In April 2022, Riot Games announced that Aurelio Sol would receive an unprecedented type of Rework within the League of Legends, the full mechanical update, which would change the whole concept of dragon gameplay, but keep its look intact.
Since then, the developer has even been attacked virtually, which delayed the official arrival of the AOL Rework in the game, but it should be released soon.
The community is looking forward to the new version of the champion and part of the players has tested the character at BE, a server in which they also discovered a new Egg very cool.

Lee Sin is the new Ultimate of Aurelio Sol?

With the Aurelio Sol Rework available on LOL’s test server, many players have already discovered the champion’s new mechanics, as well as traditional bugs and even amazing secrets about the new version of the forever of stars such as an Easter Egg.


The community found that using Aurelio Sol with the Skin Dragon of the Storm, there is a 1% chance of the dragon’s ult meteor being replaced by Lee Sin, also in his Dragon version of the Storm.
Check out this moment happening in the video below:
Riot Games made no comment about the possible Easter Egg, but on Reddit the community has already issued their opinions about the reference, dividing the players between those who found funny, very cool or even indifferent.
Imagine you playing Lee Sin with your favorite skin and out of nowhere you disappear from your fight on the middle route, said one fan.
Remember that it is unlikely that if there is a Lee Sin in the game, it will be transported from where to become the meteor of Aurelio Sol.

Rework from Aurelio Sol

The update of the new AOL is expected to reach LOL this week, between Feuary 8 and 10.
It is quite likely that the first thing players will notice is that the passive of AOL has changed, and he no longer has the remarkable three stars orbiting around him.

Still, the champion’s new skills’ kit is quite interesting, with the cosmic-killer, causing the champion’s damage skills to accumulate stellar dust, which permanently improve all the skills of his gigantic ult in
end of the game.