As gamers build their bases in Sons of the Forest, they want to lock the door so that the adversaries could not go into.
Unfortunately, the game did not offer you such a function.
But you have nothing to fret around, given that we generated numerous means to lock the doors to Sons of the Woodland to make sure that you can conserve your things from adversaries.

Just how to lock the doors to Sons of the Woodland?

In Boys of the Woodland there is no direct system with which players can lock the doors.

Nevertheless, does this mean that you will have to leave the doors unlocked and also wait till the adversaries come and also attack you while you unwind?
The game does not use a direct path, there are still several means that players can make use of to make sure that the adversaries are not approaching them.
Below we highlighted 2 means to obstruct your doors in Sons of the Woodland to avoid unwanted penetration.

the very first approach

The very first strategy for locking or blocking doors involves making use of logs.
In this strategy, all you need to do is obtain a log as well as area it in front of the door, hence stopping opponents from entering.
To do this, initially players should develop a door, and after that bring a log what you can do utilizing an ax in Boys of the Woodland.


As quickly as the log is received, position it on the base.
It would be better below if you were persuaded that the log is over the door when you place it in the base of the door.
Although currently this method works rather well, there is an additional thing you can do to prevent the opponent’s attack on your base.

the second method

In this, gamers must build a base upon the second flooring of a structure rather than the initial flooring whenever they decide to construct their base.
AI of adversaries in Sons of the Woodland is tuned to make sure that they will not climb and will stroll without examining your base.
Considering that there are still some updates to occur in the sons of the woodland, we all ought to expect that these opponents will certainly quickly rise up to include a little a lot more crunch.
In this method you can place a number of extra logs at the base as well as place them rather of the door.
Hence, your base will certainly not have an entryway, however you can erase magazines and also enter it at any moment.