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The Schalke longing for the series

Schalke’s coach Dimitrios Grammozis does not unduly refers to the development of recent weeks these days: From the most recent eight games, his team lost only one – in Dusseldorf (1: 2), but won four. “A win more,” he says with a view of the “too many” draw (3) during this period, “and the starting position now would be another.” Schalke would not be fifth, but as a fourth right on the FC St. Pauli on the relegation place – and in direct stroke distance to leaders Bremen.

After threesome in Rostock follow three victories in a piece

However, the past can not be changed for Grammozis and his team. And so the look goes forward: The home game against Hansa Rostock should form the prelude of a winning streak – that’s the wish of the royal blue, which the first leg is still in memory. At that time, the S04 won 2-0 in Rostock and then won the following Games against Ingolstadt (3: 0), Hannover (1: 0) and Dresden (3: 0), marriage in the league a 0: 1 defeat in Heidenheim finished the run. It was at that time the longest winning streak of the Schalke this season – and is still today.

“It would be important if you come in a rhythm, three, four games in succession wins and making soil well,” says Grammozis, who basically sees his team on the right track, but limits: “We were mostly well d1. But if we had the chance to get a tick further up, we did not get the victory. ” Like last at Karlsruher SC (1: 1).

Terodde: “We now have games in front of the chest that are extremely important to me”

Fnatic vs FC Schalke 04 | Week 1 Day 2 S8 EU LCS Summer 2018 | FNC vs S04 W1D2

Also Simon Terodde, the Schalke Topstürmer, was not hidden. “Before the Karlsruhe game we felt the winner of the game day, then we left two points,” he says and complements with a view of the coming weeks: “We now have games in front of the chest, which are extremely important to me.” The attacker puts value in particular on the home matches. You are elementary in ascent race, especially with a view to the probably further rising audience numbers. We have to be in a situation in May, where we play 60,000 fans and have the chance to pack. “

An early launching winning streak would certainly increase this chance significantly.

Big Brain Academy Brain vs Brain Update Live en Nintendo Switch notas del parche publicadas

Listing of video clip games Game tourist attractions on Super Nintendo or SNES, in Europe and also The United States And Canada and also South Alliance, organized historical games of the World Garden of the National Armed Force National Military Day Care or Royal Authorities alphabetically by name. For computer game Arcade Outings in Japan and Asia, inspect out the list of Arcade video games on PC. Remark: All games from the list are launched in The United States and Canada as well as Europe unless the country of departure after the name of the video clip gallery video game.

A new update is now available BIG Brain Academy: Brain against Cerebra in Nintendo Switch, which carries the game to version 1.1.0. This update includes a series of improvements in the quality of life. In an interesting movement, Nintendo has added an option for Fast Focus, Super Fast Focus, Speed ​​Sorting and Super Speed ​​Sorting that allows players to eliminate Creepy Crawlies. Essentially, if you are someone who does not do well with images of spiders, snakes and insects, now you can choose those images stop appearing! Full Notes of Nintendo Patch Official Website can be found below:

See. 1.1.0 (Published on December 23, 2021)


A configuration was added to restrict images of things such as errors in fast focus, superfast approach, speed classification and super speed classification in each mode.
After selecting a user, you can go to options → creepy bugs and then choose between Delete or Leave as.
In Party, you can choose whether you want to restrict the visualization of these images after selecting the users that will participate.


If you restrict the visualization of these images, the variety within these activities will be reduced.
If you restrict visualization of these images, just the ghosts that have also restricted the display will appear in Ghost Clash for quick focus, superfast approach, speed classification and super speed classification.

Images whose viewing will be restricted if you select ‘Delete’

Fair Focus, Super Fair Focus: Frog, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Snake, Snail, Grasshopper

Quick Rating, Super Quick Classification: Snake, Butterfly, Spider, Octopus, Squid, Sea Star, Frog, Ant, Fly, Grasshopper, Religious Mantis, Caterpillar, Snail

The ‘secret’ button was moved, which hides your age, on the screen where your age enters a position where it is easier to find. If you have already created user data, you can select your user and go to the Options → Age screen and select the ‘Secret’ button.
A screen was added when you have not been issued a ghost ID on how to get one on the top screen of Ghost Clash.
A problem was solved in Ghost Clash in which the opponent’s ghost stopped moving.
Several other problems were corrected to improve the game experience.

Big Brain Academy: Brain vs. Brain - Overview Trailer - Nintendo Switch
Considering everything, this is a pretty interesting update! It is difficult to say how many people will eliminate creepy bugs, but that option could influence players that would otherwise be on the fence. In this Christmas season, several retailers have dropped the price of big brain academy: brain against brain only $15, even though the game has just been released! Readers who are undecided about the possibility of seeing the Nintendo Switch title by themselves can read the official review of right here.

Have you left? Big Brain Academy: Brain against brain ? What do you think of this change in the quality of life? Let us know in the comments or share your thoughts directly on Twitter in @marcdachamp to talk about everything related to games!

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