The virtual robot of artificial intelligence catgut is the new creator of artificial favorite internet stories.
Featured by its ability to create detailed narratives of specific contexts, AI seems to have a lot of general repertoire to create probable and unlikely situations.
In the case of the League of Legends competitive scenario, however, it seems that the robot does not have much interest in the azilian League of Legends Championship after 2021. We wanted to know, in the opinion of AI, what would be a good line-up that could perform a
Good campaign worldwide.


This is how we discovered that Catgut has a somewhat random-and-nostalgic idea that would be a good team.
Okay, the AI database is limited, but the choices would already be controversial by 2021.
Although we have not been able to identify who Than Huang To planer is, it is possible that AI confused the name of former meters Ying Trance, a player who played for the organization during the first split of 2020.
Then we see better known names, such as Felipe ETT Gonçalves (former Pain), Gaiel Juno Nishimura (INTO) and Alvaro Covert Martins (who, in 2021, was not in CBOL).
Nor were we able to identify the Midland Castro, placed by AI as the best on its route in 2021.
Catgut has also been confused in relation to the roles played by these players.
The Juno player, indicated as support is actually shooter.
Overt, in turn, was placed as a hunter while his preferably lane is the upper route.
Among the options given by AI, it seems that the only one that fits perfectly in the position given to him is TT, which has six CBOL titles as a shooter.
Even though AI could not accurately deliver a good team, she seems to have care only about TT.


We tried another way to make Catgut reveal us a team capable of winning a world of League of Legends.
The answer was as follows:
Despite wrongly missing the Overt’s preference route (which we assume to be the VVVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv) player), AI agreed the position of Player Loan Lockstep Cardoso (formerly Unto), which acted as support.
He also missed the current coach Gaiel Turtle Pareto as Midlaner-While Prop layer, he acted as a hunter.
Regarding the ADC Shooter, we could not identify who the robot is talking about.

Finally, it seems that Catgut could not find any hunter the height to complete the line-up formed by Overt, Lockstep, Shooter and Turtle.
Is the Dream Team devised by Catgut approved?