In November of last year, there were numerous discussions about a supposed leak from GTA 6 in GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition. At that time, the whole thing could not be clarified final. But recently an insider turned off to speak the topic again. He had an interesting information in the luggage.

Which leak of GTA 6 is it?

In the “Lil ‘sample” by GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition was or is still the picture of a mysterious house. Due to the high quality of the picture, the speculation quickly occurred shortly after the find that it can not be a house that comes from the Remaster or GTA 5. Rather, many fans tend to the theory that this picture could have been a first leak of GTA 6 .

What does the insider say about the leak rumor?

The developer studio Rockstar Games did not participate then the rumors , accordingly there was no enlightenment. Recently, however, the insider “Matheusvictorbr” reported to speak Via Twitter to pick up the topic again. In the Tweet he claims that he was confirmed to him that this is actually a picture from the next game of Grand Theft Auto – so GTA 6.

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However, the insiders did not reveal who or what is the source for his information . Therefore, logically, it is not exactly closely able to understand if and how trustworthy his statement is ultimately. Although “Matheusvictorbr” is known as a large rockstar fan, but had not appeared great in the past by remarkable leaks. The developers themselves continue to be covered with regard to the topic. However, it is clear that Rockstar Games is definitely working on GTA 6, but a release date is currently not fixed.

Source: Twitter

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