Activision is an American video clip game development and also releasing firm, produced in 1979. Since 2007, the firm is with Blizzard Home Entertainment the Editor Activision Blizzard, which belongs to the French conglomerate Vivaldi prior to becoming independent in 2013. Activision is the very first video clip game author for consoles in the United States. Its first items are cartridges for the Atari 2600. In 2005, Activision is the 2nd world video clip game publisher, behind Electronic Arts. On December 2, 2007, Vivaldi purchases Activision as well as involves a merger with Blizzard Home entertainment to bring to life Activision Blizzard, the largest worldwide author. The author strengthens international gigantic computer game by bought King’s organization for $6 billion. Activision releases especially Tony Hawk’s Series computer game, Accident Bandicoot and Call of Task.

It turns out that the government can do something against Blizzard Activision and its state of leadership. More specifically, the Treasurers of the State of California, Massachusetts, Illinois, Oregon, Delaware and Nevada wish a meeting with the members of its Board of Directors by December 20, affirming that They will take action if the company does not comply. It is an interesting turn of events, especially since the state of California has already been involved with Blizzard during his trial against them for their toxic place of work.

For those who do not know it, the situation of Activision Blizzard is linked to sexual misconduct and sexual harassment in the entire business for years. The main thing is that the CEO, Bobby Kick, is accused not only to promote the environment, of which he had previously confessed not to know, but for participating in sexual misconduct. This has led other major play companies to condemn the actions of Kick, but while reconsidering the links with Activision Blizzard and working on their own transparency, have taken no action.

But it seems that some state treasurers have decided to do something about it.

Blizzard Devs Confirm Harassment Allegations, President J. Allen Brack's Response Draws Backlash
For those who do not know, the treasurers of the state are the supervisors of the financial matters of the state and its citizens and are the auditors of the public accounts. The reason these states, and not others, take action is that these states in particular have active investments in Activision Blizzard. And with the fall of the course of his actions, it means that he withdraws money from things like retreats. And that also means that government shareholders have a say in what’s happening next in the business.

We are concerned that CEO and current directors do not have the skills, or the conviction of creating these radical changes to transform their culture, to restore trust with employees, shareholders and their partners, said Michael. French, the treasurer of the state of Illinois in Axis.

And fortunately, even if it seems that money is the main motivation, this is not the case. French admits being concerned about the way Blizzard manages the trial against them for sexual misconduct, and how nothing seems to happen to change the current environment. You can say, Hey, we paid the victims, we repair them., Said French, But if you’re pursuing a culture that creates new victims in the future, you are creating more risks for your business, he said.

French also wants to take this opportunity to put this situation in light and use public pressure to force the change on this giant video game. The Treasurer of the State of Massachusetts, Deborah Goldberg, shared similar concerns and wishes an investigation into the situation by a third party. Goldberg even admits to confused by the way the board members supported Kick after calls for the resignation of Blizzard employees.

We too, Goldberg. But perhaps with the help of the 6 treasurers of the state and passing through this toxic workplace to the open, there may be a change in Activision Blizzard. Or better yet, the resignation of Bobby Kick.

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