Mort in daylight is making another Bloodpoint raffle, but this works a bit different from those we have seen before. You do not need a code you don’t even have to play Mort in daylight games to win Bloodpoints: all you have to do is complete a 50-questions questionnaire and perform well enough to participate and win. The prize is 1 million blood points, but the problem is that it is a kind of raffle that does not guarantee a victory and, in addition, the questionnaire is a bit more difficult than some could expect.

If you are interested in trying your world in the daylight, you can try your luck in the questionnaire visiting the link below. You will have to include your player ID to start, and have it incorrect means that you will not win no matter how competent you are when it comes to the day in the daylight_ questionnaires, so make sure it is correct before starting. However, it only has from July 2 at 10 am et to complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaire consists of 50 questions in which players gain points according to the amount of correct answers. Each question is worth two points, according to the rules, with a score of 90-100 that places it in the race for 1 million Bloodpoints. Behaviour Interactive said that he would give that award to 100 players, so although the draws never seem to give high hope of winning, at least you will have a better opportunity than if only a few players were chosen.

A quick look at the questions showed the variety of topics that deal with. Things like the effects of the advantages, as well as more specific questions, as with how many knives the cheater begins a game, they have to do with the side of the game, but there are also questions based on tradition, to verify how familiar the players are with the game. narratives and backgrounds of different characters.

You can make the questionnaire yourself if you want to see how you are doing, but, naturally, the players have already begun to share the answers in the forums to help others. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if there are many players competing for the Bloodpoint Prize.