JUSTIN publishers INTERNATIONAL is January 14, released the latest information of the 3D action game that had their Waning International Dusk Diver 2 Kunduz 靈動 (Dusk diver 2 Colon REI if ).

This work, it is the sequel of was released in 2019, Dusk Diver Rooster 閃町. Taipei after one year of the incident that occurred in the previous work is a stage, the hero Jan Jump, which became a college student, from the evil scourge which again appeared to take 閃町, fight to protect the Xi mending of the real world. In this work, Taipei location other than the Xi mending also reproduce the streets of real motif. In addition, fellow of the guardian angel who also becomes playable, such as, the battle system is also that has been enhanced.

This time, the mystery of the warrior D.D. has been unveiled as the fifth playable character. D.D. is characterized in that it has a diverse and powerful skills to more than Jump. In the video, the kicking and extensive that there is an electric shock effect, the technique that swings down the sword rotation from moving moment in the air, rush palm bottoming out with a burning effect, locked-on near the enemy to move instantly float slashing, etc., and a variety of skills are introduced. In this work by the partner switching system, it can operate a character other than the Jump.

Also in addition to DD, of the Fifth DI entertainment Re-Veda belongs officer Ali (CV: Shibuya Ito) and, in the company’s employee manager of Re-Vedic your (CV: NATO Kobayashi), guitar classroom to back attend Mike is the owner (CV: Daisuke Hiragana), Ma that sells fruit in Xi mending (CV: Yamamoto hope), Yawn, which helped to Jump us in previous work: such as (CV Shiatsu Kawasaki), meet in everyday scene characters who have also been published.

In the adventure part in Xi mending, there is that collection quest occurs. For example, from the little girl Ma of fruit stalls as described above passed the foodie card, he won the point and eat a menu written in there. Then, when she shows to the main points that were accumulated, that she is me and replace it with a commodity. A gourmet element also was popular in previous work, it is likely to be more enjoyable quest.

In addition, Yawn also will open the Yofukuya Little Lady in this work, would eliminate a note wrote a pattern which is a blueprint of clothes. When you pass to Yawn to find a blueprint that lying around the Rooster 閃町, clothing and ornaments added that corresponds to her clothing shop. It will be able to enjoy the dress to buy. Purchase clothing and ornaments, can change into freely in the restroom of Human mart, part of clothes or advance the story, it is also possible with the available by clearing the sub-quest.


In addition, it determined that the costume Midsummer swimsuit collection is delivered as a paid additional DLC. The price is 720 yen (including tax). Battle part, of course, the city is also called Darker in swimsuit. Is a summer ahead take a healthy costume, mood in the open, and usually a different be directing us to you!? And things.

It should be noted that, on January 15, 11 to 17 and sometimes tomorrow, to Yodobashi Shikoku Game Show to be held at the Yodobashi Camera Shikoku Nishiguchi head office of the game attempt, this work is exhibited. Can be little early trial play before the release of this film, it is so limited novelty is gift to those who play. If your local’ll keep all means check.

(What d’ASC diver 2 Colon REI) Dusk Diver 2 Kunduz 靈動 is, PC (Steam) / PlayStation will be released February 24 to 4 / Nintendo Switch for. Package version in addition to download version is also released, graphic design sticker is included as an initial award. Also, because it is also available the store benefits, details, I want to check the official site.

It should be noted that in the PS Store and the Nintendo e shop’s previous work Dusk Diver Rooster 閃町 game story and the DLC is in the 70% off sale. Period until January 17. If you are interested in this work, it would be a good first keep purchased the previous work prep.

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