Diablo Immortal is a mobile game in a series from Blizzard. It contains many of the same functions and a mechanic as the main games. This includes increasing the level and preparation for the final. This can make you ask how to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal pumping manual

You will receive experience points in most aspects of Diablo Immortal. But you will want to aim on specific to quickly increase the level. Here are a few ways The level is quickly in Diablo immortal.

Main plot quests

The main quests of the campaign are a great way to speed up your experience. Usually they give the largest number of experience points after performing the main quests or victory over the bosses. As you pass the campaign, you can quickly increase your level by accelerating the main plot.

combat glasses

We recommend that you keep your combat glasses until you reach a higher level. The reason for this is that you can spend combat glasses in order to unlock the levels in your combat pass, giving a large amount of experience. But these scalate with your level , that is, you get more experience than your level is higher. So, although it is immediately tempting to spend them, save them for later.

Complete events, dungeons, etc.

dungeons , bounty and also ancient faults all these are great ways to get many experience points. You must beat them as often as possible to get experience and equipment that they give. Awards have a daily limit, so perform them every day.

tips and recommendations for a quick increase in level

Pass the side quests

While the main quests will give the most experience, you can first of all miss most side quests and actually improve the speed of pumping. This is due to the fact that side quests basically do not give as much experience as the quests of the main plot. But there are some that should be done because they are associated with research or other quests.

Equip the best equipment


The equipment of your best equipment will allow you progress through the game more quickly . The presence of better equipment increases your damage and survival, which means that you can quickly kill mobs and not worry about the restart, because you died.


While mobs will be given experience, you can usually get more from the performance of quests. Avoid single mobs or groups with several, since you should not stop to kill them. Nevertheless, large crowds that can be destroyed using AOE capabilities should usually be killed.

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