The Legend of Zelda appears in less than 100 days: Tears of the Kingdom and Switch owners can probably no longer wait.
In a new Reddit thread, the upcoming Nintendo game is vigilantly discussed.
We sum up the hopes and desires of the neighborhood.

This makes the new Zelda even better!

2023 is likely to be a wonderful year for Zelda fans and switch owners!
After all, the brand-new The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom will be released on May 12th.

Since the direct predecessor, Breath of the Wild, is one of the finest rated players of perpetuity, expectations are similarly high.
For this reason, there is now a new thread on Reddit, where users share their hopes, worries and wishes.
We have actually removed the most popular responses for you and now present you to 5 points that the follower has to do much better:
More range
Lots of gamers want more creativity and variety with their opponents.
There were only a handful of monsters in Breath of the Wild.
Naturally, this likewise uses to the employers.
Standard dungeons
Really often the dungeons of Breath of the Wild are also slammed.
Here numerous players want a return to old virtues.


This also impacts the traditional dungeon items such as the fishing hooks, which was missing in the last Zelda game.
The weapon system
In Breath of the Wild, weapons can break after frequent use to the discouragement of many gamers.
According to numerous Reddit users, Nintendo needs to merely throw this function at Tears of the Kingdom.
Less crafting
The Open World of Breath of the Wild used many materials to consume and craft items.
In contrast to point 3, this system ought to not completely disappear, but lots of gamers would discover it pleasant if crafting plays a less big role in the sequel.
A genuine city
Here too, lots of players want a go back to older parts.
The game world of Breath of the Wild used lots of locations, but there was no real capital.
The fans would likewise more than happy about this.

even more want the new Zelda

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