The Spike Video Clip Game Awards, short VGA or most just recently VAX, were an annual computer game honor ceremony of the television terminal Spike TV, which awarded the very best video game of the year. In 2012, she was the only game rate circling, which transmitted as an online event and also can be received worldwide. The program of the event likewise consisted of real-time music and the appearances of preferred musicians from the fields of music, movie and also television. Additionally, the organization of video game makers was made use of to announce brand-new games in the type of trailers. Organized and generated was the event of Gaming Reporter Geoff Kafka. The very first event occurred on 2 December 2003 (charisma: 4 December 2003). Places were Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Paradise as well as Culver City. In 2013 the eleventh as well as so far last occasion occurred. In 2014, Kafka continued the principle without the assistance of Spike TV under the brand-new title The Game Honors.

The Sony Group has fired George Cacioppo, Senior Vice President of Engineering at PlayStation, after he had appeared in a video on the weekend in a video in which to go against pedophile.

The YouTube channel People v. According to Press, George Cacioppo is said to have made a grind a meeting under the Pseudonym Jeff with a 15-year-old boy at the Social Media platform with a 15-year-old boy to have sex with him. Corresponding chat courses should prove this.

Cacioppo apparently gave his address and should have been waiting for the boy at 04:30 in the morning. But behind the boy, however, only a lock bird is held.

The video itself shows the confrontation of the probably on the young waiting Cacioppo in front of his front door. When the cameraman appeals to him under his pseudonym, he goes back to the house without comment.

Whether the police of San Diego has done something in this matter is unclear according to

Sony Senior Vice President of PSN George Cacioppo allegedly got caught being a complete degenerate
While Cacioppo did not comment so far, Sony said in an e-mail that one consciously was the situation and dismissed the relevant staff.