In addition to Elder Rift and Challenge Rift, another exciting way to fight powerful demons in Diablo Immortal is Hellique. This mechanism identifies powerful demons of anger and tracks them to the dungeon, similar to a break, where you can try your hand in victory over them in a raid team of eight people. The victory over the demons in Helliquary and its improvement will increase your ORDR, which can significantly increase your general strength in the game. In this leadership, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Helnikvari in Diablo Immortal.

All we know about Hellique in Diablo Immortal

As mentioned earlier, Hellique is a special device that tracks powerful angry demons so you may encounter them in Battle of PVE for eight players . As soon as the boss is defeated, all members of the raid group will receive an increase in their combat rating, which is a key element in the development of Hellique. For each defeated demon, players will receive demonic rest . Subsequently, they can place it in their Helliquary to activate the bonus to combat rating and other passive bonuses.

What is a geling?

Hellique is a wired device that tracks down the powerful Wrathborne demons so that players can fight in PVE mass raids for eight players. The Helliquary function opens for players only after completing the main chain of quests in Bilefen and a conversation with Deckard Cain in Westmarch. Players will receive a significant strengthening of the rating of the attack and the defense rating for the victory over Hellique bosses. They will also receive demonic remains to place them in their gelikovaries. As you pass Helliquary, you will encounter stronger bosses and get additional advantages in Challenge Rift.

how to use helix

Players can take part in Hellique from demonic portal in Westmarche. You can take part in Hellique raids by finding a group by creating a group or joining a raid with your detachment. The completion of these raids with your Warband will bring additional Scoria, which are the main material necessary to improve your Hellique.

You can also insert the demonic remains dropped by Hellique bosses into your Hellique. You will receive bonuses to the combat rating of all your remains stored in Hellikaria. Although you can store several remains of demons, only one of them can be active at the same time to provide bonus for a special attribute .

how to unlock Helnikvari

To unlock HellQuary, players need to execute the main quest line in Bilefen and reunite with Descard Cain in Westmark. After a meeting with Descard Cain, he will introduce you to Ryek, a friend of Charcy, who can be found near the Einfrinn tree. He will prompt you to pick up Hellique. After that, the KAT scene will begin, and your character is teleported to the dungeon. After a small cinematic video in which Lassal brought down hell to the city of Westmark, you teleport back to the workshop of Descard Cain, where Rice explains the situation.

Then you need to go through the city and kill all the mobs you will face. In the end, you will get to Rakkis Plaza, where you will meet the first boss Hellique, Bulletin of Chaos Pile . As soon as the Pail is defeated, go to the Einfrin tree to meet him face to face. Lassal flame in battle. Finally, having defeated Lassal in the battle, our main character wakes up from a daze and gets constant access to Hellikaria.

How to improve Helnikwari

Hellique modernization is the key to getting stronger bosses and large buffs for your Ordr. The main material necessary to improve Hellique: Skoria . However, then you need to attribute Scoria to the blacksmith, which will turn your scoria into of hell of hellish flame for 100 gold . You can earn Scoria from enhanced combat pass having won Hellkar bosses and, having completed Daily tasks of the Code . Keep in mind that the higher your Hellique level, the more Hellfire Scoria will need to increase the level.

How many players can join Hellique?

Unlike Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts, Hellique raids can be made only in the eight players . Since the bosses have several health and phases, it is recommended to either create a group, join the group, or enter the raid with the members of your detachment to get a chance to win the boss.

Can Warband enter Hellique together?

As mentioned earlier, the detachment can enter into Helnikvariy and unite forces to defeat the demons born by anger. It is extremely desirable to join the Hellique raids with your WarBand, as this will give additional slag awards to the participants.

All bosses in Hellique at the moment

Players should improve their Hellique to certain levels and increase their combat rating to fight various bosses in Hellique raids.
The following are all the bosses that you may encounter in Hellique:
* Bulletin of Chaos Pyle
* Lassal is fiery
* Vitaat trembling death
* Gorgotra Applicant
* Beledve and Gishtur
* Isileh is shapeless
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