The long-awaited hotel + update finally appeared in the popular horror of the Doors from Roblox, and with it new entities, rooms, keys and objects appeared, including the mysterious crucifix, which we will talk about in this brief leadership.
Continue to read below to learn more about how to get this secret item.

where to find crucifixion in doors

Getting a crucifix in Doors is probably easier than you think, and this can be done if you are lucky, or you are lucky with gold!
As soon as you successfully go through the door 50, the library, you will have a short respite where you can talk with El Goblin and buy objects in the Jeff store.
One of the items in this store is the treasured crucifix, which can be bought for 250 gold.
If you have little gold, it’s okay!
Every time you enter the new room, there is a small chance that the crucifixes will appear.


Above the door or inside the box, do not forget to check them up and down!

What makes the crucifix?

If you are stuck in a delicate situation, whether it is locking the cabinet when Rush rushes to you, or your flashlight stopped working when you hear a whisper of a screech, the crucifix can serve your salvation.
To use it, just equip it from the fast access panel and click the left mouse button when the object is nearby.
After that, the essence will be in the trap of the paranormal circle of calling and, depending on what essence you caught, will disappear through the floor in front of you.
Although almost all creatures can be stopped by crucifixion, only some of them will completely disappear-the rest will simply be stunned or stayed in place for a short period of time.
The list below describes in detail all creatures that can be connected by crucifixion, and what happens to them when they are connected.
Disappears when using crucifixion
Unlock the icon Stay away from my way.
Disappears when using crucifixion
Unlock the Unbound icon
Disappears when using crucifixion
Opens the icon two steps in front.
Disappears when using crucifixion
Opens the icon You don’t see me.
Disappears when using crucifixion
Opens the icon I hate you.
Disappears when using crucifixion
Opens the icon Obit.
Stunned when the crucifixion is used
Opens the Divine icon.
Stunned when the crucifixion is used
Unlock the everything is clear.

Is it possible to use crucifixions more than once?

Unfortunately, no, crucifixions cannot be used more than once in one round of doors.
After buying or finding a crucifix and using it against one creature, it will disappear, and no one else can use or see it!


That’s all our guide on how to find and use crucifixions in Doors.
Have you already successfully used it?
What essence did you expel?
Let us know in the comments below!
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