was distributed for free, but this is the first distribution of the Steam version. Let’s get it.


ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED Steam version (store page) is being distributed for free until 2:00 on June 20.

When will the nightingale come out?

Nightingale unexpectedly appeared during the Summer Game Fest 2022. The last official trailer for the gameplay was released and gave the audience the opportunity to look at the charming worlds, which only wait to be opened. He was a good persecutor of some of the more cruel games, such as The Callisto Protocol.

everything we know about the nightingale

Here is a brief presentation of everything that we know about the magical game for survival, Nightingale!

What is the date of the Nightingale?

At the moment, Nightingale does not have a set release date. The developer indicated Q4 2022 on the official preparation page.

What platforms will Nightingale be on?

Nightingale will go to PC via Steam. The plans for the release on other platforms are not reported.

will there be a multiplayer in Nightingale?

Yes, Nightingale is conceived as a game that you can play alone or along with other players that can be found during the study of various worlds.


trailer for the nightingale

The trailer demonstrates several key features of the survival game. They should be familiar to the players of other survival games, such as Ark Evolved or Minecraft. It’s all about collecting resources to create tools, shelters, weapons and much more. Only the Nightingale adheres to a pronounced Victorian approach to the genre.

In addition, there are portals that can be activated by creating cards of the kingdom. However, there are dangerous creatures that are hidden on the other side. This is certainly a unique approach that Nightingale will help to stand out among other games of this genre.

To learn more about survival, read the 9 base ideas of Minecraft for Minecraft Survival in professional game guidelines.

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