The Overwatch-VP continues in the interview: We have actually seen some actually amusing examples where video games work with other brand names or other video games. I think it’s super cool when I Naruto in Fortnite
I don’t even play Fortnite myself, but that’s terrific. And if we look at the possibilities of this kind in Overwatch 2, these are things that we would like to research.

Especially from Fortnite you know the cooperation with other IPS such as Star Wars, the Marvel universe or video games like Assassin’s Creed.
The Overwatch designers recently secured their cooperation with another brands.
From March sixth to April 7, 2023, players can expect a unique event, where whatever is about one punch.


The artist One webcomic series, which was likewise carried out as anime, handle the main character Santana, who becomes a superhero through tough training and beats every opponent in one fell swoop.
And who, if not Doom fist, would be preferable in Overwatch 2 to present Santana in Blizzard’s group shooter.

Doom fist with Saitama-Skin

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In the recently released trailer for season 3, fans could see for the very first time how doom fist will look like one punch male.
The brand-new Saitama-Skin and the cooperation with Overwatch 2 were ad eased by Overwatch Vice President Jon Spector in 2015.
In an interview with Game informer, Spector exposes that this cooperation was of course inspired by Fortnite and that you have actually been trying to find a partner for such an action for a long period of time.
The Overwatch-VP continues in the interview: We have seen some really amusing examples where games deal with other games or other brands. I am a big anime geek myself. I believe it’s incredibly cool when I Naruto in Fortnite
See. I do not even play Fortnite myself, however that’s terrific. And if we take a look at the possibilities of this kind in Overwatch 2, these are things that we wish to research study.
From March 6, 2023, the one-Punch-Man event in Overwatch might not be the only collaboration of this kind in Blizzard’s team shooter.
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