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All currency types in Cat Cafe Manager and how to get them

In Cat Cafe Manager, you can spend a lot of money! But where do you spend them and how do you get them? It turns out that there is an easy way to classify these currencies and even a way to get more specific types.

Currency that you can earn in Cat Cafe Manager

  • Delight (heart) – paid by all types of customers. Use it for projects, for example, in the temple.
  • Fabrics (green cloth) – paid by vagabonds. Use them to buy simple items such as chairs.
  • Fish (blue fish) – paid by fishermen. Mainly used to buy food for cats, but there are other options.

  • Gold (Golden gem) – paid by businessmen. Gold is added to various types of items (furniture, feline objects, etc.), especially those that have premium quality.
  • Jewelry (pink gem) – paid by artists. They can buy furniture and decor.

Cozy Demos Ep. 14 - Cat Cafe Manager
Material (a bunch of firewood) – paid by panks. Use them to develop your cafe.
* Nectar (purple bottle) – paid watches. Use them to buy recipes and food.

How to get Money in Cat Cafe Manager

You can have some control over the currency type that you earn in your cafe. There are two basic ways to influence the currency type. First, this is an advertisement that can be done by pressing the megaphone button in the lower left corner of the screen. You can choose what type of customers you want to see in your store (Icons report to you, in what currency they pay).

You can also call the usual. It becomes affordable in a couple of days. Whenever the sound of a phone call goes out and says that you can now call (this happens about once a day), go to the red telephone booth on the side of the road to the right of the cafe. Call the regulator who has the type of currency you need.

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A asymmetric party game appeared for free for up to eight people-Holding! Todays Steam Attention game 4 selections [March 28, 2022]

STeam where many new titles appear every day. I would like to check the high-attention new work, but there are many people who can not catch up with the release of the release?

Therefore, the GAME * SPARK editorial department “ within 3 days with early access and formal release ” “” Condition of “” has exceeded 100 cases (whether the number of popularity and unpopularity) is more than 100 ** ” Introduce the new title of the freshly picked and picked new title! Check out in this article if any title is attracting attention to Steam now.

Asymmetrical Multiplayer

# Just Act Natural (Early Access Graduation)

This work is an online asymmetric party game. We aim to win the round in various modes and various modes. Up to eight players are divided into latenters and a searcher, and the latenter will escape the celebrity from the misfibrator to the NPC. An item for advancing the round is selected at the start of the game. Various types are implemented such as hiding your appearance or finding other players. Also, all models of this work are that they are handcrafted by clay.

# Cafe Stella and the butterfly of the grim reaper

Visual Novels by Yuzu Software, known for girls games manufacturers, also appeared in Steam. The player should have lost his life due to an accidental accident, but for some reason the death of the death is overwhelmed as a protagonist “Haruka Takamine”, “Death of Death” helps to work with the death gender to avoid increase. Because the STEAM version is subject to all ages, adult content is a separate patch distributed on official sites such as publisher, but for this patch, official distribution for Japan has not been performed.

# Ghostwire: Tokyo

A new action adventure “GHOSTWIRE: TOKYO” by Tango Gamework, who is known for “Biohazard” etc., and Tango Gamework, who led me, Tango Gamework, has been released. The stage of this work is Tokyo that the people disappeared by the super-normal phenomenon caused by the hands of an occultist.主人公の「暁人」は強力な能力の数々を習得しながら妖怪や亡霊などに立ち向かい、事件に潜む大きな謎へと挑みます。

# The Planet Crafter

This work is an open world survival game that struggles as a person who has become afraid that humanity can live in a non-existent birty planet. While surviving on the planet, resources are collected, and various conditions necessary for humanity such as temperature, water and atmospheric oxygen concentration need to be established. Resources collected on the planet can be used for bases and various machines manufacture. We aim to explore the planet that exists crashed spaceships and mysterious ruins, and aim to bring all the necessary equipment and bring life to the barren planet.

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